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What to give a Cancer Fighter?

What Cancer Survivors said would be a great gift to give them while going through treatment.
a cure to cancer and loyalty
Tell my father that he's a heartless, selfish pig and does not deserve to have a wonderful daughter or any his kids. I will gladly provide his address so that you can write him a letter. He turned on me when I divorced my abusive ex, they were two of a kind. Then when I got cancer, he turned on me completely, lied about me to family members, has done outrageous things. He's 87 years old and getting meaner by the day. He's only there for the good times, not the least bit supportive, ever, loves to pour salt in the wound, wouldn't help a drownng man. My fantasy of my real father stepping forward is just that. I've accepted that his role in my life was sperm donor to give me life. I just wish he would forget about me completely instead of badmouthing me to justify his continuing abuse.
Same as above
Help us catch up on bills, a home cooked meal, prayers
understanding today screw tomorrow be focussed on now.
Love as usual and a little bit of breathing room
Prayers, postive thoughts, and spread the word.
Add value where ever they can in this life
Help with my kids
anything given is special and means the world to me and my family.
Just nice words.
Your time and support... Prayers always!
Read my blog, get informed, and pay it forward.
Keep praying for a full recovery, cancer free diagnosis without surgery
donations to cancer support organisations and clinical trials for cancer
Donations to the Get Your Rear In Gear organization
check on me
Time and love.... The things you can't put a price on. They mean the most.
MONEY, Co-pays and perscriptions add up. Not working a full schedule takes its toll.
Prayers and Support
a journal. My journal was my lifeline during treatment.
a new throat !!! Well, their time and love...
Come over and clean my house without my asking...cause I probably won't ask!
Coffee, stop by and chitchat,
rollerFetching more entries....