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There are 7170 Cancer Fighters in this community helping each other. Find support while battling cancer from people who have gone through it before you. It is so much easier knowing you are not alone. It is so much easier connecting with people who get it. Together we are stronger.

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Do you have a quick question on how to deal with some part of your cancer diagnosis? Post your questions here in the community and someone has probably gone through it already and is happy to help. There are so many kind people who want to make it easier for the next cancer warrior going through this tough time.

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Journaling about your battle with cancer is a great way to relieve stress. We can let go of some things after writing them down. Also, I found it helpful to keep track of what treatments and doctors I saw and on what dates.

As a bonus, it helps someone else to read what you are going through. And it feels good to help people.

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Everyones path is a little bit different but by sharing your story someone else may benefit from knowing they are not alone in this path.

How Many People Are Diagnosed with Cancer?

There are 1,735,350 estimated people who will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in the United States. [1] The top four most common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, and colon and rectum cancer.

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imageUnsure - Just when I thought I was over scanxiety  Hey folks. Been almost a year since my last post. Glad to see some of my old friends still seem active. Hello Helen :). Well, since I've been in remission over 5 years now, since the brain tumor was removed in April of 2014, I guess I was getting pretty used to hearing my doctors keep saying yes, everything is clear, see you in 6 months. I was even at see in 1 year finally with the chest CT (I'm told … more…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageJohn - Wondering About Side Effects  I finished my radiation and chemo treatments at the end of November.    Aside from the two weeks after treatment ended (not a pleasant experience), I have experienced only a few side effects.   One of the side effects seems to be dehydration.    Another seems to be an urgency to make it to bathroom for bowel movements (periodically - not every time).   Just wondering if anyone else has experienced these side effects and if they get better with time?   … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageLilacs35 - Cancer Journey  Hello all, I've been following all your posts since 2015.  Such support on this site and another one.  I've hesitated to write my journey but I finally felt a tug that I needed to share. So, I was originally diagnosed with AC in Feb 2015.  Having symptoms since May of 2014.  It took my doctor 9 months to finally figure I should get a colonoscopy.  I was only 45 at the time.  He kept telling me I was too young.  I went to a sciatica doctor, 3 … more…

imageJan - So much love  I love all of you so much and thank you for all the amazing responses and recommendations.  It really means a lot.  Sharing this common thread and having people who aren't afraid to tell their story is so awesome.  I wish you all the best and a pain free toosh in 2020!  Peace & Love & more gratitude than you can imagine.   -Jan  … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageJan - bleeding  Hi All, Been awhile since I've posted but as you know not a day goes by that we aren't thinking of the Big C! ugh. Its been 1 1/2 yrs since my last treatment. I've done 2 follow up appts then I lost my job and now have no health insurance.  So, I sit and wonder every day what these symptoms are.  Worrying is no good, I know but easier said than done with the "dont worry about it" phrase. My … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageFourthousandfooter - hormone therapy prostate cancer before radiation  The recommendation for prostate cancer is for 6 months for hormone therapy before radiation. How often do you have hot flashes on hormone therapy? Is 6 months of hormone therapy typical for intermediate stage prostate cancer with PSA between 10 and 20? Are there any side effects or experiences that can be shared? Thank you.           … more…
Type: Prostate Cancer

imageJane2016 - I have beat my cancer, but my sister didn't  About four months after my leukemia diagnosis in 2016, my older sister was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. While I chose to fight my cancer with all the might and every single treatment my doctors proposed, my sister chose to pursue alternative treatments. As I recovered, she was getting worse. It was so painful to watch her deteriorate before my eyes. Last Saturday she finally lost her battle and died. I feel so much sadness that her life could have … more…
Type: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

imageBill - Thankful  I'm thankful to be here for the start of another year, thinking of all those wonderful souls who didn't make it. The Universe is an immense, powerful, marvel to behold. I'm certain their atoms and their dust are once again free to continue the journey outward. I will miss them, but I'll live live with their lessons and I'll envy them until the day comes when it's my turn. … more…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageShannon - Update  
Type: Anal Cancer

imageGinny - Leakage/incontinence problems?  For anyone recovering from radiation after anal cancer, i highly recommend the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center (located in San Francisco and a few other cities) to help stop sudden leakage/sphincter control/anal in continence issues. They are very helpful physical therapists who work to help you resolved pelvic floor irregularities caused by radiation. I heard about them through the NY anal cancer foundation and I am seeing improvement.  Of course high fiber foods and Metamucil help too. I also did 5 … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

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