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imageShawna - The Adventure Continues...  I was diagnosed on March 9, 2015, with Lung and Brain Cancer.  I didnt' find out about stage 4 or specifically what type of cancer until March 17, when they operated to remove the brain tumor and did a biopsy. Stage 4 NSC Lung Cancer with BrainMets. After the brain surgery, I was given a PET scan which revealed possible activity in my lady parts.  They did a very painful cervical biopsy, then exploratory surgery when the biopsy showed nothing. …More…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageMary - Question about Anoscopy  I saw a colorectal surgeon today for the first time.  She feels the anoscopy (and possible biopsy) should be done 8 to 10 weeks after treatment, instead of 3 months afterwards.  (My treatment ended 8/13/2016.)  It is her position that it be done 8-10 weeks after treatment.  She actually suggested doing it tomorrow, but I wasn't ready for that!  I was surprised at the sense of urgency to do the anoscopy so soon and mentioned that the radiation continues working …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageNicole - Off to see the wizard..  Time to grab a shower and go get my port placed. Chemo will be Monday. It's getting real now.
Type: Anal Cancer

imageKaren - Photo of Me and the Old ManPhoto of Me and the Old Man
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageKaren - Dad was Able to Be at My Wedding This August!!!Dad was Able to Be at My Wedding This August!!!
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageNicole - My Big Crazy BabyMy Big Crazy Baby
Type: Anal Cancer

imageNicole - PET Scan Results 10/17  So yesterday I walked in to get my results..was a little nervous because instead of just a patient room they took me to the doctor's private office. The doctor walked in and proceeded to tell me that the cancer has spread to my lungs and lymph nodes in my chest. So, she is trying to get in touch with the surgeon to see if he can do surgery asap or if they can't reschedule then she will be giving me …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageMeagen - Little Wing  I am feeling almost back to normal. The lingering chemo should be out of my system by now. My surgery got rescheduled to November 18th and I am really happy about it. Now I have a couple more weeks to get as healthy as possible before being butchered. I guess my dad’s big sister is in Denver with her husband, visiting my other uncle and grandpa. I think they are going to come up here before returning to FL. I …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageKaren - 80% of pancreatic cancers come back after surgery  This is a statistic I guess I had read before but possibly put it out of my mind.  Like most stats about pancreatic cancer no one wants to hear them, people are afraid of this disease and I guess I can't blame them now.  We found out Friday that my Dad's cancer has come back.  I feel so naive and stupid to think that we would have more time with him. I thought maybe after all of this we could …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageJanay - It's been a while….  HI everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted.  Not because I haven't been thinking of you all, but because I have been facing a few battles.  This month is my year anniversary since diagnosis. First,  Matt and I split up Septemeber 1st.  He was so angry all the time, I don't think he could handle my situation and he got aggressive so I was forced to have him leave the house.  This was our 2nd attempt, it just didn't work.  HIs …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

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