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What to give a Cancer Fighter?

What Cancer Survivors said would be a great gift to give them while going through treatment.
Small monetary donations to allow us to get our bills caught up from my husband having to miss work and tuition assistance to help my youngest finish up at her advanced preschool. I do not need or want for me. I only want for my family
Pictures or videos of me for my children and grandchildren to have. I want my grands to know me if I pass away. Also, fake eyelashes, scarves, and help putting on make up.
Gas cards for going back and forth to Savannah for treatment
Love, and support!
I am a retired Real Estate Broker and a Senior gal. Very active and educated. Unfortunately being the last born all my family has passed and I have no close friends at this stage of life.
Gift certificates for massages or manicures. Love!
sustaining their own well-being, happines &inner peace
love,support,prayers and cares.
Good advice, educating experiences.
Prayers are donations if they are able but prayers are most important as well
money to Dr. Whitefield B. Growden, MGH at
Money, cook for me, take Daisy 4 walk, listen, cheer me up
Money, lots of money. I haven't been able to go back to work full time, and disability isnt much
Time with me
Time with my beloved grandchildren
Gift(s) hmmm don't know. Love, Understanding, Compassion & their continued association with us. Having friends & family close by is awesome
Comfortable pretty pajamas, understanding
Help around the house, maybe rides to treatments in the future. From my students: Understanding that being self employed means if i dont teach, i dont earn
Support me, but let me have fun times with you without a barrage of cancer and treatment questions. You are my light in this dark place.
Friendship love and understanding
Their time!
Visits from you (assuming you are healthy)
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