What are Breast Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

The below is a list that has been posted by the bloggers in this cancer community. There are 7616 cancer fighters that are members here. This is what they said, not what the doctors or nurses will tell you.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms

What Breast Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

I found a lump in my left breast while putting on my bra that snaps in the front. I don't think I would of found this if it wasn't for the placement of it being so close to the edge of my breast and close to the snap. I also would feel a tingling sensation in the area every now and then, sometimes it would itch a little.
Sizeable lump in right breast 6 months after taking the hormone pill Estradiol. (Small dosage)
Cancer did Not Show up on Mammagram for five years. I found the mass in September after using my arms a lot to pick up my AVA BABY Granddaughter. Thought I had a new muscle. Went to the Dr. anyway. It was Cancer.
Felt a lump in my breast that hadn't been there before.
Found a lump on upper left breast
I only had a drop of blood on my husbands tee shirt
Felt a lump.
I found lump in shower; had acute pain there; mammo didn't show; ultrasound did.
I had NO symptoms. Breast cancer runs in my family (Mom's side) and so I had been getting mammograms since my 20's. The tumor was little and could not be felt by me, nor seen on an ultrasound. I probably would not be here had I not gotten a mammogram.
Found by Mammogram. Left Breast this time.
Nothing other than a annoying lump.
None. The lump was found on the mammogram and the surgeon said she wouldn't have been able to feel the lump if the biopsy hadn't enlarged it.
lump in breast and back pain
Sharp pain across my right breast like a streak of lighting.
I was rather quite fortunate; I did not experience any true symptoms.
lump in my breasts
I had none
While removing my clothes for bed I looked into the mirror and was shocked to notice that one side of my breast was larger than the other, fell to the inside, and felt like it had something in it. It made me think of the patients who came in with breast implants, since that’s what it felt like. A few months earlier I had noticed several times that my breasts seemed to be hot to the touch and I wondered if I had an infection.
Tenderness in right breast. Lump in right breast.
Found lump in right breast.
Tumor, yuck!
I found a pea size lump that hurt!
Lumps (multifocal), itching, bee-sting like pains during PMS.
Originally, a lump in my right breast, then a lump in my left breast, then trouble breathing and now bone pain
I found a lump myself one month after having my mammogram done.
I found a lump in my breast. It was hard and big
occaisional sharp pains(in right breast). throbbing-from rt.shoulder to my fingertips.Gradual increase in size of lump while forming an indentation.
pain from site, open cavity that bleeds and releases other not so pleasant things,weak
I really had no symptoms that I noticed. I accidentally found the first lump in 1994 myself. The second one in 2005 was detected during my annual mammogram. I would never have found this one because it was in the center of the breast at the back wall.
Feeling sometimes bitchy I put that down to arimidex. I hate the revisiting of menopause, night sweats, etc. Sometimes I just feel tired and can't keep up. UPDATE AUG/08. Not as tired anymore, but the rest is the same.
none found on mammogram
None. Absolutely nothing. I work a 60 hour work week and thought fatigue was inherent to the job.
No symptoms, found during a routine mammogram.
I felt a lump in the shower and I was concerned and had it checked out. Turns out it was positive for breast cancer
no symtoms; tumor was found during a routine mammagram
I had no symptoms, just a small little lump on my right breast.
recurrence of breast cancer now mets sm. tumor in liver
No symtoms, went for a routine mamogram and ultrasound. Large mass found, biopsy showed tumor to be cancerous.
None, found on routine mammogram
None really....
I found a pea size lump around Thanksgiving of 2007. No symptoms at all.
Bloody nipple discharge from one breast only. Tenderness with (initially) no palpable or detectable (except by MRI) tumor.
2013: My back had been hurting for a while. Had an MRI that found cancer on 2 vertebrae. 2008: I found a lump during a self exam.
I found a lump in my right breast during a self-breast exam.
I found a large lump while showering.
When I did a self breast exam I felt a lump and pain in my left breast and I know at that very moment something is wrong so I decided to go to the hospital and see the doctor.
A large mass in right breast found during self-exam. Swelling, itching, and pain in breast. The mass continued to grow, and right breast become enlarged to almost double the size in two-month period. CT Scan later found out that the mass was about 5cm x 4cm x 2cm. I was finally diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Found 2cm lump in my right breast while apply lotion in June 2008...had clean bill from Mommogram in Dec 2007 this was missed due to dense breast tissue...I highly recomend self exams and MRI's...because this still did not show in a mammogram after it was found
