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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
How it has affected my family
Loss of control, lack of information, possible mortality
Losing my family which is why I've signed up with this blog, hoping to find some support.
Its insidious onset.
That so many people have it.
Giving up my independence
Cancer respects no one. Cancer is all-consuming. Cancer steals precious time.
It does not discriminate...Young, old, middle age, all ethnic one (it seems) is immune from it
Losing my life, lost my business, losing my home of 24 years exposing my wife of 31 years to a future of struggles for her.
The feeling of having something inside you trying to kill you.
Pancreatic cancer is the true silent killer
the dark-humoured plot twists
The constant pain and every body saying sorry. There are lots of people out there with much worse issues to overcome
With this cancer, people will tell me, "you look good" all the time. But the symptoms are very painful.
Lack of control
The way it kills
It sucks
The unknown. The helplessness. The guilt of knowing my genes could be passed to my daughter.
Knowing im going to die
Sense of isolation .... compromised immune system and flu season just dont jive
It takes lives and destroys people financially
Lack of knowledge of people around you
The possible future health problems
That it took my mother
Having it, living with it without using it as a crutch. I don’t want sympathy but acknowledgement
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