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Bio: PillsBills, India’s first online specialty pharmacy, dedicated towards improving the care and outcomes of patients living with chronic illness and complex conditions, such as Hepatitis C, Oncology, blood disorders, HIV/AIDS across India. Providing cost effective, generic and branded specialty medications, we also offer various discounts to patients all over India to ease the access to medicines which are otherwise difficult…more

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Dr Gaurav

Dr Gaurav
Bio: Dr Gaurav Dixit is a well-known Hematologist in Delhi. With his years of experience and immense knowledge in blood disorder treatment, he has been known for being highly specialized in Bone Marrow Transplant, Multiple Myeloma, Anaemia, Lymphoma, and Leukemia. Dr Dixit has been honoured for his work in the diagnosis, evaluation treatment, and treatment of blood disorder.

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Bio: We, the team at Cancercurepharmacy is dedicated to create awareness about cancer in globe.
Cancer Type: Prostate Cancer

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Bio: MedikReview is an online open platform to find the best doctors in Delhi NCR on the basis of their past patients’ reviews. It’s mission is to establish an open platform to review services of hospitals and healthcare professionals.
Cancer Type: Brain Cancer

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