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imageCarly - Workin' girl  Yes my friends, I'm a working girl again! Honestly, I didn't think this time would come. I wanted it to, but didn't think it would. After a handful of interviews and an offer turned down, I accepted the position of Store Manager for Mavi Jeans. They are my new fit, my new beginning. I had some criteria in order to return to work, with working close to home at the top of the list. A new mall is being constructed across …More…
Type: Vulva Cancer

imageElaine - Transplant day 4  day #4 here at Stanford. An excellent place to be for all of the reasons. First day in I got the BCNU chemo which took only 2 hours but extra time for all the side affect medicine first. I ended up with the normal reaction of a bad burning headache and jaw pain which they quickly gave me something for and some ice packs so the scale of about 7 pain went away in one hour. On the 2nd day …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageBarbara - I am more than my cancer (breast cancer, melanoma)  I wrote this as a reminder to myself and for fellow cancer survivors and our loved ones and friends. What are your thoughts on this article? / …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageShelly - Surgery?? Or not  I was wondering if I should do surgery or just radiation therapy and chemo? On my throat.
Type: Throat Cancer

imageMystic1der - Stress Stress And More Stress!!!  Life continues to be nothing but a ball of stress for me and my family. My dads lung cancer results showed it was stage 3 in two weeks he will start chemo for the next 8 weeks and then radation. He has had a very rough time since the lung removel surgery. Not from the surgery itself but complications of his peripheral artery diease. a couple days after the surgery he lost the pulse in his foot we thought they …More…
Type: Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors

imageAdmin - Please Light a Candle  Please light a candle for Kathleen who passed away. …More…

imageD - Just getting started  hello,  I'm new to this site and blogging.  I'm not really sure what to do or say so I'm just going to write like this is a journal.    I'm a 56 year old women happily mamarried and yesterday was my husband and i's 29 year anniversary.  We have 3 wonderful children and 6 grand children.  I would like to say that I have not as of yet been diognosed with cancer.  I went to see my gp for a sore on my …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imagePatty - My Oncologist, Dr, Peter WeissMy Oncologist, Dr, Peter Weiss
Type: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

imageGraciasmom - has anyone ever????????????  has anyone ever experienced large amounts of flatus while taking zenpep after a whipple? I may not have any for a few days and then have it for a few days at a time.  When I experience the flatus it seems I get pressure on the lower left pelvic area.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what was done to alleviate it. Otherwise I do fine  except for an emotional roller coaster lately. Hope everyone is doing, …More…

imageMilad - Apple Cider Vinegar Magic!  It certainly has been a while since I last shared my thoughts and news with you.  I am happy and grateful to tell you that so far, all is going well. I've been work at about 70% of my previous capacity since May 2nd.   At my last visit with my Oncologist a couple of weeks ago, my numbers were slowly rebounding with my White Blood Cells (WBC)working their way back towards 4.8, while at 2.9.  My oncologist and the …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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