What are Esophagus Cancer Surgeries? List from Cancer Survivors

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Esophagus Cancer Surgeries

Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, Lymph Node Removal, Re-excision Surgery

What Esophagus Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Surgeries.

To start chemo and radiation Monday. 12/25/07
Esophagus Removal 2003.... Neck tumor removed with some neck mussels removed ...
Transhiatal esophagectomy with gastric pull-up, May 2008. Complications included bilateral lung collapse and paralyzed recurrent laryngeal nerve and loss of voice which required a procedure to help temporarily. He regained use of the vocal cord. Underwent paratracheal mass resection in August 2009.
esophagectomy, June06. Removed esophagus and half of stomach leaving me with a stomaphagus.Lost 50 pounds. Permanent (so far) damage to pancreas.
12-5-'08 Esophagectomy
9/23/11 took out esophgus and strech stomach to top of throat
No surgery yet. Undergoing radiation and chemo at this time, then 'possible' surgery at a later time if the tuma is shrunk.
Had chemo and radiation to shrink the esophageal tumor. It was very large. Had an esophagectomy and stomach pull-up 10-07. Had 4 craniotomies with tumor exicision of the brain. But, I am still here.
Endoscopy on November 26th. Nausea from anesthesia. Sore throat from procedure. Sofe diet for 5 days.
gastroesophagectomy removal of 60% of esophagus and 30% of stomach
<B>Esophageal Cancer</B> was at the esophageal-gastric junction and brought on by Barrett's Esophagus. Had approximately 3/4 of the esophagus removed as well as the upper portion of the stomach, then had the remainder of the stomach pulled up into the chest and reattached to the remaining portion of the esophagus. Afterward, 6 weeks of daily radiation and 6 weekly chemo sessions (once a week on Monday) of Cisplatin and 5FU.<br> <br> <B>Thyroid Cancer</B> had two lesions on the right lobe of the thyroid with a third on the left side (left side was non cancerous). Had a total thyroidectomy in Late October, 2016. Ni chemo needed and no radioactive iodine needed either. It was NOT metastasis from the the Esophageal Cancer.<br> <br> <B>Small Cell Renal Carcinoma</B> (Kidney Cancer) was diagnosed and operated on in October of 2017 (also not a metastasis form the Esophageal Cancer). It was on the outside of the left kidney. The tumor was removed using cryo-ablasion. It was frozen off with surgery being local anesthetic and needles used to freeze the tumor out and get good margins. I went home and had mostly normal routine the same day as surgery. No radiation or chemo needed.
have not had it yet.... stomach reduction, removal of my esophagus , don't know if this is what I want.
M.i.e. 5-19-2016 Pain, discomfort, C diff.
Removed portion of esophagus, pulled stomach up to reach shortened esophagus.
EMR surgery 1/2016, no side effects.
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