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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

trust god..
Stay the course. Use your common sense and don't just follow the strong and do your best to learn everything you can/
Be Strong and Courageous!
have things to look forward to all the time
work at staying/being positive!
Stay positive. Never give up. You never know how strong you are until you have to be!!
how to stay positive and lean on others to get through this
You are NOT cancer. You are a PERSON who has cancer.
Be positive, it could be worse
Embrace it. everything happens for a reason.
Always have a postive attitude !!!!
Do not be afraid to acknowledge that we all need help sometime. There is therapy & medicine out there for that exact reason. Reaching out for help is not weakness, it shows strength.
the meds can be more than help--i became one that the meds became my life support until my comma--and very lucky survival
Take it easy and be kind to yourself!
Think about today, not your funeral. Make your cancer team laugh every time you see them.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Give yourself a break - chemo brain is real. I love to read and play reasoning/logic and puzzle games. Anything to keep your mind working - even when it feels fuzzy or groggy.
At All COST, Stay positive,
Meditate, drink water and relax!
Stay positive, read/educate everything possible about your cancer. They say only the strong ones get cancer because we are able to overcome it.
Research and learn all you can stay on top of your health and healthcare. Then place it in the back of your mind and enjoy your life.
Faith, Faith, Faith in our compassionate Lord!
Your mind can be the greatest enemy. It will consume you and destroy you before anybofy else can. Do not let it take control of the negative, but embrace the postive.
joking about it makes it a lot easier
Have Faith & Never Give up!!!!
Gain as much knowledge about your situation as possible so you are informed and know your options.
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