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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
i kate i wasnt warned that radiation was gonna shrink my vagina to size of a baby now need special dialialators they hurt to an got knows boyfriend isnt happy an hes only 40 an now i may have only 6 months its noth worth the? truoble .
Excercise and rest, stretch and deep breathing.
Run,run,run and run again
excersise, water, fruit & veg smoothies
Try to exercise, even if it seems impossible.
Rest and walk.
Exercise when your doctor tells you to, it really helps. And avoid eating oatmeal raisin cookies especially if you're on steroids, constipation is not a pretty thing.
Keep moving.
Keep moving, even if its just a short walk. don't become a couch potato
Stay as active as possible. Some days are difficult but take advantage of the good days. Get plenty of rest
Take care of yourself the way you would encourage a friend in your shoes to take care of themselves.
Rest. Walk. Get outside.
I eat my breakfast, take my anti nausea pill, wait 30min, take Gleevec, walk on treatmill at least 20 minutes
Proper Nutrition is essential in the fight!
walk, run, move
Stay healthy. Don't fear the disease
Trust your body and your instincts - even if doctors and tests tell you everything is fine. Doctors and tests are not always difinitive or cprrect.
What revealed my cancer was a trip to the hospital because of a stroke I suffered while sleeping. I've lost tactile sensation in my left arm and leg, but I'm otherwise physically unlimited. So... no tips yet. =(
Fight it...Fight it.. Fight it !! Then step on it's neck and Kill It !! This CAN be done!
Ayurvedic yoga, diet, affirmations, walking, supplements, music, reading & writing, visualization, and spa treatments aid in restoring the negative effects of treatment.
Eat lots of protein, or drink protein shakes.
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