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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

Faith in God, communicate with others
Stay away from people that want to talk about the disease. Don't give the cancer power by dwelling on it and letting it fill your conscience. Fight it like its satan itself.
Stay positive even when things seem hopeless-they are not!
Talk with other fighters and survivors, attend support groups, dont hold your feelings in. For me prayer helps.
talk to someone about how you feel, when you talk about it to someone it is not as scary
keep positive and know that this a fight
Surround yoursef with caring understanding people
You are living with cancer, and it does suck. But you don't die until you die
Clean and keep busy....I've learned I need to be patient with my self and give my self permission to feel how I feel in any which way. At the same time refuse to be a victim, try to believe this will mentally. change me for the better in the long run
Pray and look around to find someone who is sicker than you are.
Don't think too far ahead, it will only cause you stress. Take each day and enjoy it and don't worry about tomorrow . Stay positive and laugh as much as possible! I am a fan of the comedy channel - don't research anything on the interent as it will only cause you stress.
stay positive and try to go on as normal as possible
Keep talking, you are NOT alone
Be positive and talk to others.
Need to be strong mentally
Read, absorb and live motivational sayings daily.
Fight! Don't let anyone take your hope. You always have hope.
This is all a mental game. That is why you MUST keep your will power at the highest point possible. I always pray before going to bed, that's the only thing that brings peace to me.
STAY HYDRATED and KEEP MOVING! This can help boost mood!
Mental Conditioning Techniques Like NLP, Psycho Cybernetics, Personal Power II, IMG Program Florida
Always think positive and be tough...stay AWAY from negative people!!!
Same as above! Yoga therapy worked wonders for me, as did getting back to running as soon as possible. And good friends are crucial.
take it one day at a time no matter how big or small the cancer or illness may be.
It's a mental marathon more that it is physical.
Have a positive attitude!
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