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Breast Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Breast Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

i am taking tamoxifen,started it 3 weeks ago,on it for 5 years,side effects at the mo,terrible hot flushes
None available.
I refused all hormone therapy, including removal of my ovaries, tamoxifen and being put into menopause via other drugs.
Armidex. Started Feb. 12, 2007 after I had hysterectomy on Feb. 5. Tumor was estrogen fed so I just decided to get rid of everything.
Took tamoxifen for 14 months only... Then went out on my own. I tried Vitamins, SOY...
I started Arimidex in December of 2010. It makes me very tired all the time and I have a hard time focusing. It also makes my joint ache to the point where I have trouble walking. Exercise is very difficult. I'm told I have to be on it for five years. I'm not sure I can take five years of this drug.
Started tamoxifen 20mg 5 days ago with no noticeable side effects
Triple Negative Breast Cancer doesn't respond to hormone therapy
NOne. I'm triple negative
Took tamoxifen for a very short time. Not good! Had hysterectomy in the next year. Why take estrogen therapy for something you don't produce? Doesn't make sense to me.
Tomaxifin- made me depressed, tired and joint pain. Started Armidex still same side effect but not as bad.
Offered 5 years of Tamoxifen but declined. More interested in quality of life than quantity at my age. I had a long, rotten menopause and am not into that again thanks!
There will be a lot as I am triple positive... watch this space!
Bone pain! Night sweats.
Tamoxifen from Jan 2013 to Jan 2014 (switched because CYP2D6 test determined I was not metabolizing. Zoladex 3.6 injection from Jan 2014 to current Arimidex 1mg from Jan 2014 to current
No hormone therapy
Not until thru with chemo and Radiation
I'm on Exemestane. That's not one of the options in the box above. It makes me tired. Not if I'm driving or walking or doing someing. If I'm listening to a lecture or sitting in church, sometimes the tiredness hits. Doctors say it's one of the side effects.
herceptin 11/05-08/04/06 no noted side effects
Started Tamoxifen on 8/26/08, was taken off of it on 10/2/08. I had very few side effects, including minor muscle aches--which went away after a couple of weeks--and fatigue, but the emotional effects were getting serious. I cried all the time and could not focus my mind enough to even get through washing a sink-full of dishes. I was definitely sinking into depression. Doc took me off the med until 3 weeks after radiation ends, at which time I will ease back on slowly. Went back on a few weeks after rads ended (11/3/08) and eased on a bit at a time. Had every side effect in the book for about a day each, cycling through them a few at a time, then after about 3 weeks, it was over. I am still a little more tired than I used to be, but that was pretty much my only side effect for the first couple of years. At about 2 1/2 years, I started noticing that I was getting injured easily. My joints hurt a lot, especially after yoga practice, which was very frequent. After a battery of tests and several doc's appointments, a rheumatologist told me it was the tam. He sees this in a small percentage of women on tamoxifen. My connective tissue is very prone to injury if it gets stretched or stressed at all. I tried adjusting my yoga practice, but eventually had to give it up. I immediately started gaining weight, as this drastically reduced the amount of exercise I was getting. I've gained nearly 20 pounds since then, but I'm hoping I can get it off (if with some effort) after I go off the tam. The other side effect I've had is that I'm extremely tired. Not all the time, but pretty often. I go through periods where I'm so tired that I have to lie down for 45 minutes after I get home from working at my desk job. That's not like me at all. I will say that it's possible that the side effects I'm having are exacerbated by my entry into perimenopause. In fact, some of the side effects may be solely attributable to perimenopause, but there's no way to determine which is which until after I go off the tam. All in all, it was not a terrible thing to be on the tam, but I will not miss it when I go off. My oncologist said that I will start feeling better in just a few weeks after I go off of it. I'm looking forward to that.
Refused...less than 1% chance of reoccurance. I'll run with the odds. About the same as before cancer and was not seeing oncologist then.
Doing hormone therapy with Zometa for the bones
Tamoxifen after completion of chemo/radiation--duration: 5 years. I am already in quasi-menopause due to rad hysterectomy but will get forced completely in with start of Tamoxifen.
None, I have triple negative breast cancer so hormonal therapies will not help me.
Tamoxifen for 5 years and Aromasin for 5 years after that.

