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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Treat me normal.
always pray for me
Donate to my friend Mike Roger's organization GRIND FOR LIFE and help other people with cancer.
Not have support
Care, listen and let me talk. Also some practical help would be really great.
stay positive with me. stay in the now.
patience while i'm feeling sorry for myself!
Support my fundraising campaign, either by pledging an amount, and/or by sharing on social media.
Let me live my life, do as I can do. Don't baby me.
Read my blog for information on how we handle it.
Not ask me questions
always be positive. if you can afford to donate some money please do so
Positive support
The help that I'm looking for is information. I'm just starting this journey and would like to know what to expect with the progression of this illness.
I need lots of hugs!
Walk through it with me, stay connected.
Stop asking me if I'm ok and treating me like an invalid.
tell me your cancer story
Keep on telling me I’ll be fine even if I ask 100000000 times the same question.
Keep the line of communication open but understand that I don’t always want to talk about cancer.
Provide simple meals that can be frozen. Please pray for me!
Keep me laughing and know I’m loved
Pray for me.
My family/friends have been amazing. Its me who doesn't ask for help when I need it.
Information about treatment and side effects. Positive energy please.
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