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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
Not sure yet, it's all still a black hole.
Living in Fear of it's return
That my mom doesn't laugh anymore.
The look in my children's eyes......
How it's completely torn my entire life to pieces. So much to when I return a year or two from now, I wont be able to put it back together.
too many things
Losing control of my life
WAITING FOR TEST RESULTS UNNECCESSARILY-learned that i csan pick up test result at medical records rather than wait for doctors
How quickly it invades and takes over your body and spirit
Being out of control, loss of my hair
....the needles!!!!
what it did to my family
I dont hate it anymore
Too many unkowns, seems like endless variables.
loss of control of my life
The fear it causes in me
so far? wearing the 5FU pump for 46 hours
That there is no going back to BC (before cancer).
Worrying about the people worrying about me.
Bring inside fear which is the hardest to conquer
The waiting, not knowing, length of time between appointments...
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