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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
always feeling when or if it will come back,
the time it takes out of life for surgeries, treatments, appointments, etc!
Having it.
It takes over everything
After you've had it, you will always have the shadow lingering over you, making you wonder if somewhere in your body, it has taken up residence again.
The Changes it forces on us
It's interfering with stuff I have to do....and I'm mad. I don't have time for this
the mind-devils
what it does to your body....invasion
This is soooo inconvenient! And the "cancer face" you get from other people
The losses of my future and a good deal of my present.
It gets in the way of everything
I lost a year of doing what I want to do
It haunts you forever
early appointments, fatigue, short of breath
That it has the NERVE to keep coming back!
Hate is a powerful word. I do not give my cancer that power.
The not knowing!
Waiting and not knowing what is going to happen next.
All of it!
That it is always lurking in the shadows and lingering in my cells.
Too many unknowns to my questions
It is ruthless & random.
Life will never be the same
the control it has over my life
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