Found a lump at the age of 38
Lots of itching in my breast, but was never really sore or painfull.
very tired , scared
The only symptom I have had is what has shown up on the mammograms. The only other possible symptom is fatigue. I have always been a person who tires easy ... but that is such a gradual thing that I don't know that I really noticed it.
Palpable lump in right breast
I found a lump in my left breast, had mastitis for years & had no insurance, so let it go. But it got too big. Went to doctor.
No symptoms, went to have my first mammogram exam and found a tumor.
None - my cancer was discovered by my plastic surgeon who was changing old breast implants
Major back/rib pain. Had to have 5 separate Toradol shots to alleviate the pain. Nothing showed up on x-rays. Found the cancer with a CT scan almost a year after the symptoms started.
None, other than my physician found a lump during a yearly physical.
Had intraductal papillomas removed from right breast...suffering from 2 more surgeries due to staph infection in less than 2 weeks of the first surgery. I feel due to this surgery & the staph that this breast was weakened. Three years later I notice a terrible hard lump on the incision site. Nothing else until CT scan was done. Nothing felt during breast exam by my OB/GYN or myself other than the hard lump. Nothing showed up on mammo or magnified mammo. Tumors visible on ultrasound. Left breast was full of them & the largest one was growing straight back from the nipple area towards the back of my body (doctor stated it was "in hiding.")
I found a lump in my right breast just a few weekks after my mammogram.
pleural effusion
had some aches and pains in lower back.
Found a lump in my left breast.
Non, sore shoulder, have later found family history of breast and ovarian cancer plus others. Hysterectomy and removal of other breast being done to cut further risks.
Found a small lump in right breast by accident while showering.
1st time- I felt a small lump when I laid down to go to sleep- 2nd time- fluid built up in my chest, lund had collapsed- couldn't breath. It go progressively worse over about 2-3 weeks. Felt a heaviness on my chest when I bent over, and struggled to climb stairs.
palpable lump, nipple discharge
Lump in breast.
lump shooting zap of pain through nipple
Lump and indention at breast site
Site pain, feeling like a slug.
none found on routine mamo
through most of 2008 excruciating pain in my spine
Felt a lump about 2 weeks before mammogram, but dismissed it because it felt just like the right breast. Scheduled mammogram next day, because it was time for my yearly physical and I knew this would be necessary. No other symptoms.
No symptoms. Just went in for a regular mammogram and small calcifictions showed up. Received a letter in the mail for follow-up. Followed up with second mammogram and still unsure. Then did stereotactic biopsy and stage 0 confirmed.
No Symptoms. I would have never known had it not been for my annual Mammogram.
small pea-like knot in breast, VERY close to surface, a doctor once told me it was a clogged pore!
? Eights years with fatigue.
Pain in spots where lesions develop, fatigue, significant drop in hemoglobin.
Annual mammogram at 49. Not 50.
Felt painful lump in left breast while showering.
A large mass up under my right arm
Breast: Found lump in right breast--Doc couldn't feel it but was caught on Ultrasound. Some discomfort on right breast. Cervical:Lower back pain and discharge
Cancer cells grew (for 2 years) under a mass (lump) we've been "watching" for a decade. No matter how cancer is found it will piss you off, make you feel neglectful and resentful of the medical community. Cancer happens - let it go and live large for the rest of your life.
In 2007 I had a persistent cough (thought it was allergies); Felt tired (thought it was from working shifts) & some back pain (thought it was old age)and it turned out to be pleural effusion. First time, I discovered a lump in my breast in 2000.
Back pain, found the lump in a mammo. I never would have found it myself.
None found out I had this from a yearly Mamogram
Weary- that's all.
My history started with a routine mammogram March 3, 2010. Showing presence of abnormal calcifications. I underwent stereotactic biopsy of these calcifications showing presense of high-grade DCIS. Subsequently, I have undergone bilateral mastectomy with left breast being prophylactic on March 30, 2010 with immediate reconstruction. The pathology and the mastectomy showed at 1.5-mm, invasive, component, grade 3. Invasive carsinoma in the setting of DCIS. ER/PR+ at 90 and 90% respectively. HER-2/neu is 3+ I am BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative for this mutation. Removed 5 lymph nodes, they were all negative.
None before diagnosis other than lump found by doctor on routine annual physical.
none -big lump
None...found with regular mammogram
had a lump hard right breast
found the lump in my right breast in 6/2010.
Skin mets, lymph node involvement
lump self discovered
I found a lump during a routine self exam.
Back pain, weight gain, exhaustion
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