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Do you have a quick question on how to deal with some part of your cancer diagnosis? Post your questions here in the community and someone has probably gone through it already and is happy to help. There are so many kind people who want to make it easier for the next cancer warrior going through this tough time.

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Journaling about your battle with cancer is a great way to relieve stress. We can let go of some things after writing them down. Also, I found it helpful to keep track of what treatments and doctors I saw and on what dates.

As a bonus, it helps someone else to read what you are going through. And it feels good to help people.

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Everyones path is a little bit different but by sharing your story someone else may benefit from knowing they are not alone in this path.

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There are 1,735,350 estimated people who will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in the United States. [1] The top four most common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, and colon and rectum cancer.

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imageJana - Just checking in  This is the third time I have typed this.  Guess I keep erasing before it posts.  I haven't posted in awhile.  I am doing prettty good - some occasional accidents and dealing with bad vaginal stenosis, but otherwise good.  I lost my job during the pandemic and hope I never have to go back to that stressful shit.  I am enjoying my time with my grand babies and trying to stay in the moment.  Will have to figure out how … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageBobbi - Real life game called Clue   Remember that great board game Clue 🧐   You wander a mansion in search of clues to solve a murder, hopefully before your fellow gamers figure out a workable theory including the who, the where and the how.   Well my own real life game has a new twist and I have a theory.   I declare the villain is "Cervical cells, hiding behind my rib cage, with a mass!"   Yep, all those fabulous celebratory posts the past 8 years just went out the window as we … more…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageBobbi - Fabous Lung Guy consult and biopsies   I hope you don't mind but I'm sharing the public post I did on my social media... Well the consult with the chest medicine specialists went as expected with a couple variations. Longer read warning, proceed at your own risk ⚠️  The big mass, aka "twinkie" due to its measurements, is not in the lung, but actually in the chest wall and lining, affecting 3 ribs so that means surgery at this time is not an option. 🤷‍♀️ 📽 Side note I swear I … more…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageBobbi - Consult and likely biopsy with thoracic specialistLet the games begin. I can't fight what I don't know so let's get it sorted out.
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageBobbi - Chest CT with contrastA small spot found on my right lung led to this. CT discovered 3x5x8 cm mass in upper right lung affecting 3rd & 4th rib, some nodes and some spread into the lining.
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageBobbi - Cancer round 2  Thanks all for the calming words regarding my last post. I have to say after celebrating what should have been8 yrs NED in June, the news Friday that I have a monster growing within my right lung stole whatever couth and diomacy I had. A few mind numbing drinks, some scream/cry therapy and research leads me to today. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon  with the thoracic critical care specialist for a consultation and likely biopsy. My reading tells me that I need the results … more…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageBobbi - Here we go again  Sounds like a bad '80's song. Last post abnormal vaginal pap smear. Typical as per my oncologist and second view, Now I've been told my persistent cough is possibly due to a 3x5x8 cm mass in my right fucking lung. BFC family I am sorry for the lingo. I have a few bevvies on board after this afternoon disclosure Jesus fucking Christ, How many times at bat do I have to survive? … more…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageUnsure - Some good nees  Had my brain MRI a couple weeks ago, and all is well there. That was a relief. Then I had my 1st PET scan since I started treatment in May and most everything shows as "resolved", which my oncologists NP says means it's gone. The vertebre, the femur, the adrenal glands, the sternum, all resolved. All that's left are the tumors in the lungs, and they've shrunk the 1/2 or less of what they were.    they're taking me off chemo and … more…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageJeanie - Lack of energy  I am 3 years out now and have come to the conclusion that I have not really had any energy since the anal cancer treatment started.  Is there any hope of having energy again?  Has anyone seen a functional medicine physician to maybe get more specific answers to all these issues post treatment?  Any other suggestions? … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageDana - Hello!  Hope all of you are doing well today!  It's been hot one here in North Texas!  We did get some rain from thunderstorms yesterday.  Wanted to check in with all of you to see how you're doing!  As for me I battle on. I spent my 60th BD in ER with what we thought was appendicitis.  Had ALL the symptoms - right side pain, etc.  After a CT Scan with contrast dye the doctor told me it was acute diverticulitis of … more…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

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