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Tips on How to Deal With the Mental Struggles of Cancer or Chemotherapy

Try to keep positive, wow does that sound like a cliche'
look at side effects as proof of healing, look to God. look for the positive
Join a group and ask questions
reach out for help and support, pray if you pray, write down how you hope your process will have gone looking at it 5 years from now and focus on that goal
Write about it and talk about it. Don't hold it in - it's overwhelming
Don't anticipate the worst. Write out your thoughts and feelings or find someone you trust to talk to, utilize your support system.
cry, write your feelings when you can't talk about it,
Don't let cancer drag you down don't let it take over your life.
I stay as busy as possible, and try not to allow it to consume my thoughts. It is so easy to feel like giving up, to be so afraid that you will not survive it, but staying busy helps me.
try to sanp myself out of the mood swings with talking with friends, going for a short walk, sitting in my garden
Same as above. Find good friends who will talk to you.
Get ye to a support group
Positive thoughts and LOTS of Prayers
Having an advocate to deal with the insurance companies, doctors and hospitals is essential. My wife Hildi has been my greatest advocate and the one who researches everything and knows all the medical terms, treatments,etc. I could never do it without her.
Prayer and love and support from who care
Live one day at a time, focus on the good and ot the negative
I suggest that you do not Google too much. It really is best to get info from your own doctors. I went into my doctors very sared because of all the Googling searches that I did. My doctors was quick to set me straight and he was right.
Remember that everyone's cancer is different. Your anal cancer is different from my anal cancer. Do not allow people to tell you about negative experiences. Approach it with the attitude that you are a survivor. One day at a time. And remind yourself as often as needed that the side effects are temporary.
talk, talk, talk! Find a good friend who really listens, a dad, mom, a husband, find one good friend and keep them for both an advocate for you and for your soul
Talk about it...Journal...Blog
pray, have a good support system
talk to counsellors, your doctor, join a blog, support group, don't hold it in. express your feelings. time is too short.
Be selfish this is your thing do what you need those that truly care will be on board
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