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imageLynn - First Post  Where to start?  I noticed a few small lumps in Oct 2017 and thought they were swollen glands.  By process of elimination finally got my diagnosis of aggressive DLBCL (stage 4 due to lymphomas in lungs and kidneys) in Dec 2017.  By that time the primary thigh tumour had grown to approx 14x14cm.  Five rounds of R Chop later they realized the shrinkage had stalled.  Quick change of plans included 2 rounds of GDP to be followed by Stem Cell Transplant.  …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageJennifer - RCHOP starts tomorrow...advice?  Hello everyone.  I'm new on here.  I just got my port implanted today and start R-CHOP tomorrow.  Does anyone have any helpful hints or advice to help with the side effects?  I just want to do whatever it takes to make this as easy as possible.  The impending hair loss is going to be extremely hard for me.  Thank you for any advice, tips, hints, etc. that you can provide. …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageDeborah - Things just keep getting worse  Please see my post below.  Somehow I posted this wrong, but my story is below.     …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imagePat C - It's been a long time!  Hi all you cancer warriors. It's been a while since I took time to post. You know you try to get back to normal, if there is such a thing as normal as the years go by.  I'm 6 years post treatment for Stage IV tonsil cancer and have been cleared by the ENT and Radiation Oncologist to be 'cured' or whatever. I hope everyone is doing the best they can and like to check on the progress of the fighters …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageLisa - Diagnosis colon cancetJust diagnosed told I had hemorrhoids. Decided to go for colonoscopy. Whirlwind since April 19 surgery April 30 seeing oncologist may 34. Depressed just went thru bone marrow transplant with my son for leukemia. Can’t deal anymore.I am a nurse no time for this .... any help
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageMike - biopsy  The biopsy was not as bad as I expected. A couple of pinches and a short sharp pain and done.  I was in severe pain when I first got home but ice and tylenol extra strength helped. I slept poorly and got up today feeling like something the cat dragged in. I got better as the day went on but still am tired. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. Won't get results until 7-10 days after the procedure so again I wait. …More…
Type: Nose Cancer

imageJessica - Update on Ultrasound  Just got off the phone with my family doctor. She talked to the radiologist about my ultrasound and my nodes are definitely swollen. Their recommendation was to wait a few weeks and have another u/s and if there is no change or they are bigger we will biopsy them. My family doctor is going to discuss this with my oncologist to see of he agrees with this plan or if he would rather go straight to biopsy. In the meantime …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageDebbie - (Test)  
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageJennifer - Here we go!  I'm usually a positive person, however when you get a call at almost 5pm, asking you to be in Boston the next day at 10am, you know it's probably not good.  The news we have been waiting for was not exactly as expected.  The cancer is actually more to the agressive side, not the nearly benign side.  Treatment needs to start ASAP.  So, with the shock not worn off yet, we hear the details of the radiation side of treatment.  Likely …More…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageBrittany - Breathtaking   Hello there!  This week I’ve noticed that my blood is likely getting low. I’m very breathy and tired. It’s a bit scary because I had my last infusion about two weeks ago. Normally I have been trending about 3-4 weeks between infusions. Speaking of breath... I was asked what I’ve learned from my experience with cancer. I really had to think about it... Of course the usual: not to take health for granted, to live your life as if tomorrow may not …More…
Type: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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