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Journaling about your battle with cancer is a great way to relieve stress. We can let go of some things after writing them down. Also, I found it helpful to keep track of what treatments and doctors I saw and on what dates.

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There are 1,735,350 estimated people who will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in the United States. [1] The top four most common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, and colon and rectum cancer.

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imageEVA - re Lori a small request to all of you here  Hello everyone, I get to know Lori on a more personal level, and I have a small request to all of you here.. Can we collectively  pray for Lori for her recovery plus complete health to go back to her family today while you are in bed before you go to sleep? For those who are not into christian faith, can you ask the universe for the same?   Also can we pray for all who need recovery  here.. as an add … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageEVA - thanks for response and useful info immune system   For those who may have upcoming colonoscopy I used PICO SALAX  avaialble in Canada over the counter and it is $30. Two sachets of powder by Ferring pharmaceuticals. It. is dfferent name in usa and it is $170 with prescription i believe. it is low volume prep not the huge jars you must consume .. it is easy and works like charm.. you dilute the first sachet in  water stirr it for 2 min and then drink it.. instructions were … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageEVA - sigmoid camera yesterday -6 months post treatement  Some good news for now: I had sigmoid camera test in the anal area.. doctor found no cancer..he said there was no scar tissue which surprised me as stools are still thin.. he said it is possible canal has shrunk .. i am taking the good news but still have to go for biomarker test in march. I have not had pet or other scans so far yet.. this is my humble update.. how reliable is sigmoid camera? … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAnnette - Forced menopause   I got diagnosed with AC 5/2019. I am a 44 year old married woman.  I recently got a blood test to confirm that I am menopausal.  I am not happy with this news and dealing with the wreckage of post treatment.  But I am extremely grateful to be alive and healthy,  don't get me wrong. This has be extremely hard.  I feel like shit, emotionally. I went to my gyno to help with this problem and she asked me if … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

image1 Very Palpable Hit - Entering Year 10 with Stage 4 OvCa  I look like any healthy 44-year-old gal. Maybe a little younger when I put in some effort, as I never had children. From the outside, you'd never know. I am unbelievably blessed with an amazing husband--if everyone had a partner like this the world would be such a place. Not perfect, he says, but oh so very good and always wanting my life to be good--and good it is! Come a little closer, though, and you'll see that something has … more…
Type: Ovarian Cancer

imageEVA - Update 3 months post treatment January 2021  Hello everyone, happier new year!  I have some good news which were overdue to be shared.. I went to my 3 month DRE and results from tumor marker test were in. Doctor said they were great.. when I was diagnosed in june 2021 the marker showed 32 whatever it meant, on Dec 21 it showed 0.7 . He said normal is 1. 5.. so lets pray it stays this way for the next 3 months. I believe this is great … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imagePenny - started clinical trial dec 21st  I started my clinincal trial on Dec 21st. EA2176 I did all 3 drugs the first week,carboplatin, paclitaxel and the trial drug immuno nivolumab. They gave me premeds of anti nausea which actually was very painful going into the iv so i decided to get a port on jan 14th. I got steriods for nausea too which im not happy about cause they efffect the heart but theres nothing i can do about it, and then pepcid plus benadryll which … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imagePenny - Had my first clinical trial treatment  I had my 1st treatment of the clinical trial EA2176 yesterday. I got all 3 drugs, the carboplatin, patlitaxel and the immuno drug nivolumab, it took about 3 hours. they gave me 2 anti nausea drugs before had that are supposed to last for 3 days and benadryll that made me high as a kite and very sleepy which i loved! I have no symptoms today at all except for the benadryll, I hope it stays that way! :D … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageEVA - IRRITATION, CHEMOROIDS.. OR ELSE?  UPDATE DECEMBER 2020.:I have  a follow up on 21st with the oncologist.He will tell me the blood results  of biomarker test .. followed up by digital exam.. the problem is I have those inflamed chemoroids during and since the radiation.. they do not go away..  some days better some days worse.. anyone had those as a result of radiation and what was the solution if you had any? I am dreading this exam....   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU ! I … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageSterling - Synthroid and Calcium  Time for my anual visit to the oncologist, so he ordered the usual blood tests. My TSH came back at 2.76... which is a big jump from 1.71 in July. I know labs aren't perfect...and that's a possibility. The only conclusion that I could come to was that I have been taking a calcium supplement. They say don't take it within 4 hours...and I did not. But I don't know what else to suspect. Anybody have similar experience? … more…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

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