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imageAnn - Yes? No? Maybe? WTF knows?????  Day 8 What are we doing? Antibiotics and chincy pain meds Why radiation colitis  How many BMs daily, today 28 solid bloody, reminds me of looking at intestines  pain level 9.9 skin broke down, from proper care, very painful sleep very little, pain level,high waiting for rehab, ot/pt confused process now What?? ^^^^^^^^^^^ enough bs for anyone to have to endure ^^^^^^^^^^^^ now real life, so real it makes you think twice when they ask do you feel like causing harm to yourself or anyone?? family... I'm in  really bad place, this article …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageThomas - Hissy Missy has had kittensHissy Missy has had kittens

imageNeal - The Clock of Time, A Vision of Mine  I post this with hesitation, and hope that in talking of life and death, I am not offending anyone here that is dealing with this issue night and day, day and night. But I watched the time for my wife. I watched and I watched and I watched, and I was helpless to do anymore than I did, which probably wasn't anything that .... ohhhhh...I just don't know. Some have said Emilee would not have lived as long as she did if …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageFrank - Right Lower Side Irritation Noticed   It is just now dawning on me.... the 'denial boy' ... that when this colonoscopy found "bowl irritation" and not squamous cell carcinoma ... that I was so releaved that I could care less about the fact that my right lower side has been hurting for some months now and I informed my doctors of that some time so.. but I 'rationized it' to be my tighting my belt too much... but now with the colonoscopy saying I have "Erythematous mucosa …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageFrank - 8 Years Post Treatment - NED Is The Word  After eight years post treatment, I have just now re-read my whole blog, just about. . . I still have a few more pages to go.    I can see there are some updates in order as I never concluded certain points such as Eamon, unless that is the part of my blog I have not yet read. My cancer journey has been easy given the quality of health care services my city offers.  This is NOT the case with many many …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageNathan - Chemo Diet  Not that my wife is going down the road of chemo than surgery I have read so much about diet and am not sure what to believe.  No sugar, make your body alkaline, no meat etc.  So what have some of you done.  This first round gave her bad nausea and no appetite. …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageJulie - Start of the Journey  My journey started months before my diagnoses with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. I had my normal annual well women exam in Sept 2015. All was normal. I went to the doctor a few times in Dec 2015 for stomach issues, constipation, bloating and general pain. At that time the Dr's did X-rays and found just a lot of back up which they gave me medicine to unstop me. The bowels eventually stated working correctly so I did not seek any …More…
Type: Ovarian Cancer

imageCindy - Hospital notes Hospital notes
Type: Anal Cancer

imageCindy - Procedure today   I've been missing ... sorry my mil had stroke on top of alzehemizers  my mom had/has a nasty virus for two weeks She's still sick  my 56 yr old cousin passed away  buried him yesterday 💔💔💔 has procedure today   At anal pap said favored dysplasia    When I worke up from HRA dr said I didn't need biopsy but cauterized the precancer area     I feel I'm missing something  why no biopsy  how did he know there was no cancer there  I love …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAnn - It's all changed  c. Diff, nah.... Sepsis.... Nah.... Infection YES.... Problem without a question of a doubt...... damn friggin fraggin barbaric radiation oncologist he fried my pelvic area. i have no control, if I move, breathe in, flood gates open solid back gosh awful, breathe out, same flood, I'm afraid to move or breath. When it leaks, they have to change me as my skin is breaking down almost 2 friggin fraggin years after brutal radiation. chemo is no longer in my regimen. Our mission now …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

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