What are Hodgkins Lymphoma Bone Marrow Transplants? List from Cancer Survivors

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Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Bone Marrow Transplants

What Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Survivors said about their Bone Marrow Transplants.

Trying to shrink tumors down to nil before going ahead with stem cell transplant. I now will be needing an outside donor transplant.
I received an autologous transplant in October 2007, which means my own stem cells were used for the transplant. Before starting the chemotherapy I had to harvest my stem cells. The procedure started with a series of growth factor injections which I had to administer myself. I was proud of myself because I am scared of needles and in Port Elizabeth I refused to inject myself (when white blood count is low, you have to be injected with the growth factor). These injections stimulate the bone marrow to produce stem cells. To harvest the stem cells intravenous lines were inserted in both my arms and my blood was filtered through a machine. The machine separates blood and stem cells. The blood returns to your body and the stem cells are collected in a bag. The procedure took 8 hours. The time may vary depending on the amount of stem cells collected. I had to go back the following day for a further 8 hours. The process is not painful and you feel normal while on the machine. I guess the most difficult part is not being able to move around while on the machine. The stem cells were frozen and stored.After the harvest of the stem cells I could start with chemotherapy. In October 2007 I was admitted to the bone marrow transplant unit. I received my last series of chemotherapy (5 days of chemo) which was followed by receiving my stem cells. This procedure is similar to a blood transfusion. I was quite sick during the month in the transplant unit. I experienced mucositus, diarrhoea, nausea, fevers, low white blood and platelet count and loss of appetite, but with time everything got better and since my discharge from hospital everything has gone well. So far I have had no problems.
Autologous stem cell transplant
Happening as we speak. I'll keep you updated.
Autologous HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Tranplant) on 2011 August 1.
as noted above
BCNU, Cytoxan, Etoposide followed by autologous stem cell transplant on 1/20/1993. No compilations. Hospitalization less than 35 days.
Do not need one, had a bone marrow biopsy and it came back negative. For once, their were tears of joy.
autologous stem cell transplant, December of 2008
3/ 2012 stem cell transplant
I am scheduled for a bone marrow transplant February 19
severe diahrea, fatigue, depression, BMT can last up to 30 days
14th September, 2015. Stemcells collected and stored for transplant, to begin, after radiation is completed.
Autogulous Stem Cell Transplant March 2015 the usual
Autologous Stem Cell Transplant 2013: Side effects: hospitalized for pneumonitis caused by a chemotherapy agent given during transplant. I was discharged home with oxygen for two weeks. Approximately one year later, I had a septic infection that centralized in my bones (Septic arthritis) and underwent emergency surgery on my right shoulder and left foot. In December 2016, I had a bowel obstruction surgery to remove a long segment of bowel and my appendix. Since the transplant my AST, ALTs have continued to rise. My kidney function has also declined.
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