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Prostate Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

casadex, lupron, back pain, 6 months in the beginning
The hormone ablation takes away all the wonderful things that testosterone gives you: strength, vitality, potency, hair on your body, and worst of all desire.
zoladex and casodex, little hot flashes
Leuprolide, Flutamide 2009 thru June 2010, At present taking some time off until PSA starts to increase. Last tested .05 on 02/12/2011.
Nine Lupron injections -- one every three months, ending Oct 2009. Genital shrinkage, loss of sex drive, emotional lability (mood swings), reduced mental acuity (a/k/a chemo-brain), no sex drive, no erections, and high-temperature hot flashes. And my constant companion: fatigue. Second round of Lupron to accompany radiation; two, three-month shots with the same side effects.
Every 90 days
Lupron Aug 2012 and continuing
Lupron shot every four months. Had some break in treatment but consistent since Sep 2011. Hot flashes, depression, need to shop, etc
Degarelix: Started 1/31/13 No major side effects. Increased appetite, slight temporary discomfort at injection site. So far drug has been excellent for me. Told by dr. that bone density thinning may be a problem in long run.
Lupron. 2 years continuous ADT (4 shots, 6 month dose)
Lupron 2/10/2014 to July 2014 Hot flashes so far.
Started 3 months ago ..usual side effects
Lupron, 8 months in 3014; extreme fatigue, loss of libido, loss of muscle mass and strength

Lung Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Lung Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Arimidex - 7/15/08 to present. No side effects
birth control pills to try to stop a hemorrhaging period that started after treatment which was affecting blood counts. They thought I was supposed to go into menopaue.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

None prescribed
non yet
Progesterone 2 day cycles every three months 2012-2013; low dose estrogen bc pill begun February 2013
Vivelle dot 0.025mg and 100 Prometrium progestrone (chemo-induced menopause after the 4th round of chemo)
Induced Menopause to preserve as much fertility as possible = Plus side Hot flashes = not so positive

Kidney Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Kidney Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

no treatment yet?
No hormone therapy

Pancreatic Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Pancreatic Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

after my hysterectomy in 02 it was suggested I take HRT but because my cancer was estrogen related I refused to do that and used Estroven for the menopausal symptoms
recieve injections every 28 days of Sandostatin LAR
None available

Oral Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Oral Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Early September until late November, used a feeding tube for 100% of food intake.

Ovarian Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Ovarian Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Bio-identical HRT in the form of transdermal creams: includes Bi-estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone...started March 2007. No side effects to speak of so far! I highly recommend seeing a HRT specialist to look into bio-identical HRT. After reading "What your doctor may not tell you about menopause" I refuse to go on the "conventional" synthetic hormones most doctors prescribe.
I'll take my chances without it
I am taking Estratest and was told to go see a hormone specialist because one HRT does not fit all but Im afraid to much hormones would send me out of remission.
estrogen patch then ring, 5/06 to present: no hot flashes. no libido.
Lupron Depot shots (for endometriosis, not for cancer) Oct. 2011-March 2012; migraines and mood changes were the main side effects.
I take daily pills for hormone replacement...
None to date
Venlaflexine for medically induced menopause hot flashes. It helped. I got off it cold turkey after one year. The withdrawal symptoms were bad; 3 weeks of hives, head pain, dizziness, pain in my neck and collarbone, back pain, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision, auditory hallucination- whizzing sounds and echoes.
Undergoing hormone replacement
They are trying to save my left ovary, so I was put on a medication that is supposed to help. I can't remember the medication name.
No hormone therapy my cancer was ER negative
doctor has prescribed anti-oestrogen tablets, no detectable side effects as yet.
Tamoxifen 2003-2008 gained 60 pounds

Thyroid Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Thyroid Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

will be on thyroid meds rest of life
Thyroid replacement therapy immediately post op
Levothyroxine... level to be altered once i finally get to see the endo after 6 months of waiting and a cancer diagnosis
Currently on Cytomel 25 mcg 2x day
Ever-increasing strengths of Synthroid. How much is too much? Lower heart rate and blood pressure.
Levothyroxine .137 mg daily plus additional half-tablet once a week. It took almost a year to get the correct dose.
Currently taking Synthyroid 175mcg daily.
Synthroid - 75mcg
Synthroid has been changed 3 times since December so I don't know what good feels like???? Can't wait to feel it though. I am still very fatigued, but have a very hard time sleeping for more than a few hours.
Ive been on a form of hormone replacement for almost 2 years, once i have my thyroid removal surgery ill be on full hormone replacement
Cytomel - Thyroid Hormones since after surgery in Sept 14th 2011. They are still low so chills, constipation, weight gain, etc.. Switched to Synthroid 150mcg (thyroxine) Jan 17th 2012
I take 150 mcg of Synthroid 6 days a week and on the 7th day I take a total of 300 mcg . My doctor has had to change my dose 4 times since my surgery. It is a very long process. When we are to low I am tired, moody, depressed and I gain weight. When it is to high I have headaches, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations and anxiety.
Thyroid hormone replacement therapy for the rest of my life.
Synthroid, Cytemol
Levothyroxine, 175mcg daily.
I am currently on Synthyroid to suppress my cells so the cancer doesn't spread again until we can schedule radiation

Colon and Rectal Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Colon and Rectal Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

