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What to give a Cancer Fighter?

What Cancer Survivors said would be a great gift to give them while going through treatment.
The gift of laughter, make me smile. Let me cry when I want to, I try hard not to but there will be times when I can't help it. Let me talk about it when I need to even if it means talking about death, I can deal with it if you can.
No family
Their patience and understanding
A cure. PRAY
financial lol.....just their time
Go get checked out.
All of my friends have abandoned me or live out of state and have little contact with me
Donations for medical expenses, dinner, encouragement, visits, prayers
Meals for the freezer for my family for while I am in treatment will be helpful.
donate to my charity of choice lymphoma research foundation
Take great care of their health and do the things they like to do.
Chemo bag items
Moral support ,love and your blessings! No sympathy please
Nothing but an occasional hug and word of encouragement. I have a lot of local support
luckily family and friends have been around for me, call, come to see me and offer to help!
Travel trailer for when I kick this things ass! LOL Continued support, call once in awhile, send a note. And maily, what I now tell them all. . . re-assess their own diets and become more healthy and avoid our poisoned processed food american crap diet!
see previous answer
comfy stretchy pants,
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