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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
Get on the internet, Research everything
Don't be stubborn, take the meds that are supposed to help you feel better. Hydrate! Laugh whenever you can. Drink water, hydrate and then drink more water.
keep living
Take the meds and try to stay ahead of the nausea...once you're nauseous, it's too late!
Listen to your doctors and nurses because if they are worth their weight, they will tell you eveything you need to know and they will tell you to call them anytime with any questions or concerns. They will tell you that you do not have to suffer! Also, if your insurance company has a plan like mine for cancer patients, sign up for it. I have a nurse, or nurses that call and check on me regularly, and offer me advice about how to handle medications, what to eat to help the process, or what not to do. Often, THOSE oncology nurses have called me before my scheduled appointments so I'm well informed.
Lemon drops hard candy really helps when your taste buds have gone funny.
try to get up everyday and walk a little.
Just remember...each day is one more day down to being done with it.
see "I'm just sayin' Revisited"; liquids, walks; talking/listening
Be vocal and an active participant in your treatment. Voice your concerns to your treatment team. Every question is a good question.
talk to your doctor, research, know when to call for help
for nausea: smaller more frequent meals. meds, if they work. if they dont work tell your doc and ask for a different med to try. keep trying till they find the one that does work.
Stay fit. I would never had healed if i wasnt.
Sleep and stay hydrated
DonĀ“t get ashamed, you've already got enough going on.
Keep smiling and laugh A LOT
Stay focused and maintain your nutrition levels
Stay positive and Love Much!
Try to stay active, drink fluids, and eat higher quality foods if you can handle it
Rest as much as you can!
Remember that you do not have to suffer with the side effects. There are medications that will help and it might take a few tries to get the right combination.
Keep hydrated. Move about as best you can.
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