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imageCarol - The Roller Coaster Ride   I actually love roller coasters the twists and turns and loop de loops... But when the ride is over you get out of that lil car attached to others and are back on solid, stable ground. Well I still do love them, but my journey continues with some days turning into weeks or longer of thinking "this" roller coaster ride will never stop or when it stops you can't get out, you just take a break then it starts again.  Since my last post in …More…
Type: Kidney Cancer

imageSterling - Synthroid side effects?  I guess we all are aware of the side effects. Recently I have had some restless nights.  They come and go.  I am wondering if being on synthroid has anything to do with it or if I just have some stomach issue....or if it's a bit of both. In a way it feels stomach related...usually occurs at night. Any time ...from when I lie down to the middle of the night.  If I get something similar during the day, I can usually …More…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

imageDanell - Round 5 is a Go  Side Effects from Round 4 were rough again.  I'm not sure if it was just the cumulative effect or if it was because of the blood clot and the addition of Xarelto.  I was able to stay ahead of most of the gastric issues but fatigue, appetite and bone/muscle pain issues were much worse this time.  It took at least 14 days to recover and I never really fully recovered.  My arm swelling came back over the weekend just as I …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageKevin - 20182018
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageRichard - seeking advise on upcoming chemo/radiation  good day all, so in ten days i start the Nigro Protocal.  i think what is getting to me is the slow crawl to the start of it all and the not knowing about the pain involved, the PICC line and all thats involved and how and if it is going to bring me down to a point that i might not be able to take care of my kids--my doggies and also if i will be able to work day …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageNeal - Someone could use support  Her user name is Sule. Her name is Saida. Her husband dx'd May 4, pancreatic cancer. I sense she might like some others to lend some support. She said she heard the worst four words, "You have pancreatic cancer."  Perhaps we can also give her four words. "You have a friend," and soften the loudness of those other words just a bit. …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageAdmin - Looking for Volunteers to Participate in a Study  Hey Everyone! Sharyn, a nurse in Texas, is looking for volunteers for a study. I will paste her information below.    Your voice is needed. Do you have cancer that is inoperable or metastatic and receiving cancer treatment? Looking for volunteers to participate in a research study to talk about how you self-report your symptoms. In patients with cancer, routinely self-reporting symptoms improve detection of symptoms and management, improve quality of care, and enhance patient satisfaction (Basch, 2014). Most recently, Basch et al. …More…

imageCarly - control  The top definition per Google of the word control is as follows: the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events. I feel a lack of control on a daily basis and just wanna scream! But after reading this definition maybe I need to tweek my thoughts a little differently. First off I’m lucky to be alive and do as much as I can to feel alive. I’m out socially in environments that fit my stage …More…
Type: Vulva Cancer

imageCathy - So, it's been 9 years...  So it's been 9 years, and Friday my Mammogram/Ultrasound is coming up.  But so much has been going my father has been diagnosed with Melanoma on his Scalp...he had it removed, but then more showed up...the PET Scan showed negative, except they can't take an MRI of his brain due to his Pacemaker. He was awake for the surgery, and they wrapped his head to look like an ice cream cone, or a white smurf. He did not like the …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageLynn - Update  Quick an infection in my apheresis port 2 days after it was installed and spent 2 weeks in hospital.  Thankfully the antibiotics worked and I didnt have to have it replaced!  Also got to have the harvesting done while I was in and my little swimmers are frozen somewhere waiting to come home.  Unfortunately the PET scan showed some new growths (lungs, liver) so I will start the ICE next week it looks like.  A few delays but the break …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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