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What to give a Cancer Fighter?

What Cancer Survivors said would be a great gift to give them while going through treatment.
Patience, an ear, chocolate . . .
Positive thoughts and prayers. Donations to cancer society.
Gift Cards for Restaurants, fuel, and for miscellaneous health related needs. I do have a needs list prepared if people want to send me items that I need for my walk such as Fusion Razor blades, Hearing Aid Batteries, Shampoo, ect.
Positive energy
Hope, love and medical care.
New cars, shopping sprees in Milan, the usual.
cake and cleaning (although i'd never admit it)
Home cleaning help, yard work
Books, hats, scarves
cards=vanilla candles=books to read=
Remember I love them always
Their time and companionship
A maid
lend an ear when I speak
Just their love!
I have no family, just my Husband and he doesn't understand how I feel. He could listen to me more and try to understand me, it would also be nice if he would touch my reconstructed breasts. I have no close friends.
My friends have provided meals for my family and did chores around the house. Awesome!
this would be new
anything..especially prayers
The gift of your presence is especially important.
Time to heal and then "Lets all go fishing"
donations to american cancer inst.
a smile
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