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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

Keep your eyes on Jesus, and read Matthew 27-32
It is difficult, but you must keep a positive mental attitude!
Stay positive - its in His hands
Get therapy. Yeah, I thought I was strong, too. Don't fear getting the help you need now - when you need it the most.
Educate yourself to the condition and diagnosis, Ask questions, Seek help, and Remember everything you learn.
stay positive!Positive mind eqauls positive body.
Distance yourself from negative people.
Talk to people and don't hold it all in
Prayer, knowing that anal cancer is curable
Keep busy, exercise, read positive blogs.
Stay positive no matter what.
Stay positive, there is always something to be thankful for!
We have a choice to fight this battle by accepting it for what it is using our strength, courage and determination to beat it
talk to a councellor it really does help also relaxation is good try reflexology
Prayer, keeping a journal, talking about it and not getting into my head too far.
Thank God every day your here, He wants to hear from you. It's O.K. to cry and Ask for help. Your family really Does Love You no matter what you look like!
Slow down, Let Go of everthing that is not happening Now, and Focus your awareness on your breath.
Relax, accept that this experience came for a reason - a wake up call maybe - find the message and act accordingly
Meditation, yoga
Praying helped me alot. Im not religious but it got me through.
Only do what you can.
gratitude, sitting still cultivating inner ability to not be distracted or disturbed, do this daily for 10 or more minutes, once or twice, perhaps shortly after waking and shortly before sleep,
Stay close with God
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