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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
I have been really lucky, I haven't had any major issues with chemo. I look forward to my treatments as they are the only way I can move forward.
Be positive and listen to the medical staff.
Need to endure
Be good to yourself and give yourself time to recover
Surround yourself with air freshners, it helps with the nausea. Also go on daily walks for 30 minutes, it helps kill time and strengthens your body. Chew on mints or peppermints to get rid of the metallic taste in the mouth.
Hot Sauce helps food taste better! DRINK WATER. KEEP MOVING. Staying somewhat physically active can help the body fight back.
this is all still so new, I have no tips yet
Keep remembering there is a light at the end of this DARK tunnel!!!!!
Yoga and as much exercise as possible (even just short walks)
know your body well, dont wait to see a doctor if something does not feel right.
Stay active. Don't be stagnant. Stay with healthy thoughts.
Rest when you feel you need to.
Yoga helps me feel strong and mentally able to get through the day without dwelling too much
Move and exercise. Do what you can
try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise
Get checked out, go to the doctor if something is not right! It could mean your life!
Exercise whenever possible. Keep fit throughout treatment.
Eating healthy and organic. Exercise!
You can't drink enough water, at least 3 litres every day and keep the bowels moving with 8 prunes a day
Get plenty of sleep
Try hard to find things that taste okay so you can maintain your weight and swallowing during radiation to head and neck.
Eat when you can, smile until the discomfort goes away
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