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Tips for Physical Side Effects from Cancer or Chemotherapy

Tips for cancer survivors on how to deal with the physical side effects of chemotherapy/cancer.
Stay close to your friends and family and Pray alot
Make sure to avoid hard to digest meats (especially pork) and instead eat steamed vegetables or soup. Miso soup is very soothing.
Embrace your side effects!(tip for me also)
Wear your scar like a badge of honor!
drink lots and lots of water, gargle with baking soda after every meal; lemon drops for nausea and metallic taste
Listen to your body. If you're tired, rest. Talk to your doctor about bothersome effects.
eat small frequent meals, stay hydrated
Drink lots of water. eat small meals Rest
ativan definitely recommended for the day your mask is made and treatment days. The mask is very tight and confining and I never had problems with claustrophobia in he past
Just get used to it and remember its all to help you get cured. :)
Go Herbal...for nausia drink fresh ginger grated in hot water.
Just stay focused on the end game and how happy you'll be when it's over
Be glad you're alive to experience them
lots of sugar free mints drink lots of water even if you don't want to
drink drink drink for me is the difference between feeling sick for 2 days or a week
if having r chop,eat bananas,sleep,keep moving when you can,walk in the fresh air,dont do any cooking,get other people to do it for you,give your self a brake,
I've read working out does help fight it a lot; I'll be trying it out and letting everyone know the results.
Expect them. Take your antinausea meds!! Sleep but also get outside even to just sit and have a different view. If you can do anything physical, DO IT!
everyone reacts different, just be honest with yourself with how you are feeling on a dailey basis
there is always someone more alone and with more pain in the waiting room, focus on bringing them a smile
Drink green tea and MOVE! Get up and move everyday, walk, bike something but move
Hair is not that important!
Keep laughing. Attitude is everything. Don't stress about outside crap...take care of YOU
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