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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
Get out and walk!
just stay positive...
Seek out all possible solutions.
Think positive, Find something to do with your mind when you feel bad (I play online poker and win $)
Dont be afraid to call your doctor and ask for help
Scars never go away. But they are only skin deep.
eat oatmeal, flax and vitamin constipation
foot massage is essential for neuropathy
I had pancreatitis and it was extremly painful. My pain was to the right side of my ribcage and wouldn't go away. When I had chemo it would start again. I learned when the pain first started to stop eating and drink little and it the pain would lessen. If I went to the doctor they would admit me so I learned real quickly how to treat at home.
Drink lots of fluids, Get as much rest as you can, keep moving.
BRAT diet, graham crackers, homemade protein fruit smoothies, dailey logs of 10 days of radiation,difficult to say what side effects were from
Eat right. Get to know your body. Educate yourself about your specific type of cancer.
Keep that last treatment date in sight
stand by
Positive attitude, meditation, management of energy, spiritual healing
I wrote about my approach and dealing with emotions in a an uplifting book "Mirror Makeovers & Savvy Insights for the Everyday Gal Surviving Cancer & Baldness with a Sense of Humor" it is helping many.
Get lots of rest and rest whenever you want whether it's convenient or not to other members of your family. Don't feel guilty for not feeling like or being able to do the things you used to do before you took ill. This is the time to be selfish and take care of "you".
As hard as it may be just know that light is at the end of the tunnel
take it one day at a time. and ask for meds to get you through the tough times.
take lot's of drugs just kidding they did'nt work at all.
One hour at a time, literally.
Just relax and keep a positive attitude.
Meditation and rest
massages, Therapy, eat lots of healthy veggies and soups, drink plenty of water get rid of all the negative things and negatve family and friends
rest rest rest
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