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Bio: When I was 29 my egg shaped brain tumor was found thanks to a seizure. Diagnosis: scary.
Cancer Type: Brain Cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: mixed oligoastocytoma,oligodendroglioma predominant, with increased proliferation rate, Grade 2
Cancer Symptoms: Seizures
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: Needle biopsy of brain tumor. I chose to stay awake during the procedure.
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: I had oral chemotherapy. I started taking it when I started my radiation therapy. I finished my chemo in October 2011. I took it every night 21 out of 28 days. I had to wait 2-3 hrs after eating to take it and another hour after taking it to eat or take my other medications. (I took Zofran, a nausea…more


Cancer Type: Prostate Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4
Cancer Symptoms: Pain, Urinary Retention, Blood Clots Bleeding, Anemia. Constipation, did I say blood clots.


Bio: I am a mum of 2 lovely grown up kids and I have been married to long suffering and very supportive John for 28 years. I love my sport and regarded myself as being as fit as a flee! In June 2014 I made a tentative enquiry at my local surgery as to whether I needed to…more
Cancer Type: Anal Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: squamous cell
Cancer Symptoms: A small amount of fresh blood when a tad constipated and thin poos.
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: Cisplatin and Xeloda front 20/08/14 through to 11/11/14 Sickness at the start of cycles 1 and 2. Swelling in my legs on the start of cycle 2. Dose was reduced for cycles 3 and 4 . I did not get along with the anti sickness tablets, I tried several different ones. EMEND was usefully but I stopped taking others and…more

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Here are some of the cancer communities top pages: anal cancer symptoms, prostate cancer symptoms, and kidney cancer symptoms. We have a lot of symptoms listed that are straight from cancer patients, not doctors.

Blog for a Cure also has a tight group of cancer warriors helping each other out. These are some of our top groups: anal cancer survivors, lung cancer survivors, and breast cancer survivors. Some times it is difficult to talk about anal cancer symptoms and treatment with your friends and family but the warriors on here get it.

Some times it is hard to find what you are looking for in these communities and with so many pages. Please contact us, if there is something particular you are looking for and can't find it.

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