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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

i will tell you
1 day at a time works best for me, it gets overwhelming to try to see the future
Focus on what is important in your life and keep the rest in perspective
Look at all things with hope and when you can go no longer, then let go and fall into Gods arms. And he will carry you on.
Therapy, anti-depressents, meditation, Yoga, and whatever makes you smile.
Join a support group, try and find at least 1 person that has been through the same or similar treatment. Also, don't hesitate to find some professional to speak to about your feelings.
wish I knew the answer for this one but I don't
learn about your disease and use it to fight it. Take each day for what it is good and bad ones...also take a F*** Cancer mindset and live your life!
Take everthing on a day to day basis
try to be nice to your family and caretakers
Remember, you have lots of friends who will listen here.
I have found talking to close friends and family most useful. Be honest with how you feel and how scared and devastated you are. You are allowed to say, this isn't fair.
Prayer and remembering that you are fighting for more than your life.
Surround yourself with positive people.
Stay positive, keep your sense of humor about you regardless of how bad things may be at the time, take life one day at a time and appreciate every day when you get up.
keep a positive outlook; nothing remains the same; everthing changes
Everyone is different and this blog helps a LOT.
Don't be afraid to let others see you cry. Don't be afraid to lean on others.
ask for help
I would get my papers right with God ...
Stay positive and remember "each day your one day closer to being healed!"
lots of cups of tea and chats
Be close to the people that love you
Laugh a lot, pray, sing positive songs
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