What are Anal Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors

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Anal Cancer Symptoms

What Anal Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

Blood in stool, pencil-thin stool
Rectal bleeding followed by a growth.
Bleeding in stood, severe pain in anal area, feels like you are sitting on a knot
Bleeding, bowel incontinence. Thought to be hemorrhoids.
Bleeding, anal pain, anaemia
Bleeding with BMs, having occasional accidents, worm like skinny stools. Growth discovered during annual gyn exam, followed by colonoscopy two days later and biopsy on the growth.
Small, painful bump.
I thought I had a hemorrhoid that wouldn't go away (I had never had one before) Other than the sore on my bum I had no other symptoms.
Bleeding. Bloating. Sitting was painful. hemorrhoids painful. Back pain
mimicked a hemmerhoid
The mass is located right inside my anal. It blocks off bowel movements. It will come out and cause severe pain and bleeding. I have to push the mass back in.
itching, bleeding, ribbon stools
Blood in stool. Felt a lump and thought I had a hemmoriod.
Thought it was hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, rectal pain
Pain and pressure
Thinning of stools, itching, burning, swelling, irregularity
1: Angst ridden Volley Ball sized Tumor in your ass. 2: Tendency to listen to 90's music where some forlorn chick sings about how much it sucks to be alive. (The latter dissipates slowly following treatment/surgery). 3: Mysteriously, everyone you know is no longer able to pronounce the word "Anal" except for your Doctor . 4: The eerie phenomenon which occurs when the first question EVERYONE (!!!) asks when you say you have Cancer is "Where?"
Itchy anus, blood in stool, fatigue, lump
Bleeding with bowel motions. Unable to sit on a bicycle comfortably. Liver Cancer: developed a cough that wouldn't go away. Eventually found by a CT scan that my liver was the problem. The cough is probably caused by pressing on the diaphragm.
I thought I had a hemorrhoid!
Blood in stool, and internal hemorrhoid was causing me some discomfort. I scheduled a colonoscopy to determine the cause of the rectal bleeding and they discovered a large polyp, due to its location they didn't remove it but assured me it was nothing to worry about, a simple procedure with a surgeon...2 weeks later I met with a colorectal surgeon and he decided to remove the tumor as it looked healthy and no real cause for concern (I'm 42 years old and in good health). As soon as it was removed I felt better and my body was bouncing back quickly. Three days later I received the call that it was squamous cell. After the PET CT we discovered 2 lymph nodes that are also impacted and in need of extra radiation. December 2nd will forever be a day that changed me but certainly won't define me.
Severe Rectal bleeding brought me to ICU. Severe vaginal pain and anal pain from radiation, when using bathroom. Tired.
Big mass around rectom area
blood in stools from time to time for about 2 months prior to diagnosis. Looking back, I had felt some bloating occasionally and some itching, but I managed to ignore those symtoms.
Rectal bleeding and pain
rectal bleeding, tumor schincter muscle
3 1/2 cm growth believed to be an extra large strombrous hemmoroid removed on 1/16/2017. Bled alot and very painfully. Taken off but stem and surrounding areas still there
bleeding and pain with bowel movements, pressure, feeling of incomplete evacuation after bowel movements, aching in lower buttocks, tenderness and bloating of lower abdomen/pelvic area, felt mass in low rectum and rectovaginal septum, mucous, itching
Growth and bleeding
Pain, itchiness, some bleeding. Thought for sure I had hemorrhoids.
change in consistency of stool - didn't know it was a symptom. Diagnosed through routine colonoscopy.
I'm a runner and my run times started getting slower even though I was training harder and longer. Noticed some blood in stool, thinner stool, and felt pressure down there. Final symptom that caused me to get examined was a lump in my vagina (I thought was a cyst but was the tumor growing and invading other territory).
Some blood in stool, felt something hard and thought it was a hemorrhoid.
Unusual BM's (very frequent),some rectal bleeding (mild at first),lower abdominal pain and bloating.
Pain in anal
change in bowl habits, blood in stool, severe cramping.
Rectal itching, lump near anus
bleeding itchyness trouble pooing haemorrhoids lump in anus anal fissure hurt to sit abcess on cancer
Painful, bleeding mass
Bleeding and discomfort after a BM.
Trouble going for 4 months after big move and start of new job. Doctors thought it was stress related. Gastro doc finally did a physical exam.
Pain, bleeding
Bloody bowel movements.
Painful bowel movements and painful intercourse
Bleeding, constipated,tired.
