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What are Tonsil Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors.

Tonsil Cancer Symptoms

What Tonsil Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

Lump in left side of neck, benign biopsy, non urgent removal, unfortunately scc detected. Primary site left tonsil identified on PET scan
Sore throat, weight loss, pain on right ear, noticable bump on right neck
Swollen lymph node, otherwise no issues that I can recall.
Severe fatigue, lump on my tonsil that didnt go away with antibiotics. Severe sore throat a few months ago...that I ignored.
lump on right side of neck
enlarged cervical lymph node & "cystic" area in right side of neck, asymmetrical enlarged right tonsil
Tumor on left tonsil. 2 tumors on lymph nodes.
Enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck. No pain or other symptoms present.
Earache, headache, small (pea sized) lump on throat just left of Adam's apple
Tonsil right side and partial basal tongue cancer
Swollen Lymph node.
throat discomfort, enlarged right tonsil with lymph node
A small module on the right side of my neck
enlarged tonsil
Swollen left tonsil for 2 months. Only mild occasional mild sore throat. Biopsy April 23, 2014. Diagnosed April 25, 2014. Scans scheduled next week
Hard lymph node on left side of neck
lump in neck, ear ache, sore throat, change in voice, enlarged tonsil
Swollen lob in neck
none, really
Loss of taste, sore burning throat, mouth sores, loss of appitite
swollen node
sore on left and two lymph nearby inflamed
Left lymph nodes swollen slight sore throat fatigue
Sore Throat, Ear pain, swollen throat left side
Sore Throat and Swollen Lymph Node
Lump in right side of neck, mass on right tonsil
Loss of hearing in left ear and a hard protruding lymph node in left neck area.
tonsil enlarged and lymph nodes in neck enlarged
Small marble sized lump on right side of neck
Lump in throat
Swollen right side of neck
Unbearable pain from throat tumor pressing on Trigemini nerve left side.
ear pain, sore throat,tongue numbness,bad breath,mouth pain
One enlarged left tonsil and lip sore on bottom lip.
Lump On Left Side Of Neck
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