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imageEmily - Obstructed  I don’t remember if i mentioned this or not, but I’ve been in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction, probably from problems from radiation - but it could be a complication from having had surgery. Because of that I haven’t gotten the internal radiation treatments this week. It’s not pushing them back because when this clears up I don’t think they’re going to do the last 2 treatments since the radiation has caused so much damage. That means I …More…
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageGary Goldsmith - 2 Years Out  This Sunday Aug 31, 2014 will mark 2 year out from Left Tonsil T1N1M0 so far all my test and scan have came back clear. I did 33 IMRT & 6 Cycles of chemo. …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageLois - new things to figure out...  My husband lost his job yesterday. That was/is my insurance. So today I have to figure out cobra, since my insurance ends on the 31st. All I know it's!$1500! Per month and we're am I going to get that money. .. and I have surgery in a week. We'll that's my news
Type: Breast Cancer

imageLarissa - Thought of the day....journal entry August 29 2014  When your mind is weary and your body cries out in pain you have the choice to curl up in a ball and allow it to consume you or you can stand up, breathe gently and take note of what is around you.  In time the world will remind you that it holds beauty and wonders worth fighting for.  Time, it's not a race but a gentle stroll through life.  My heart, mind and soul cry out for you that …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageAngela - Unexpected Change of Plans  About 1 pm yesterday, my insurance called me to tell me that they would not pay for my chemotherapy if I stayed with OU Stevenson Cancer Center.  Because I was now not going to do Phase 1 clinical trials (I did not qualify), and I was only going to take the "standard" treatment, then I had to go to an In-Network facility.  I argued and complained and stressed the importance of staying with OU so that I could be available …More…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageMicah - Crossroads  Treatment #12 is finally here.  As we speak.  Its been a wild past couple of months.  My first port (used to access a vein for chemo... like an IV but temporarily installed under the skin for the duration, and then some, of chemo) developed a clot and had to be removed.  Then there was the PicLine.  Installed in the arm with lines dangling out.  Had to be flushed daily and dressing change weekly.  I held onto that until I couldn't stand …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageTexas Jeff - 4 years out  so today marks my 4th birthday of my last radiation treatment. it truly doesn't feel like it has been that long especially considering all of the other non-cancer related health issues iv'e had to deal with. so to  those of you getting ready to start treatment or that are currently undergoing it, i hope this reinforces that while the journey is no fun at all, it is a journy you can get through. just keep a positive ttitude and a …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imagePatty - A possible Discharge Date....  Dr.W. came in for a lengthy visit with his impression of how I can prevent this from reoccurring again. The good news is the BCR=ABLE was all ZERO'S, which means the leukemia is still in remission, what wonderful news to hear. He said, we just have to prevent a reoccurrence of the hypolovemic shock from reoccurring again. As I mentioned previously, He very much surprised me with bringing up the need for medicinal marijuana. He went on to say that …More…
Type: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

imageAngela - Family photoFamily photo
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageAngela - Leaving Behind the Normal  I have one day left to be Normal....I will go to work tomorrow, teach all day, make sure I have enough stuff ready to cover my class for 7 days, then come home and make sure my house is clean enough to come home to after treatment.  Then, I will leave Thursday morning at 6:30 am to go to my first round of chemo (for the second time).   I still look normal, act normal (for those who do not know …More…
Type: Cervical Cancer

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