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What are Multiple Myeloma Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors.

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Symptoms

What Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

tired, tired, tired
None, and I am cancer free.
fatigue, aching joints
Weakness, fatigue, chemo brained, achiness nausea
Severe back pain, fractures in 4 discs, hypercalcemia, anemia
Fatigue,dry skin, constipation, occassional hip pain only at night. Never had any other bone pain.
Spinal cord compression
2008 back pain, found to be compression fractures. I had a mri xrays and the back doctor sent me home Sept of 2009 saying there was nothing more he could do for me. The pain was so bad I spent alot of time laying on the sofa and Feb of 2010 was hospitalized with pneumonia. After ten days in the hospital and every test imaginable,I was sent home to come back ten days later for a bone marrow biopsy. I started treatment of Mar 1 of 2010,
bone pain ,tired all the time immune system a little low ,platelets low 109
back pain, lethargy
bone pain, fatigue
none really
Multiple spinal compression fractures, fatigue, nausea, spike in M Protein
plasmacytoma on skull, tired, anemic, post stem cell transplant 6/26/15,hypercalcemia, just plain yucky and Kidney damage level 4
High amount of calcium
Vertebrae compressions, 3 broken ribs all vertebrae fractured, massive calcium in blood,nausea, bone pain.
symptoms began with weight loss and fatigue - then burning pain in the shoulders and very swollen knees - renal failure led to the cancer diagnosis - after 9 plus months of seeing different doctors to find out what was wrong!
Fatigue, Diffuse Pain throughout my body.
Sternum bone pain. Very high protein in urine. myeloma cells in bone marrow at 20%.
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