What are Anal Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

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Anal Cancer Symptoms

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

Rectal bleeding, itching, sciatic pain. (thought my hemorhoid was acting up)
Fatigue, annoyingly unpredictable bowels, loss of appetite, pain
Rectal bleeding - 1 week duration when made appointment with my primary care doc; felt a mass.
Rectal pain and bleeding. Told it was a hemorrhoid. Fortunately, I kept demanding to see the doctor.
Rectal bleeding, pain, constipation, fatigue, nausea
Anal skin tag...burning..itching...cramps....constipation ....tired
Severe Itching,worse than poison ivy, and a sore that wouldn't heal for 5 years that slowly grew larger.
None really, but about 3 months before colonoscopy had some swelling and bleeding down there. Thought it might be hemorrhoids. If it happened a second time I was going to check it.
Initially pain, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids. After treatment failure then unbearable pain.
occasional rectal bleeding
Bleeding, assumed haemorrhoids sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy did not detect cancer
Rectal bleeding. Just not feeling my old self. Thought I had a GI type flu
Rectal bleeding, bloating, itching pain
Small amount of blood in stools but no pain. Occurred about 5-6 times over a 6 month period. Gynecologist thought it was a hemorrhoid so she referred me to a colorectal surgeon for removal. But upon exam, surgeon thought it was too hard for a hemorrhoid. She recommended colonoscopy so it could be removed/biopsied. Biopsy showed cancer.
Bleeding, gas, bloating, discomfort, fatigue, nodule
Bleeding itching pressure from the anus. Kept thinking it was hemroids. Then a hemroid started to stick out of my ass if I sat on toilet too long. So finally went to colorectal Dr. He did colonoscopy and said it was a polyp and was too big to remove during colonoscopy. He biopsied it and told me to get a MRI to make sure there was no cancer growing under it....the MRI was fine and the biopsy came back benign...so I had the surgery to remove it....then a week later the Dr called me to tell me the biopsy from the surgery came back squimas cell cancer of the anal canal! I was like what is that??? He said. Anal cancer. We call it the Farah Fawcett disease....my next words...she died from that! Great bedside maner plus he forgot to tell me the 1st biopsy came back severe displasia benign. Maybe I wouldn't have been sooooo shocked!!!! I'm 46. I have an 18 year old boys heart (Daniel) from a heart transplant in June of 1999. I have 4 children Joseph 20 Nikki-Taylor 18 Samantha & Alexa 6 1/2 (twins born 6 years after my transplant...natural...no in vitro (everyone asks me that) was the 1st woman in the US to have twins after a heart transplant...I know I'm nuts. Lol
6 months of blood in stools, uncomfortable to sit, feeling of still having to go after going.
Bleeding for 6 months
Bumps, bleeding in rectum. Misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids
No rectal bleeding just a three week change in bowel habit in April, then resolved. Slight discomfort for week or so in left anal area, just before colonoscopy on June 6, where he could feel the tumor but had a hard time visualizing it, but finally was able to biopsy using a smaller scope.
None really - discovered in a routine colonoscopy performed ahead of schedule because I was worried about my family history of cancer.
Bowel movements streaked with blood, pressure when having a bowel movement, then onset of severe bleeding from rectum which caused me to go to the Emergency Room and subsequently be hospitalized, followed by colonoscopy, biospy of mass, and diagnosed with anal cancer
Blood in bowel movements, feeling of fullness even after bm, narrow stools, lumps in lymph areas
Small painful bump growing out of rectum similar to a hemmorhoid; size kept increasing and becoming more and more painful, until a colonscopy and biopsy were done and I received my diagnosis.
itching, change in bowel habits, thinning of stools, anal bleeding, bits hanging out like hemaroids, nerve pain down legs.
Bleeding, pain, irregular bowel movements. This went on for about a year. I went to the doctor when I started to feel like it was affecting the rest of my body.Thought it was a hemorhoid.
Rectal bleeding during bowel movements. Like most people here, I thought it was due to hemorrhoids since I've been plagued with them most of my adult life. I also never feel empty afterwards. I have had some fatigue and feeling of fullness in my abdomen, too, but am not sure that it is related.
Bleeding with bowel movement, 2-4 times a week the last 2 months, narrowing of stool "ribbons"
skin tags, occasional rectal bleeding, rectal pressure, narrowing stools
blood in stool episodic
Bleeding, pencil-thin stools, severe constipation, hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids were THE diagnosis until I was sent to a GI surgeon who took one look...................
