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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

Talk. I talk about how I feel. I sometimes scream, cry, laugh and talk until I cannot. I have tennis balls and I throw them sometimes. I draw, write in my journal. I meditate, pray, take walks. Sometimes it is just to the end of my sidewalk and oher times it's a 30 mintue walk. I have a prayer book I keep by my bed and I read some of the prayers. I do the net thing. Yes, I do take something for Depression. Goodness we are going through some rough stuff.
As hard as it may be, stay positive and fight like hell.
don't try to fight this disease alone
Pray, rely on family and friends support
Talk to someone you trust whether it's a counsellor or just a good friend. Write things down don't bottle them up!
still learning myself
Use your support system, stay focused and motivated. Play your cancer card =)
put all the trust in God
just take one day at a time and have faith
keeping a diary really helped me.
Stay well informed...research research Advocate!
Make sure God is number one then family and friends can help you through this horrible journey.
Be with loved ones
There are no pills out there for those going through cancer with a loved one...just be there for them and hold their hand.
Attitude is everything. The infusion room is full of positive, inspiring people. Talk to them, use their wisdom. Always keep your sense of humor.
Have a POSITIVE attitude, the more you think you are healthy, happy & free of cancer the sooner it will happen. Bad thoughts only bring bad results, THINK POSITIVE & HEALTHY!!!!!
talking to someone let it all out.
Stay positive, look forward to the little things
Prayer and Support. Get your cheer squad ready.
Stay positive, it may be a long tough road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what stage the diagnosis is, keep fighting, never give up.
take baby steps
Go alone and pray. Sometimes I think it is harder on loved ones than the person with cancer.
do not allow yourself to get down or wallow in self-pity...ALWAYS keep a positive attitude!
Cry if you need to. People tell you to stay strong and positive. But it's okay to cry.
When I feel my thought becoming negative I accept them and then redirect them to something positive like my grandchildren who are a delight and live in my head.
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