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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Listen. Learn. Ask. Share
Pray for others.
clean my house
Live, Love & Laugh
Trust Me!
Let me know how you're dealing with cancer
Listen and not dwell. We are all more than our cancer, we are people.
keep in touch =]
Be there.
Just be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.
appreciate the little things
chat with me
Just being there.....
Learn about my cancer
Be mindfull of your health. Go to the Doctor if you need to! :)
Just listen and be there when needed
Spread my word
be encouraging!!
Be there for the patient
keep blogging
You all are already doing it.
Be there for me and to help by donating
Pray for us!
Spread Awareness of Palliative Care in Honor of my Dad, Odee Lenderink
offer me new info I am not ready to accept there isn't anything else that can be done
listen and give advice
pray for God's will for me
Get me out of the house once in a while. But understand I have bad days and can't always make it out.
Visit and treat him like Himself he is the same person he was before cancer....
Send me prayers.
Listen and relate
Just be there
Try & answer any questions that I may have, that they may have already experienced. PRAY FOR ME & MY FAMILY
Just be supportive
Be vocal about cancer awareness.
listen to me
Pray for me to live a long time, with minimal suffering for my family.
she already dose to much. I just want to say thank you, i love so much!!! u and ur family has been so greatest to me and wanted to tell all, THANK U AND UR FAMILY.
Good thoughts and prayers and any general pointers from native New Yorkers
pray for and encourage with laughter
Love everyone around you as much as you can, as if there is no tomorrow.
Pray for me and be there for me when I want to vent
keep open ears,minds,and hearts
Listen and share your insights - I'm learning as I go...
keep me going
Listen when I need it - never tell me "I know everything will be OK"
pray for my dad and husband
Call or email me to see how I am doing or feeling.
Just listen to me, let me cry if i need to, and kick my butt when it is needed
Treat me like it never happened and move on as I have.
Listen. Ignore the fact that I can't get to a phone or text you back even, go above and beyond to be there to listen to me.
Talk about ways to stay in remission
being there
Pray, Pray, Pray
Pray and stay positive
don't tell me I look well
Raise Awarenes
Sign up for the RileyLMS Fund on and come to visit me
Encouraging words and lots of hugs
Just treat me like they always have I'm still the same ol Colleen. To my new supporters just keep leaving comments I love hearing from you & I deeply appreciate them.
share common info about treatments and results good, bad or indifferent
take excellent, preventive care of your health
I'm new to all this so anything to prepare me for what's ahead will help!
visit and call
remember me in your prayers
Give advice--but go easy Im a
Pray for others going through treatment.
share their stories
Provide funds to cancer research.
keep supporting your loved ones and never give up
pray, pray...and pray some more
Do monthly checks!
keeping in touch
be there for me and understand when I feel low
Share your experience
pray for my husband and family to get through this
Just be there.
Just be there to listen
get your thyroid checked...asap
They are always positive and show genuine care and concern for me.
Get outside support, know the disease
Do a good deed for anyone you know in need.
Keep me laughing and out of PITA-pity-party mode
AWARENESS, fundraising.
read my blog & help raise support fir YA's with cancer
Avoid telling me they know I'll be fine
pray, pray, pray and then tell me you've been praying!
Go to my doctors' appointments! understand my situation better...
encouragement, advice
make sure I stay positive.
Change their eating habits, take care of themselves, ask questions, be aware cosntantly of what you are putting in your body
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