What are Anal Cancer Radiation Therapies? List from Cancer Survivors

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Anal Cancer Radiation Therapies

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Radiation Therapies.

28 fractions of radiotherapy 53.20 Gy from 18th March 2019 for 5.5 weeks run concurrently with radiotherapy. Burns
Pain when urinating, burns, unable to sit, continuous vaginal infections, shingles in anus area.
30 days Oct 2018-Nov 2018 burns, painful urination, BM's
Still waiting for start date
6 weeks, very painful skin peeling, bleeding, razor like bowel movements
5/6/19. Skin irritation similar to a bad sunburn in the groin, pubic area, anal and skin on the inside of butt cheeks also on butt crack. I have fatigue. Some hair thinning. I did not lose all of my hair but it is definitely a lot thinner. In the last week of my treatment especially my BM’s got increasingly painful. Even three weeks post last treatment I still have painful bowel movements.
I’ve failed the full bladder now 3 out of 10x Consistent diarrhea
Started today Jan. 8 2020
Radiation Dates: 10-24-19 through 11-27-19
After 2nd opinion in 2018 I declined on radiation because the doctors did not agree on wether it was nessecary. After recurrence now in 2020, 36x fractions of Radiation on pelvis... loss of continence for both ways.. skinburns, mainly vulva, scarrtissue and stenosis in vaginatract, bowelproblems, severe itching, overall fatigue, sitting/laying problems, lack of appetite, difficulty to digest most of the foods. Just oats with water.
Starting 3/9/2020
6 weeks. Severe external burns pelvic region, labia, rectum, vulva, inguinal thighs, gluteal cleft.
Burn marks from slightly below belly button to where boxer shorts would end. A lot of rectal pain and took many bathes to try to sooth the pain.
28 rounds of radiation
35 rounds of IMRT radiation therapy from November 2018-December 2018. Made me very sick.. worse than the chemo, causing anticipatory nausea and vomiting each time I’d enter for treatment. Acute radiation proctitis at end of treatments along with burns to labia and extreme burns to anus. Feels like shitting glass for a good month.
Radiation resulted in anal stricture
Radiation therapy 5 days/week for 6 weeks (January 22, 2019 through March 4, 2019). It was a relatively short but intense treatment plan. For the first couple of weeks, there were no side effects whatsoever. All at once, however, during the third week, my skin started to break down, and I had severe pain from radiation burns. At the same time, my digestive system started getting angry. It's difficult to determine which side effects are attributed to radiation, and which can be blamed on chemotherapy, but I started having difficulty with bowel incontinence and sudden urgent need to run to the bathroom. About a year after treatment ended, I was about 75% back to normal, and about 6 months after that about 95% recovered.
Thirty treatments of radiation therapy totaling 54 gy ending 9/23/20. Side effects were diarrhea, fecal incontinence, burns, skin loss and pubic hair loss. Had a ten day break after treatment 27 due to severe side effects with chemo combo and then finished last three treatments.
March 29 thru May 3, 2021.
Diarreah,vaginal burns
Nov/Dec 2020. Skin breakdown at end of treatment for weeks after. 6 months post treatment I’m undergoing hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy treatments for radiation burn. Pain with every bowel movement, every day. Hoping therapy starts helping soon. Also - my entire hips/pelvis are tight all the time and I’m incorporating regular stretching to help.
28 days radiation, femoral neuropathy, possible lumbosacral plexopathy, burns
Six weeks of radiation treatments in 2017.
Radiation - 2019 for everyday for 6 weeks. Side Effects - weight loss, weakness
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