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imageAnn - On the road...  We are packed and ready to start this adventure.  Hope we haven't forgot anything. HOUSTON  BOUND! …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAnn - On the road...On the road...
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAnn - On the road...On the road...
Type: Anal Cancer

imagePati - Not Bouncing Back ..  I don't know if it is the trip to Ohio from Orlando, the changes in my treatment plan (which is fluid, apparently), not having "enough" money to do the things we normally do at this time of year, a combination of all, or none of the above. I'm just not bouncing back to my normal optimism and determination. I'm thinking it's just not worth all the hassle and I would be better if I refused treatment and just lived out …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageBillea - Anniversary   Hello everyone! Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. Hope all of you had a really good thanksgiving. This one was amazing for me compared to last year. Two days ago was the first anniversary of my Whipple surgery. One year out and so happy. But nervous of my scan on the 14th. Have no reason to think it won't be good news but as we all know the closer it gets the more nerve racking it becomes. I wanted …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageMichael - BIrthday Today  Hello everyone, Today 12/3 is my birthday, and I am thankful for all that has happened in my life.  I can say that there has been a lot of ups and downs, but I don't know anyone who hasn't had ups and downs.   In the viagra commercials a middle aged man getting ready to go sailing and the announcer of the commercial says "you've reached the age where as a man you have learned a thinng or two, so why let …More…
Type: Hodgkins Lymphoma

imagePati - Just rambling, too much to think about  Since my last post I have been to Ohio to the Cleveland Clinic, been admitted to the hospital after passing out on the the plane on the flight home from Ohio, learned that my breast surgery was cancelled/postponed in favor of finding out more about what is wrong with me neuromuscularly, and becoming more and more muddled in my thinking. My radiation oncologist called us on my cell while we were in Ohio to tell me that my surgery was …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageMeagen - Isn’t it Ironic   Oh man a ton has happened. I had surgery November 18th. Double mastectomy and partial reconstruction. Today was my first day going back to work. 2 weeks pot-op I feel ok. mostly just working on new computer system. Definitely tired and sore still. But overall I seem to be healing well. Rest, hydration and edibles. I have been taking pain meds but really just at night now. Sleep me doesn’t accept my new range of motion. I feel a lot …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageJana - Appointment finally made  What a year!  In Febuary I had that stupid PET scan that said trace activity in anal area.  I went to CR doc and althought totally normal Anal US and DRE - he suggested biopsy!  I said NO!  Biopsy what?  You don't see anything or feel anything.  I am sure it is for liability reasons, but it planted the seed of doubt. I contacted my CR in Nashville, TN to get his opinion.  Yes - I am that stalker patient …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageKristy - PrePre
Type: Brain Cancer

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