What are Anal Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

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Anal Cancer Symptoms

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

Tumor at back door, Mets to liver.
Very vague, 6/8 weeks out had increasingly more rectal pressure when sitting for a period of time. More elongated stools
Rectal bleeding, pain with sitting, change in bowel habits, anal itching, fatigue.
Rectal bleeding, bloating, long thin,bowel movements, feeling like I had a hemorrhoid
Rectal bleeding
Tail bone pain, progressively got worse, couldn't sit. Anal pain. Rapid weight loss.
Itching; thought I had hemorrhoids; diagnosed with AIN 3 anal pre-cancer which later developed into stage 1 anal cancer
Pre cancerous symptoms
Symptoms that caused me to make the incorrect self-diagnosis of hemorrhoids, starting with small amounts of blood on toilet paper, which eventually increased to levels that were alarming.
rectal bleeding..I had a colonoscopy two years prior and had a clear screening. Because of this I assumed the bleeding was a hemorrhoid and didn't go to the doctor until the bleeding was clearly becoming much worse.
None, was found during colonoscopy. Although a few weeks before I had some itching and slight bleeding. I thought it may be a hemorrhoid.
Anal pain ,bleeding felt like hemorrhoids
Blood in stool & change of bowel habits
Rectal bleeding
external growth, painful bowel movements
Was diagnosed with anal cancer during a routine colonoscopy in 2017 at age 51.
Bleeding. Contacted Dr immediately. Got diagnosed within a month. I’m realising some people’s symptoms scream at them while others just whisper.
After starting a fruit/vegetable cleanse (specifically carrot juice every day!), had blood clot with bowel movement. Scheduled my first colonoscopy -- at 58 yrs of age -- which wasn't until 4 months in the future. After stopping the carrot juice, the blood clot in bowel movement went away. Occasionally felt pressure in my bum, but for the most part, no symptoms.
what I thought was a large hemorrhoid turned out to be anal cancer. Itching and some mild bleeding
Pain and bleeding
Rectal bleeding, even when not passing stool. Primary Care Physician thought it was a hemorrhoid after she examined me. I finally saw a GI Specialist after waiting 2.5 months (PCP did not request a rush) had a colonoscopy within three days, quickly diagnosed on 2/4/2021 (which is World Cancer Day)
Prolapse, bleeding
In January of 2020 I noticed a little bump on the perianal area. My doctor examined it and treated it as a hemorrhoid. With COVID19 happening that Spring, my next doctor's appointment had to be rescheduled to May. My doctor examined it again and noticed it was not getting better so she referred me to a surgeon who removes hemorrhoids and skin tags. The surgeon thought it looked like a skin tag. He gave me the option to surgically remove it or leave it. Since it was a little painful and annoying I chose surgery. After he removed it, the pathology results came back as a T1N0 invasive anal squamous cell carcinoma. After this I was seen by doctors at MD Anderson for the next two years. No concerns were reported the rest of 2020 or in 2021. In May of 2022 I was scheduled for a colonoscopy at MD Anderson. The doctor was concerned with some abnormal looking tissue in the anal canal. Biopsies confirmed 1 mm squamous cell cancer and I was diagnosed with T1NOMO. I started a clinical trial with chemo radiation on June 13.
Thought I had hemmorhoids, saw my Dr. prescribed cream (didn't check them). Went back 3 more times prescribed more meds no exam. Last time I asked for a referral to a specialist. Appt. 2 weeks later. It was either cancer or a huge abcess. Colonoscopy 2 weeks after that and a positive anal cancal cancer daignosis on June 28th/2018.
itching, bleeding - thought I had hemorrhoids
Bowel changes, stomach issues, anal itching/burning
Rectal bleeding
small rough patch with a little bleeding
Bleeding and bowel changes. Constipation. Thought had an anal fissure
Bleeding. Rectal, pelvic, and vaginal pain. Lump/hardness in pelvic floor. Narrow stools.
Skin tag that came back cancer, narrow stools, dull pain in butt cheek
Rectal bleeding as well as thin stool.
Hemorrhoids bleeding from my anus
At first I didn't feel I had any symptoms. I had a routine colonoscopy with 2 unremarkable polyps removed, was told to come back in 5 years. 10 months later at my annual visit my pcp noted a lump during my pap and sent me to a Colorectal surgeon. I had to have a biopsy which was cancerous. Looking back I guess the nagging hemherroids of years of motherhood disguised the occasional blood in the toilet and slight discomfort. I always had a quirky tummy, so changes in BM were not anything I was bothered about. I began feeling slower and less energy, but thought that was age related. SO no "actual" syptoms in my brain, but then the week before biopsy I recall having an alarming amount of blood in toilet one day and noticed BM that were very narrow, similar to spaghetti. I thought, hmm.. good thing I am seeing a surgeon soon.
Treated for hemorrhoids. Felt like I was passing broken glass. A surgeon in emergency saved my life and finally got me my diagnosis.
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