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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
Strengthen the immune system.
Only do as much as you can handle.
Take walks after meals to help with constipation! Take walks in general.
stay active when you can, rest when your body tells you to rest.
Drink lots of water, try taking at least a 10 min walk a day if possible. If your white blood cell count drops wear plastic gloves to wash dishes b/c I contracted an infection in my finger from not doing so
I stay active, riding 10 to 20 miles on my bicycle outdoors every day. Helps with recovery process from chemo drugs.
Stay as active as possible
Eat what they tell you to, excercise when able, and breathe
stay as active as you can. it keeps you focused on the end game.
REST! Be active when you can but dont push yourself too much.
stay active when at all possible
Get lots of rest and try your hardest to stay positive and avoid unnecessary stress.
I live on Green Lake walking always seems to help even though it's so hard to get motivated you must motivate yourself otherwise you will fall in the trap once you start being lazy you will always be lazy
It has made a huge difference being in good shape before the surgery. It made surgery much easier for my doctor, and made my treatment easier to handle with less side effects then most.
Rest when needed. Don't push yourself but stay active
No matter how much pain or out of breath you get push forward
Drink lots of water and keep moving.
If you have the resources, hire a personal trainer when you're finished treatment
Drink plenty of lemon water, eat yogurt and drink milk!
Cut out all sugar because it feeds cancer cells like crazy!
Drink 4+ liters of water daily; eat a healthy and balanced diet high in protein; maintain regular exercise
Salt baths....lots of them!
try and get light exercise and sleep lots.
To try and stay active, even on the days where you feel like you can't.
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