Rectal bleeding, nausea, bloating, fatigue. I was told 5 yrs ago that I had an ulcerated internal hemorrhoid.
Unable to poop! Severe rectal pain. Could not sit down.
Pain, pressure, bleeding, cramps, lower back pain, fatigue.
rectal bleeding
bleeding, hemorrhoids, pain in bottom and itching, hard to use bowls.
In order of occurence: Flatulence; Itching; Sciatica; Tingling; Bleeding; Constipation
Bleeding, external and internal tumor, narrow stool
My gastroenterologist thought I had diverticulitis and performed a colonoscopy. Diverticulitis had greatly improved with second round of antibiotics, but he found cancer. Slight blood in stool once in a while, slight light tan discharge and odor off and on, pain in lower abdomen (diverticulitis ?), constant tiredness for months.
Bleeding, feeling full, pressure
Rectal bleeding, rectal pain, abdominal pain, irritation at site of growth, burning and itching at site of growth, aches and pains all over body, lymphoma or constant lymph swelling & Draining.
Change in bowel habits after being so regular for so long. Some mucus & blood which was unusual. Sore lymph node on one side of my groin. Requested colonoscopy.
Noticed changes in bowel movements, it appeared maroon in color and occasional blood streaked throughout.
Bleeding from Rectum, Large tumor in-bedded in anal muscle, inability to pee or have a bowel movement.
Fatigue, skin damage, hearing loss, blurry vision, memory loss.
Blood , pressure and never feeling "done"
swollen inguinal (groin) lymph nodes left side only, later found area of hardness between perineum and anus with small lump at anus mistaken for hemorrhoid.
thought it was hemorrhoids, abscess developed, biopsy revealed cancer
Irregular bowel movements and symtoms of what i believed were hemorrhoids
slight bleeding
Thought it was hemorrhoids. Then bleeding. Anal fissure. Anal skin tag.
rectal bleeding
Increase frequency of bowel movements, no pain, no bleeding
Blood in water, not in stool. Some pressure on the anus.
occasional blood with stools 6/2012
thought it was a hemmroid or prolapsed rectum
anal itching, small hard bump, thought it was a hemmroid, flat shaped bowel movments, gas and bloating, night sweats, anxiety, just a sense of NOT well-being.
rectal bleeding, diagnosed as hemorrhoid for 13 months
bloody mucous, constant pressure, pain
Just once I felt a little pain i my butt, first I thought it was a hemorrhoid, but it felt different, so I went to see the Dr. and then my journey as a cancer patient began.
Weight loss, thin curved bowel movements
bleeding, itching, hard nodule
Diarrhea, bloody stool, pain
bleeding, bloating, thought they were hemorrhoids and treated for hemorrhoids for about 5 months
blood in stool, changes in bowel habits
A hemorrhoid that was hard to the touch. Itching, hot flashes, fecal leaking and a swollen lymph node (mistaken for a hernia).
'Hemorroids' not responding to over the counter medication, general discomfort, small lump. I had an abnormal Pap test result in 1991 (CIN cell change, not cancerous) and had laser treatment. Given the link with CIN, HPV and anal cancer it seems that this could be related and been dormant for many years.
Started with itching first 6 months. I thought was a hemorrhoid. The last 6 months experienced excruciating pain after BM's and in between that lasted hours. Went to ER for severe pain was told I had anal fissures. Also my vagina swelled and started bleeding and wasn't my period. Thin stools and rectal bleeding.
Tumor between back wall of vagina and rectum -- very low down -- on the anal verge.
Itching, lump in anus.
Bleeding during bowel movements
bleeding: doc said it was hemorrhoids. Progressive pain laying on one side,pain with sitting. bleeding, eventually change in shape of stool
thought it was hemmoroids
anal bleeding, pain, hemmerrhoid type tumor.
Fatigue left enlarged inguinal lymph node
Constipation, blood in stools & feeling of fullness in the anal area
weight loss, difficulty with bowels, nodes near anus ( I took for hemorroids )
My GYN found a lump, which we thought was actually a large hemorrhoid. Had it surgically removed and found out that it was cancer.
Lump protruding from anus
Lump near anus, constipation, thin ribbon like bowls.
Occasional bleeding, small lump-like most everyone else-thought it was a hemorrhoid or benign polyp.
Itching, pain, blood in stool, thought I had a hemi....felt an internal lump
No symptoms, found on a routine colonoscopy.
Rectal bleeding during bowel movements
small amount of bleeding and light abdominal pain
Bleeding from rectum while running.
Not many, itching and a small amount of bleeding.
A small amount of fresh blood when a tad constipated and thin poos.
Bleeding, pain
Blood in stools, lower right abdominal pain. Frequent bouts of diarrhea.
Constipation, light blood discharge (has stopped), lumps around anus, acute pain and burning sensation
Rectal needing enlarged lymph node
Severe bleeding that landed me in the ER
lumps in groin that I thought was hernia an and mass at anal area night sweats I thought It was menopause
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