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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
it tries its best to bring you down
Seeing my kids faces
Having to put my life on hold
Feeling of helpness
robs my dignity
Not being able to be active with my family.
Bone Treatments...OUCH!
The way it interrupts LIFE
Cancer survives is what i have most about it.
The treatments make you feel worse than the disease at times.
The Unknown...
the unknown of it, and the waiting in between appointments
Everything! The cancer, the treatments, but, they are life saving!!
that it could take years away from my life with the family I love so much
The surgeries
That is makes you tired!
Everything but the pain that produces character
The way it just appears in your life and changes everything
The painful procedures that it involves and that it puts your whole life on hold.
The unexpected journey in the beginning
The thought of not being around to raise my kids, and that they have to go through this.
It made my children cry.
It's a monster.
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