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What are Breast Cancer Surgeries? List from Cancer Survivors.

Breast Cancer Surgeries

Lumpectomy, Re-excision Surgery, Lymph Node Removal, Mastectomy, Reconstructive Surgery, Oophorectomy, Hysterectomy, Tonsillectomy, Thyroidectomy

What Breast Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Surgeries.

Lumpectomy and Sentinel Lympth node removal. Second surgery to clear margins and insert port scheduled this week, then Chemo therapy and Radiation scheduled.
lumpectomy, oophorectomy
May 12th mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed
Sept 14, 2009, lumpectomy, no side effects
Localized Radiation Right Breast - 6 weeks
Lumpectomy with10 lymph nodes removed it b July 2011
lumpectomy with lymp nodes removed, plus had total hystrocempty after radiation treatments
April 11th
9/13/16 Needle localized biopsy. 10/6/16 reexcision and lymph node biopsy. Struggling with pain, lymphedema and banding in right arm.
don't yet know
Removal of 2 sentinel nodes - neg. THIS HURT and kept me out of the gym. Lumpectomy - Clear margins Cancer in vascular tissue
had a lumpectomy in september 16 tho margins weren't clear enough so had a second but a second biopsy showed anothe tumor so had a mastectomy and expander reconstruction in november
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