What are Anal Cancer Chemotherapies? List from Cancer Survivors

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Anal Cancer Chemotherapies

Taxol (Paclitaxel), Fluorouracil (5-FU), Mitomycin, Cisplatin (Platinol, Platinol-AQ), Adriamycin (Doxorubicin), Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), Avastin (Bevacizumab), Eloxatin (Oxaliplatin), Gemcitabine (Gemzar), Xeloda, Carboplatin (Paraplatin), Abraxane, Cytarabine (Ara-C)

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Chemotherapies.

Severe nausea,fatigue and 30 lbs weight loss, hospitalization 4 times . Had fluid loss, extreme low platelet count. I had 4 I transfusions of platelets and 5 transfusions of blood
5 FU + mitomycin ...4 days/24hrs Nausea, vomit, diarrhea, fatigue
Chemo didn't affect me too much. Got some weird tastes in my mouth. My hair thinned a lot. Used to love beer, now I don't have a taste for it. I have a constant smell in my nose like some kind of burnt food.
1 round of IV Mitomycin and 28 days of oral chemo Capecitabine 18th March 2019 for 5.5 weeks run concurrently with Chemo.
Thrush, shingles, edema, loss of hair in clumps, loss of appetite, loss of taste, tired, vaginitis, vomiting controlled w/meds, pale and dry skin, lack of concentration.
5fu and Mitomycin two rounds Oct-Nov 2018. Did not tolerate 5fu. Caused a Type 2 heart attack. Each round of chemo required heart unit stays/
still waiting for start date
portable no side effects
2 rounds of mitomycin and F5 pump. Fatigue and brain fog. Loss of appetite and loss of normal taste bud function.
5-FU and Mytomycin along with Radiation for 6 weeks. Hospitalized weeks one and five.
5/7/19 through 5/11/19 and 6/10/19 through 6/14/19. Mouth sores fatigue skin irritation from PICC line.
Chemo Round 1: 9/23/19 Day 1: good morning and afternoon, then felt like a heavy blanket over my head and shoulders. The aches started later that evening, lasting about two days. Day 4:. Morning began with the metallic taste in my mouth, by lunchtime I couldn't taste my food. This lasted about two days. The metallic taste lasted a little longer but only happened once in a while. Had some nuer
Started today 2020
Weekly infusion of Cisplatin and 5 days a week of 5FU
Cisplatin (Once a week for 8 weeks), Flourouracil - 5FU (5 days a week, 24/7 bag with metered drip). Cisplatin has diminished my hearing. No hair loss.
At recurrence now in 2020 capecetabine (5F-Utablets) and metomicine (1x) . Toxic reaction on capecetabine. (After 2nd opinion in 2018 I declined on chemo because the doctors did not agree on wether it was nessecary.)
None other than a little fatigue.
Starting 3/9/2020, horrendous mouth & lip ulcers, Magic Mouthwash & also Dexamethasone liquid. Took 2 was. To resolve. IV fluids for dehydration
2 rounds mitomyacin (push) and 5 FU (infusion pump at home X 4 days). 12/23/19 & 01/20/20. Severe fatigue. Nausea. Gastroesophageal imbalance requiring prescription Pepcid. Intolerance to pain meds. Severe Diarrhea.
Had injection of fluorouracil on day one. Wore chemo bag with mitomycin first and fourth weeks, Became dehydrated and had to have IV hydration. Accidentally removed my chemo bag. Had poor pain management at times. Was hospitalized at the very end of treatment for six days due to dehydration and pain management. Extreme pain with bowel movements. Feces was green. Horrible thrush. The first few weeks I could barely eat or speak. I lost 15 pounds and my hair fell out. Became extremely weak. Could not take a shower for about 3 month or drive. Could tolerate very few foods. Stayed on the toilet almost all morning and was afraid to not be near a toilet.
Mitomycin and xeloda
Mitomycic 1 IV push along with 5FU 96 hours on the first day then again on day 21
2 Continuous drip 4-5 day, rounds 5-fu and Only one of mitomycin were given due to how sick I was towards 2nd treatment. One given oct. 2018 the other december 2018.
Topical chemotherapy November 2017 I applied Zyclara for two weeks on; 2 weeks off; 2 more weeks on. I had rawness and felt like I had the flu; precancerous turned into stage 1 cancer anyway
NIGRO protocol with capecitabine + mitomycin began concurrently with radiation therapy (January 22, 2019 through March 4, 2019). I chose an oral medication instead of an infusion pump, which was somewhat risky because the oral medication was so new. At the time, there was very little history or research gathered on its effectiveness, but early data suggested it was at least as effective, and possibly even more effective, than infusions. I took a handful of pills twice a day on days when I received radiation, Monday through Friday for six weeks. Shortly into the therapy, I noticed food tasted different to me and became less enjoyable. I also experienced intense chest pain - enough to send me to the emergency room. I was followed by a cardiologist for the duration of my treatments, and fortunately the chest pain went away shortly after my cancer treatments ended. I am grateful that there was no permanent damage to my heart.
5-FU and mitomycin on week one and week five. Side effects were diarrhea, loss of skin in mouth twice, taste changes, loss of 90% of hair, colon spasms, fecal incontinence. Had a PICC line and had it changed three times in five weeks due to placement problems and then it became blocked before my last chemo treatment. Have two blood clots from it that I am still treating.
Mitomycin 3/29. 5 FU in pump 3/29 for 96 hours
Very tired a bit nausea
Overall tolerated chemotherapy fairly well with minor side affects (loss of appetite, mild nausea, hair loss/thinning, low blood counts resulting in neulasta & a blood transfusion). Typing it all now, though, it seems worse!
2 rounds of 96-hour infusion of 5-FU, beginning 5-30-19, 6-18-19, temporary hair loss, minor mouth sores, neutropenia
Therapy in June and July 2021. Caused extreme fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite
Two weeks of chemotherapy at week 1 and week 6 of radiation treatments.
Mitomycin - no side effects Feb-June 2019 Cisplatin/Fluorouracil 5 - side effects - weight loss, mouth sores, weakness, hair thinning, loss of hearing, thinning of the eye brows, eyelashes fell out, nausea -Mar 2021-June2021
Carboplatin and Placitaxcil plus immunotherapy/placebo. Sickness and diarrhoea during chemo but nothing since. Anal tumour has completely disappeared. Liver tumours shrinking. Otherwise no symptoms at all.
Two rounds of each Mitomycin (injected through Port) and Fluorouracil (5-FU) two rounds each with take home continuous pump for 96 hours each. Lost all my long hair after 1st round, developed severe mouth sores, no appetite. Hospitalized for 16 days immediately after 2nd rounds of treatment. UTI, fever, alarmingly low blood counts, developed severe Neutropenia and had 5 full blood transfusions.
First round 11-29-21 thru 2-4-21 Second round 2-27-21 thru 2-30-21 Both with the fanny pack pump through my port
Nigro protocol, Flourouracil infusion (x2) with four-day at-home mitomycin pump, 09MAY22 and 06JUN22(?)
Mitomycin 5 FU June 13-17. constipation, flushed red skin on the face, neck, chest for two days, loss of appetite, nausea. 2nd Week June 20th more constipation and mouth sores/gum sensitivity
Infusion on days 1 and 25. Every other day for 7 weeks oral chemo pills morning and night
2 chemo infusions and 6 chemo pills a day for 6 weeks
5-FU/mitomycin - C, at the beginning and end of my radiation, nausea, mouth sores, memory loss
5-FU plus mitomycin; mostly weakness, nausea
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