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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Call and write often
Stop saying "it's the best cancer to have"!
Get tested
Encourage others to be aware of the signs of ovarian cancer and promote vigilance in health care.
give me space, sometimes not mentioning it when we're together
Don't forget about my family..they're the ones keeping things running and sane!
keep praying
Remember that we are not cured when the treatments sre done thats just when it starts we still cant swallow or eat for many months to come so please be patient.
Talk to me :)
Don't give me pity, be positive and know "It Can Be Beaten"
Support the ones in need. Do that and I'll be happy
Get involved with others who are ill
Give me space in a time when I have no control.
Have regular checkups and question anything that doesn't seem
Listen to me =) Comment on my stuff
keep in touch with me
talk with me, not be afraid to say a thing, negative or positive
stay my friend no matter how witchy im going to get this aint no day at the beach
Pray for all cancer fighters and for a cure
help find a cure
Pray for my husband and our family.
Listen, love, and laugh with me. Don't baby me, force me to help myself get better
Attend doctor visits and chemo sessions. Love me. Feed me. Make me laugh. Help me cry. Clean my house.
remain positive, continue to call and be friends
prayers and love
Prayers, just knowing your reading or listening helps.
Just keep being as good of a friend as you were before I was diagnosed. Otay?
send me any motivational advice!
Would love to learn from others who have gone through this
Let me make my decisions
Have a drink with me.
Go get your colonoscopy!
Pray for me and for all on this site
talk to me,tell me what they know
Get me out of the house for something besides medical appts
I'm fine at this time; will support others.
Support CANCER causes and don't change how we interact.
Acknowledge my Problem
Understand that I need to keep my independance.
i will tell you
Keep in touch
DONATE to any childhood brain cancer research foundation... Raising awareness is free. WORD OF MOUTH!!
Understand the pressing emotional stress
Pray for both My dad and for my best friend, Cancer fighters~~~
Keep a positive outlook and pray.
Provide inspiration if they have survived liver cancer
Understand me when I am feelink ok and when I am not
Just keeping in touch means so much
just listen...
give me and other cancer survivors/fighters a reason to smile and/or laugh
step up to the plate; send a kind word
Keep searching for a cure. Its out there...
Call, stop by, let me talk
dont fuss ,keep positive
Just be there for me :-)
Don't worry so much--I'm trying to enjoy your company
Spead the word about HIFU
Live everyday and enjoy what they do!!!
take care of your health!
Have fun with me, don't pity or feel sorry.
can donate to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (I'm walking in October!)
Provide words of encouragement
Spend time with me.
Just keep telling me it's going to be okay
Make me laugh :D
Pray and I sometimes I don,t know how to ask for help.
ADVICE! Support!
Be there no matter what.
Become a bone marrow donor, donate blood or both. Consider volunteering as well! :)
what they're doing: loving me and being there for me.
treat me as normal as possible
Be postive and your prayers
Give blood, be patient and smile
Support, encourage, share & educate
let me talk
mostly just listening. and understanding that we arent always at our best.
Pray for reggie...go on twitter and tweet #prayforreggie
Send encouraing messages, and share their stories
I am a supporter
Listen to me when I need to talk
Donate platelets or donations to Cleaning for a Reason
Just be there when I need someone to talk to
try to understand that as survivor and caregiver, my thoughts about all this are different than yours. I see myself in that bed and wonder who will take care of me?
stop stigmatizing lung cancer and give it the recognition it needs.
Go to my blog and comment or DONATE!
Be around
Just be there to listen and cheer me on.
Stay Positive
Send positive vibes
Pray, positive encouragement, help out when I am down and out, check in with me periodically by calling,emailing, or just sending a short note
raise awareness and pray for a cure!
Please do not expect me to be the same person mentally, I am so much stronger, and will not take bs!
Give to the cancer support groups
Pray for all who are effected by cancer, stand strong together
Eat and live healthy, fight for better foods!
enjoy life with me.
Love each other and do not take anything for granted.....Make me laugh!!

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