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Locality: South Australia, Australia
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Bio: I'm a 40 year old vet student, currently on leave of absence to fight this thing. Happily married with a cat (no kids). I didn't have any symptoms, they found the lymphoma by accident. Now undergoing 3 week cycles of R-CVP. I relapsed in April 2012, and am undergoing 2 rounds of ICE chemo followed by autologous stem cell transplant.
Cancer Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: Bone marrow biopsy 27th July, very uncomfortable but improved rapidly. CT guided needle biopsy 28th July, uncomfortable but minimal side effects. Laparotomy for surgical 'chunk' biopsies 6th August 2010 - recovery took several weeks, now have vertical scar down my midline which stops before my belly button - I have an exclamation mark!
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: Rituximab, Cyclophosphamide, Vincristine, Prednisone on 3 week cycles. Started 1st September 2010. Side effects - constipation, mild nausea, night sweats, tiredness, mood swings.

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Bio: blah blah
Cancer Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 1 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Endometroid endometrial adenocarcinoma

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