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What to give a Cancer Fighter?

What Cancer Survivors said would be a great gift to give them while going through treatment.
Time together doing something fun
Sharing stories
A text, a call, if you want to give a physical/tangible gift please give to local campaigns or your local centers there are many that need basics.
a willingness to listen and learn
A card. A visit. A listening ear.
to just be themselves
Non judgemental support.
quitting it with all the fight language
no need of gifts i need your support
A note or card or phone call just to let me know that they care. They also can pray for all of us with cancer.
Love and kindness are the only gift I want or need from friends and family. They could make gifts to Roswell Park, if they feel they need to do more, or give to a dog charity because I love dogs.
Time and understanding
Saints cards , prayers
Crossword puzzle books, Chick-Fil-A food (chicken soup or nuggets)
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