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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
The feeling that my body could be my own worst enemy
Everything, what good will ever come from it. It kills people, tears familys apart but most of all it changes the person you love. They used to smile all day, laugh with you, cry with you, cuddle you but this takes everything all their strength away so they cant have fun with you how they did, cant laugh with you because there isnt much to laugh about, and cant cuddle you how they did because the cuddles arnt the same as before,
Getting sick after chemo
The emotional roller coaster
It Changed who my mother was.
The inconvenience and the cost
It interrupted my life and my ability to plan.
it changed the course of my life
being weak and losing all my hard earned muscles
What it takes from the person physically
it infinges on your life in every way.
The way it tries to steal my everyday life: the fear, the exhaustion, all the crap.
It is life-changing - nothing will ever be the same again.
Helplessness when I am a fixer
It's a horrible disease!
Is never feeling safe.
That it consumes your thoughts
still has a stigma
how quickly my life changed,literally in one day
Coping with such a dreaded disease, Emotional turbulence
That it comes in takes over every aspect of your life!
surgery ,taste loss,fatigue,gross stuff orally
How isolated it makes you feel. And how it changes every single aspect of your life.
cancer is sumthing,which anyone won't want to experience during there lifez
It rips you out of your normal daily life and there's nothing you can do about that. Helplessly observing the "healthy" people pursuing their life is pretty hard if you're tied to your bed.
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