What are Breast Cancer Radiation Therapies? List from Cancer Survivors

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Breast Cancer Radiation Therapies

What Breast Cancer Survivors said about their Radiation Therapies.

Will follow surgery, whenever that will be decided
28 radiation treatments, then 8 boosts.
Radium started in September finished in November 35 + 5 boost. Sever bruning of the skin the area that was treated is still very discoloured 9mths after treatment
Radiation therapy went well --- got red and a little "crusty", but nothing compared to the effects of chemo. Tried to tell myself I was going to a spa daily for heat therapy. Never had any pain from radiation, but it was weird to see the change of skin color on my BACK from having gone right through me!
no radiation
Aug 29 for 4 weeks plus a day
having radiation now until september 21st
10 weeks of radiation...just exhausted.
Not doing radiation
Five weeks of radiation 11/11 - 12/19- Unfortunately high doses caused severe burning. Finally healling after three weeks.
Radiation - May 26 - June 26 2008 - knocked me out almost as soon as it began because I have fibromyalgia, which worsens the effects of radiation (e.g. the fatigue one normally would feel at the end of treatment) immediately. After the first 3 days of treatment during the week, I slept for nearly 20 hours my first weekend off. But, being the stubborn, willful, determined and focused creature I am (one that refused to let cancer own me...no, no dears, I was and AM in control of this ship known as my body), I went to work part-time throughout the 4 weeks that I went through it. Determined to be myself and still live my life – not the one cancer dictated - I drove to NYC every morning (hour and a half commute) and worked until 1 p.m. so that I could leave early for my afternoon appointment. After treatment however, even though I managed to drive home I was a zombie. I couldn’t focus on anything, nor could I sleep. Most of the time I just sat and blankly stared at my computer screen, virtually unable to think clearly. I did suffer from memory loss throughout the 4 weeks of radiation I had, which I attributed to a more exaggerated version of the brain fog fibromyalgia sufferers experience. I frequently forgot what I was saying when I was conversing with friends, which was very unusual for me as I have a very detail-focused mind and pay attention to what others say. At work I nearly collapsed from exhaustion at the end of the 3rd week of radiation and was forced to take time off to get through what would be my last but most critical week of treatment.
I had fatigue with radiation. Went on an alternate work schedule during treatment.
after surgery
Radiation was the hardest for Kathy a lot of little pains and soreness.
Breast cancer No. 1 2004: Quite bad desquamatous exfoliation towards the end few sessions. Found this very distressing at the time.
Radiation starting 1/19/2012
30 treatments started 8.8.11 and finished 9.23.11. It looked like my left boob went to Tahiti without me .. only one small skin break. I was lucky. And tired. Couldn't have made it without a daily nap but I was also fighting the MRSA infection, so I'm not sure how much of my fatigue was the rad tmts.
1/31/2010 begin 33 radiation tx. pain and discomfort for weeks after
fatigue started when my radiation ended. sleep tight. you will wake when your bodys says so.
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April through May 2012. Burns to chest and back, very painful, oozing burns but was able to work every day.
Horrible 2nd degree burns to chest in 2012, my pin point radiation to my back in 2014 was much better only side effect was bad fatigue.
No radiation, for they cleared margins in lympnodes and removed all. Radiation was in fact recommended.
34 sessions of radiation. September-October 2012. fatigue, loss of energy, tanned skin, itchy.
Radiation 33 treatments. August 28 thru October 12
July and August 2010. 25 days. No severe side effects.
No radiation
Not commenced
Radiation to start within the next few weeks.
Had a SAVI device implanted. Radiation for 5 days, twice a day. No real side effects except for fatigue and a little sore from the device being rotated daily. It was actually pretty easy and over in a week.
33 rounds of radiation with boost, Feb-March 2010
33 laser targeted treatments. The staff is very nice. Hard to explain the treatments are quick! I used a mix of 100% jojoba oil & 100% vitamin E oil slathered on at least 4 times per day. I had only a minor sunburn effect except the last week I got a blister on the area of the lumpectomy I think because they were targeting only that area.
3 weeks of daily radiation therapy ending 12 Dec 2014. Side effects -generalised red rash over right breast, mildly sore and mildly itchy at times - so far not responding to creams. Also fatigue by about 4pm most days. Both side effects have started since treatment finished.
April-May 2009. Severe burns.
9-2013 to 10 -2013 radiaton and throwing up was a sife effect. Scared on my lung from radiation
Begun 11/2/15 for 6 weeks and 3 days.
6 weeks
Radiation - 16 day Canadian short course
Oct 2011 after chemo and lumpectomy
radiation 33 treatments april-May 2016 got burned around week 3 had to stop for a week
again, don't yet know
Not yet
not started yet
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Radiation- March-May 2011- exhaustion, very sensitive breast tissue, large scar tissue at incision site, and many other side effects
Opted for none
Waiting for biopsy result of er pr her2 result
June and July 2014
6 weeks radiation ending 2/27/2018. No problems - not even redness.
Not started yet.
Dec 15 2015 to Jan 30 2016.. no side effect but got cellulitis in my cancer breast.. Iv antibiotics. Hospitalized for 10 days.
dont know yet
Started radiation Nov 26th. 30 treatments.
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