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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
talk and listen fun things ,don't be afraid
raise awareness and funding for new research, clinical trials, and alternative treatment options.
Pray, be kind to all.
Call or offer to help in some way
Prayers, hug, words of encouragements, someone to talk to.
Stay as strong as you can to kick C,s ass. Help save unions in the USA
Be my rock, not the other way around.
Understand why?
Tell me your stories, offer your priceless experience
Spread the word about Ovarian Cancer
Advice, words of encouragement
advise me of new treatments we might not have known about. we are not interested in alternative medicine just yet untill we have exhausted all standard treatment.
Be as much support for others/families
Let me know you care
Pray and Have Compassion For Others
i dont have many supporters
Pray and support the cause
Just love me as I am, even when I am not my peppy self.
Don't sweat the small stuff. Be appreciative.
Spread the word- check out
Pray for others fighting for their life battling this horrible disease.
Prayers and advise welcome
stay positive and pray
Just have patience and laughter!
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