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What are Breast Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

What Breast Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

I had a growing tumor that was painful
my cancer was microscopic
none - not even a lump
Two Lumps self exam
Cancer is gone, now in the healing process. Some pain and lots of anxiety now.
originally shortness of breath; pain; now, fatigue, pain
Pain in arm, back, muscle fatigue, found lump- thought is was fibromyalgia and pain from recent broken rib
Lump found
Lump in right breast, stage 2B, grade 3, Triple Positive
Found lump, and the fight began!!
Lump in right breast
None initially found on manmo
Lump in right breast.
No symptoms.
Tenderness / pain in left breast.
Large hardened area beneath the skin (non cancerous, but hid the tumor), itching, tenderness, headaches and exhaustion.
found lump on self breast exam
Found lump on my own
Felt lump in OPPOSITE breast which turned out to be a cyst but mammo picked up mass on the other side.
pre-cancer in one breast with every 6-month follow-ups. Only had "aching" in breast with cancer with my arm pit hurting when touched.
i had no symptoms just had mamogrammes due to history in family
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