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What Cancer Fighters Hate About Cancer

What we hate about cancer - What Cancer Survivors said. Cancer Sucks!
no known cure
It pulls the rug out from under you
Stigma with people, like its contagious.
It eats away life, painfully
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
The mobility limitations my husband now has.
That its taking over my life
It slows me down, and adds fear to my life
its life threatening and doesnt go away on its own
Comes in at night like a burglar
takes over your whole being
It doesn’t seem real? The not knowing from one test to another. You can’t manipulate it “no control”
Speech impediment, pain has impaired my ability to function fully on the job. Medication's detrimental impact on my sex life.
I hate not being 100% for my daughters
Everything, beginning from the word itself !
Putting my life on pause— pursuing my masters, going back to work, etc. all put on hold
Everything- the side effects, how it affects my family, the unknown if I’m cured or not
I have to poison my body to treat it conventionally
The unknown.
Most people are uninformed
The effects of my mouth and speech. Took mr two years to talk and eat.
Just the fact I have it!
The fact that it still exists and is more prevalent
It's ruthless!
The repeated cycles of chemotherapy
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