What are Testicular Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

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Testicular Cancer Symptoms

What Testicular Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

just the markers in my blood and a small lump on my left testicle.
After Hurricane Wilma, we had no a/c and in the heat and adjusting myself I felt a small lump/ridge on my left testicle. I ended up waiting 7 months before I went to the physician.
Testicular swelling, intense lower back pain.
Back pain, testicual soreness
Both of my men had an enlarged testicle. My husband had no tumor markers, but my son had raised tumor markers.
dull, persistent testicular pain that was initially muted by ibuprofin.
Swolen testicles
Swollen testis, back pain, swelling and pain in the left leg
Pain in testiciles , swelling in testiciles and lumps/harding
Enlarged right testicle;,no pain whatsoever
Enlarged and oddly shaped right testicle
Swollen left testsical,hard
Lump left testicle, pain in testicle, pain in left leg, lethargy
Groin pain which led yo Dr visit which led to ultra sound -which led to tumor discovery- which led to surgery very next day
back pain
Enlarged testicle
Mild density change.
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