I need some believe me!!! I have severe heat surges with extreme beading of sweat on my forehead groin area and mid chest area.
Advised against hormone replacement, especially estrogen , because of my age & the chance of "feeding" any immature cells that could develop into breast cancer.
Hormones and radiation twice over last 3 years and waiting on next treatment option

Liver Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Liver Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

i will tell you

Cervical Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Cervical Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

I was 37 when I went through these treatments, so after awhile I got hot flashes (which I still get) I dont like that I am losing estrogen at too young an age, it has slowed, what has been a fast metabolism all my life! I have been afraid to take any hormone therapy up to this point.
vagifem...veville dot.
It remains to be seen.
That will come after the hysterectomy. But frankly I'm not worried for me, I'm worrying about my poor hubby, he's the one that has to deal with me! ;-)
Kept ovaries (they were moved upwards away from radiation). Menopause started in the fall of 2011. Insomnia, anxiety and depression.
H.R.T. achy bones and limbs...stiffness in the legs and hips
9 months post treatment and have begun hormone replacement therapy. Hoping to ease the menopause symptoms brought on by the radiation and chemo treatments. Hot flashes, weight fluctuations, facial hair and most other awful symptoms have started earlier than normal. Wait and see about the side effects. I am prone to breast cancer, God willing it won't become an issue :( **Update** Have thrown out the HRT as mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer resulting in complete mastectomy of her right breast. Insert personal paranoia here... Her last check up and lymph node biopsy came back clear, so no radiation or chemo, but a daily pill for the next 3 years. Still riding the early menopause train...
none as of yet
Refused hormones! Why would I put something in my body that causes cancer, when that is the thing we are trying to fight???? I can deal with the hot flashes and I can recognize the mood swings (most of the time)

Testicular Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Testicular Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

had no treatment

Anal Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

evista (raloxifene), 2/98 - 93; turbo-powered hot flashes. Tried Fosamax and prempro, could not tolerate. Switched to Boniva, then discontinued.
Arimadex 6/2014 bone and joint pain for the first few weeks.
Do guys need Testosterone? Help ... I'm shrinking, I'm shrinking.
I was put on Lupron because I could not afford to preserve my eggs, and was told that I was likely to become sterile, so the Lupron was an attempt to save my ovaries. This put me into a post-menopausal state, giving me the symptoms of someone going through menopause.

Peritoneum, Omentum and Mesentery Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Peritoneum, Omentum and Mesentery Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

no side affects

Endometrial-Uterine Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Endometrial-Uterine Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

No way; I think the pill caused this in the first place! >:(
started w/tamoxifen-it caused constant unusual periods which alarmed fam-doc who did emergency biopsy to find huge tumor in uterus. After hysterectomy did arimidex for 6 weeks-side effects were mostly fatigue and bone pain,currently on aromasin. no side effects as of 9/02/10
Haven't started yet. Need advice.
Too late for that, contra indicated
No hormones, ever!!!
I am on Megestrol because of maligant cells in the pelvic washings at the time of surgery. This has me very confused!
My oncologist put me on an estrogen patch to prevent chemical menopause. I don't even notice the patch. I haven't experienced any menopause symptoms, so that's been great. I have an occasional migraine from the patch, but I've gotten migraines my entire life, so it's no different than before. I do occasionally get insomnia, but that was also something that I've dealt with my entire life, so it's not different then life was prior to the surgeries.
Megace started June '15 increased appetite very emotional weakness elevated blood sugar
Megace for recurrent cancer. Began taking in April of 2018

Sarcoma Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Sarcoma Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.


Parotid Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Parotid Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Tamoxifen no effects arimidex. No effects

Throat Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Throat Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Not discussed.

Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Zoladex for 6 months while having ABVD. This drugs shuts down your ovaries and hopefully protects them from the chemo. This was the same as being in menopause so was not fun - hot flushes were horrible, decreased sex drive. Zoladex is not strong enough to protect the ovaries from high dose chemo and stem cell transplant so I have stopped this medication and am now on the regualar contraceptive pill. High dose chemo will likely make me infertile and possibly cause early menopause.

Bile Duct Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Bile Duct Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

iam a nice girl loking for man

Leukemia Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Leukemia Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

HRT 1991 - allergic to female hormone therapy

Uncategorized Cancer Hormone Therapies

What Uncategorized Cancer Survivors said about their Hormone Therapies.

Just taking estrogen now for really bad menapause side effects. Doing much better now that I am taking the estrogen. I've now stopped the update because although no doctor will confirm this, I believe this is what is causing my cancer to keep coming back. Odd. I get the all clear, then when restarting estrogen, 10-12 weeks later I'm told the spot is back. So I am done with estrogen.
Nuelasta, Zometa
He is also taking cortisone for replacing his hormones for his adrenal gland - the Mitotane stops the Rt gland from producing hormones.
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