What are Acute Myeloid Leukemia Bone Marrow Transplants? List from Cancer Survivors

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Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Bone Marrow Transplants

What Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Survivors said about their Bone Marrow Transplants.

feb 21st 2008- bad gvhd problems!!!
December 19, 2008 - Stem Cell Transplant Side Effects include being weak, and horrible mouth sores
Transplant Dec 31st 2008
sept 06 I recieved marrow from unrelated doner had a little trouble gitting my counts up enough to go home was in for about 45 days but I got to go home week and under weight had a few bisters but they went away in a week or two also I got ghv which apeared as lesions and Im still being treated for this otherwise Im not on any medicines
Stem Cell Transplant Dec 10, 2008
testing starts May 24th and Chemo starts June 7th nd finaly the Transplant happens on June 17th 2010
Most intense fatigue with most potential for infection. I went through it really well. Minimal side effects. Hoohah!
tenatively scheduled for Sept 2010
May 5th bone marrow transplant. Side effects: mouth sores where everything had to be taken intravenously. Mucouscitus so bad that I had a tube constantly in my mouth for two days to prevent choking.
So far just one, three years ago.
Thank God, I did not have to go through this procedure yet.
January 2010. Weakness. Mild GVH.
Transplant will be JAnuary 25, 2012
23 August 2013. Matched-Un-Related-Donor (MUD) Transplant. Side effects were (and are) fatigue, mucousitis, GVHD of the skin
On hold
Allogenic BMT, June 27, 2012. Side effects: Long-term nausea, weight loss, severe fatigue, mild rash. So far so good!
vaso vagal reaction, otherwise went well.
I'm waiting on a donor match for a Stem Cell transplant. I'll update this when it happens.
I had 2 bone marrow transplants. One was of cord blood, which failed because my white blood cells would not go up at all. Second transplant was still a MUD, from my mom's 50% matched.
Had a stem cell transplant in August of 2016. Suffered kidney disease as the result of transplant or chemo right before the transplant. Kidney problem lasted for three weeks and then went away. In October I was diagnosed with graft vs. host disease (intestinal). I was on Methylprednisolone until the end of November. In December GVHD symptoms came back, so I was put back on steroids until the end of February of 2017. In March I developed shingles, and was treated with for that with antiviral IV meds in the hospital and then for two weeks at home. I still have some rash from shingles (June 2017), but it's not too bad.
Dec21,2012 Half match 50% from my daughter 18 yrs old at time.She said Mom you gave me life so now i will give you life.
Allogeneic stem cell transplant, 07/22/2017
Planned once in remission. Sister and one other unrelated individual are 100% match.
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