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Journaling about your battle with cancer is a great way to relieve stress. We can let go of some things after writing them down. Also, I found it helpful to keep track of what treatments and doctors I saw and on what dates.

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Everyones path is a little bit different but by sharing your story someone else may benefit from knowing they are not alone in this path.

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There are 1,735,350 estimated people who will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018 in the United States. [1] The top four most common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, and colon and rectum cancer.

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imageLucy - Checking in   Hi guys, Thank you for all those bday messages I'm sorry I did not get back untill now but I was adjusting to my new life after all that radiation, and chemo, and 25 days in the hospital.. the side effects that I have now it's just stenosis in my vaginal area still get some weird sensation when I poop , in other words just feels diferent and I use the bathroom 3 times a day .. other than that … more…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageJim - Day 2 (proton 2 of 30, chemo 1 of 6)  Tuesday, October 26, 2021 We started the day at 7:45 with chemotherapy.  The whole process took about 4 hours and 15 minutes with 3 antinausea drugs infused first, 1 bag of saline, and 1 bag of Cisplatin.  Jim said he felt weird and a little off afterward. After eating lunch, we went back to the Hope Lodge and took a nap.  He said he has some ringing in his right ear, which we will have to report.  Tomorrow he is scheduled … more…
Type: Tongue Cancer

imageDeborah - The results.  Dr. Salazar called me yesterday with the results of the Core Needle biopsy. I do have Squamos Cell cancer with the HVP protien (P16) found. Now we set up a full body scan to see where the Virus came from. HPV caused cancer is supposed to respond well to treatment anjd she put in the referral for chemo and radiation. After the body scan we will know about surgery. She thinks I may have the cancer on the back of the … more…
Type: Throat Cancer

imageJim - Day 1 (proton radiation 1 of 30)  Monday, October 25, 2021 Jim and I (Crystal) drove 6 1/2 hours yesterday to Rochester, MN and moved into the Hope Lodge.  They provide free lodging for cancer patients who live more than 40 miles from Mayo Clinic.  It was a long day, but we are very grateful for this facility.  Today we had 4 appointments; patient education, blood work, radiation treatment, and chemo patient education.  All of Jim's bloodwork was good.  The proton radiation treatment went as good as can be … more…
Type: Tongue Cancer

imageDeborah - Waiting for Third Biopsy Results  I have had my nose biopsy (The Doc said maybe my knot on right side of neck came from a sore my cpap machine made on my nose) come back as "no cancer", a fine needle bipsy of my right chin and neck come back as "Mild atypical squamos cells" so a third biopsy (a Core needle biopsy of my neck on the side of my head) and now I am waitng for the results. Two of my Docs (the surgeon and the radiologist) … more…
Type: Throat Cancer

imageUnsure - Back already  I can't believe it's back already. I was just pronounced in remission after my August 3rd PET scan. Then a few weeks ago I started getting nauseous and vomiting multiple time a day along with pretty severe abdominal discomfort. Feel bloated and very very uncomfortable, can hardly eat, lost 18 lbs in 2weeks. Oncologist sent me to ER after providing hydration and the new scan show dark masses on both lives, suspicious for metastatic disease. How can that be only … more…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageJim - Backstory   January of 2019 I had a brachial cleft cyst removed from the base of my neck on the right side.  It tested positive HPV, but negative for cancer.  The doctor said it was probably there since birth and that there is probably no need for concern with the HPV as this was something I probably contracted 20-30 years ago, but we would keep an eye on it.  Fast forward to the summer of 2021 when I had a swollen right … more…
Type: Tongue Cancer

imageAdmin - Please Light a Candle  Laura has passed away.  Here is her blog: https://workman.blogforacure.com/weblog … more…

imageSterling - Stomach issues  i've been having problems with my stomach. And I thought I'd ask what you all do. I don't think it is related to Synthroid but I'm not 100% sure.   I have some upset / cramping... but also some flushing, which is most upsetting.   What do you do?    Do you have some "go to" cures?   Maybe over the counter meds   I will soon have my annual oncologist visit.  I do not believe I will have a big scan this year, which is OK … more…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

image1 Very Palpable Hit - Winning  A bold title, I know. Yet, not; not really. It's just simply true -- I feel like I am WINNING! Winning what, you might ask? Well, I'm still alive, still thriving, once again in remission (for the fourth time in ten years).  I could give you the details of my day-to-day existence, but that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that I am back to defining my life, I am defining dreams and pursuing them. I am feeling inspired and challenged, … more…
Type: Ovarian Cancer

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