Bleeding with bms, then a rush of blood led me to be treated. First diagnosed and treated for hemorrhoid. After that a colonoscopy found mass up high.
Pain, Bleeding, Mucous, Pulmonary Embolisim
Stool changes, bloody stools
pain, external tumor
Bleeding , tumor growth
Rectal bleeding.
Itching constapation and bleeding
Same as hemmroids.
-changes in bowel movement -blood in stool -thought I had hemorrhoids
Pain with BM's
found lump against anis . Blood in stool and on tolit paper
Groove and blood in stool. As an aside, I was being examined for neutropenia of unknown cause - bone marrow biopsy on 2/26/18 ruled out other forms of cancer. Cause still unknown but raises my risk for infections.
Bleding itching
originally: tiny amounts of bleeding, fecal incontinence, passing of clear mucous. Later itching at the site of the tumour.
Had a dull ache in the bum area for a few weeks & it finally got bad enough I went to the Dr who recommended a colonoscopy & during the procedure they took a biopsy of the tumor they found. I was so shocked. It was unreal.
Bleeding, change of stool size, painful lump in vagina
Bleeding, painful protrusion.
First felt a bump while showering and followed it until it formed what I thought was a hemorrhoid. At that time I was also due for my colonoscopy so I had it checked out immediately and game on!
Itching, blood
constipation and small rectal polyp. had issues getting male gp to examine.Hospital removed polyp and biopsy came back clear but scheduled for more tests as stricture which noone could explain. Further tests showed the polyp was misdiagnosed and was anal cancer. The whole process from first gp visit took six months.
a week after having completed my PSA and urine tests(5/22/18), i noticed blood in the toilet and completed the F.I.T--fecal immunochemical test.... I forgot to mail it in and drove to the VA and had them give me another one, did it and that afternoon i returned it...two days later i received a call to schedule a colonoscopy for June 04, 2018. results came back positive for a ployp that was excised and also a 4-5cm malignant growth on the dentate line of the anus--right smack in/around my spinchter muscle. T3N0M0...prognosis seems to be really good as it has not traveled nor gone into nodes. scheduled to start chemo/radiation with 5-FU and mitomyacin first 4 days and last 4 days using a PICC line.
Pain in upper stomach
Bleeding and my anus started to feel swollen at times
I had a mass which I thought was hemorrhoid. I had a dream that it was cancer and mentioned it to my primary doctor who referred me to a colon rectal surgeon. I had no bleeding, but also had high pressure, In fact, I've had no high blood pressure since the mass was removed.
Bleeding with BM, itching initially. Protrusion of tumor 3 mos after diagnosis started as a small polyp and gradually progressing to looking like a mushroom accompanied by increasing pain and rectal bleeding
Hemorrhoids? Not! Bleeding, itching, bloating, fatigue
bleeding thinking I had a fissure for 2 years,spread to my lymph gland,had a lump,had biopsy confirmed stage 3 anal cancer
None for the anal (I have always had irritable bowel) except 2 squamous skin on calf and shoulder and my dermatologist told me to get a colonoscopy because the outside can signal what going on in the inside,
Rectal bleeding, thin BM
Cyst with fluid and solid mass- Squamous cell carcinoma found in solid mass. No pain. Removed discovery in path report. PET/CT scan found and confirmed DX.
Rectal Bleeding at times
Bleeding, pain when using the bathroom, hemeroids
Minor rectal bleeding and cramping.
Throbbing anal pain
Night sweets, rectal bleeding and extreme anal pain
Blood in poo for a couple of years. Assumed it was hemorrhoids. Didn't want to deal with it as I had surgery for that years ago and spent a week in the hospital. Very painful recovery. When the blood started squirting out before pee or poo... I figured there was a problem.
Pain. Blood/discharge.
External hemorrhoids with bleeding, itching, painful bowel movements, bleeding changed to heavy blood before BM’s, hemorrhoids getting larger and hard.
pain attributed to hem or may anal fissure. Treated for hemorrhoids for approx 6 months before DX. Slight rectal bleeding, pain, pressure, difficulty with BM's. IBS type symptoms. Found lump vaginally first.
Growth from anus, seepage, and discomfort and bleeding ocsassionally.
did not have any
Anal pain, narrow and frequent bowel movements, leakage, general irritation
None really, docs had misdiagnosed it as an internal hemmroid for a couple years.
Changes in bowels, narrowing of stools and maroon blood in stool.
Pain, bleeding
blood stool, itching after BM, even when clean
Removal of a small hemorrhoid but turns out I have anal cancer. No other symptoms
Bleeding , pain, itching
Chronic diarrhea, malabsorption iron, b12
Rectal Bleeding, Skinny Stool, Pressure in Vaginal Area
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