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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

You are stronger than you think. Those who are on this site are proactive and inquisitive, not reactive and blind.
Ways in framing optimistic examples of others
Still trying to figure that one out!
pray..pray more harder!
Each step is temporary; there are many milestones along the way
Try to remain as normal as possible. Get out and enjoy life. Help others in the same situation.
um...i need the tips actually...
keep it vertical: Spirit, Mind & Body
Find a great support team - I found Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas....without them I would truly be a basket case.
Accept all the love and support that comes your way and marvel.
Stay positive positive positive and relax don't push yourself
Think positive, find something to do with your mind
Be truthfull
You can't change the cancer, Sometimes it does seem hopeless. Just try to make better for them and you... Everybody is different...
think positive and I'm grateful there's treatment
Remain open to family and friends. You are not alone. Communicate.
Positive attitude, daily activities and sleep at the same times as before your treatment started. All this will keep you on the same schedule as others and the circle will continue.
I prayed a lot and I also found it helpful to read information to gain knowledge of my disease. Didn't give me any control but it seemed to help.
Try to get good sleep at night. Staying up late and stressing out is not healthy. Keep yourself busy with sports or hobbies.
My favorite saying is "Stay Calm and Carry On". Do not panic about things, they happen, deal with it and then move on. Take a day to freak out and then move on with life.
Meditate. Do not let it rule every part of your life.
A great support person, preferably a significant other, is essential
stand by
Positive attitude, meditation, management of energy, spiritual healing
Cry as much as u want and have company for it
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