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imageSusan J - BLOOD WORK NOVEMBER 4We see Dr. O'Reilly this coming Tuesday, November 4th for blood work and a consultation about where we stand going forward. Our hope is that his cancer markers have stayed stable enough that we can enjoy a chemo-free holiday period through the end of the year. Fingers crossed! Wish us luck..... XOXO Sue💜
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageSusan J - HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!!!!🎃👻🎃💀Happy Hallowe'en to all you ghosts, spooks, tricksters, treaters, hobgoblins, watches, warlocks, and warriors! Have a fun day.......XOXO💛💙💜💚❤️
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageAmy - Getting better!!!!!!  Besides being on an emotional roller coaster from everything happening my thyroid levels have changed over the last 6 months so I was getting way too much thyroid hormone so we had it cut back a bit. My whites are low and I am assuming they will go up and down for the next year.  I have a CT scan on Sat and meet with Onocologist on Nov 5.  I am hoping that I can get my port out after his …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageDan - SCC must be one of the more curable typesSCC must be one of the more curable types
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageJt - Our Awesome FamilyOur Awesome Family
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageDan - Critical Illness Insurance..SCC not pre-existing  I was applying for critical illness insurance from work and noticed that the questionnaire that I filled out had me answer "No" to whether I had cancer in the past 5 years.  It doesn't consider squamous cell carcinoma (or Basal Cell) as cancer for purposes of pre-existing condition.   Anybody heard of this before?  Best I can tell, it would cover SCC though. Buying insurance is a strange thing...I've never hoped so much that my money goes to waste.  :) …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageAnnabelle - All's well  Michelle has spurred me on to give you all an update. I have just had my latest six month MRI & CT scans. I then had to go back to London to see the consultant as I hadn't seen him for a year - not a problem as his secratary usually phones through the results after a few days.On hearing nothing i phoned the hospital to be told that the secratary was no longer there & then was given the third …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageMichele - My Face  I am home from my trip to Houston where I received the incredible news that I remain an outlier...No Evidence of Disease! This is very exciting! It also indicates to me that I just can't keep living in the is body that has been decimated by my cancer treatments. I have been left exhausted, weak and frankly very "soft" in the wake of all that has happened to this ailing carcass I possess. I really haven't done much physical exercise …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageTemy - Another Dose  I went through some chemo and radiation and major surgery that permanently screwed up my body. Last I heard, my docs said I don't have any cancer. Of course this is good news for me, but it hardly means I can "breathe freely" and "get on with my life", whatever that means. The cancer could come roaring back with a vengeance at any time. I have a very bad heart that could go at any fact I did DIE …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageCarol - If You Want Life To Change You Need To Take Charge  It has been so long that my life became unraveled that I neglected to keep up with this blog. Today I provide as many positives that surfaced after my entire world changed upon being diagnosed with RCC in 2010.  Negatives were in every direction and I succumbed to thinking I would never be the same me I was again..... in fact I know I never will be - but that is a good thing after the awareness I encountered in my …More…
Type: Kidney Cancer

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