What are Brain Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

The below is a list that has been posted by the bloggers in this cancer community. There are 7577 cancer fighters that are members here. This is what they said, not what the doctors or nurses will tell you.

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Brain Cancer Symptoms

What Brain Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

Progressive neurological failure of fine motor coordination in left hand. Headaches. Dizzyness. Slurred speech.
Severe Headache, personality, vision, coordination changes
grand mal seizure
headaches, short term memories, long term memories, hand-eye coordination, seizures.... that all I can thank of but I do have memory problems. HAHAHA Nope, not now!!! I can can barely use right leg or arm. This happened from the beginning of Oct to the end. I'm not sure what is next.
Headaches, suddenly forgetting where they are, simple math calculations are hard, dragging of the left foot and inability to turn to the left
Woke up with a headache one day.
loss of word finding, flat affect, fatigue
headache, blurring vision, fatigue
Mom-horrible personality changes, weak, unstable gait, headaches Dad-nausea, headaches, early dementia onset
right side of my body is numb
Seizures,balance,no driving,no control over my life, and life is just not the same!
Pain, cunfusion, difficulty with speech, seizures, nausea
Right hearing impairment, headache, vertigo, vomiting, sensory changes, etc
6mths prior to dx - headaches, overly tired 4mths prior- severe migranes, exhausted, sleeping alot, dizziness day of dx - dizzy, seizure while driving our car driving to work, totalled it, CT scan showed a mass, MRI showed tumor
Had 1 Seizure. MRI found BT, after surgery put on 1000mg of Keppra daily for cheap insurance.
Lost 40lbs, constant vomiting,major headaches, seizures.
My Mom has had several symptoms from both radiation and chemo. She did not lose her hair entirely, but it's very thin. She's always exhausted, her appetite has gone down greatly, nothing tastes good. Her sense of smell is hightened, her balance is off. She's always forgetting things we just told her, she cannot seem to keep her attention on anything.
occassional headaches, ringing in left ear
It began with high blood pressure 210/120 and facial numbing (which we found out were seizures)
I had Seizure symptoms which led to further testing and discovery of my Brain Tumour.
Tingling in his left ear.
Major seizure led to discover and diagnosis, no other symptoms otherwise.
No symptoms until I had a seizure on June 30, 2011
Constant Headache for a few weeks, Blurry vision
Throbbing headeache that started in March and got much worse.
Terrible headaces and sick to my stomach.
Seizures in left arm and left leg, headaches
Seizure, Vomiting, Full Body Pain, Double Vision
Severe Headaches, high bp, vomitting
headaches, tired, forgetful, stopped texting, making mistakes with numbers at work, anger
Headache, Lack of Appetite, Weakness, Poor Balance, Migraine, Dehydration, Constipation
Speech, memory loss, sleeps a lot...
Severe headaches, dizziness, fainting spells, constant nausea.. general unwell feeling.
had a fit
No symptoms prior to a seizure June 3, 2013
Seizures, headaches, dizziness, dodgey left leg, forgetting words
headaches , vomitting
Hearing damage, little to no balance, extreme exhaustion, and loss of hair.
Weird feelings in my head, migraines, fatigue
weakness, trouble speaking and with daily activites
Seizure and Headachesq
Headaches, loss of appatite, sleeped alot, long term memory loss, loss of speech, and depression
can't control body movement, body balance, eyes problem
extreme headache, inability to walk without falling over & slurred speech
Poor coordination, weakness, fatigue, headaches, nasuea
Headache for 2 months straight. No other symptoms, so no-one wanted to do any scans to double check anything was in there that shouldn't be, until I went to the right hospital ER.
Seizures at onset
Asymptomatic (now) tumor was discovered in an MRI for a different issue.
Discovered incidentally in MRI.
Had seizure while driving (never had before), passed out, had car accident, and told had a brain tumor after a CT scan. What a kick in the stomach to put it lightly...
pain in head slurred speech delirium hypertension
your worst headache imaginable, throwing up bile, vision loss
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