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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.

How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.

Bear With Me On My Worst Days, Sorry
Fight for those who have cancer. Cancer hits when you least expect it and it doesn't matter who you are!
Just love me
Make and donate hats to chemo patients who lose their hair as a result of the treatments. Wigs suck.
Send prayers and positive energy. It really, truly helps!
Pray for me...Love me...Comfort me.
Make me laugh. ;)
Join my Team or Make a Donation at toward the Megin S. Fanz Memorial Fund
help me to talk. I'm stuck in my head.afraid to scare everyone.
Laugh at me and with me
encourage colonoscopies early
Telling me more jokes so i won't stop laughing.
Just listen to me bitc*h
speak up no one understand what my family and I are going through like people like us!
Just be understanding while I am going through all of the ups and downs
Go on my website and purchase a calendar for $10
dont loose the faith
Support the Testicular Cancer Society and/or anything to make Cancer a National Priority
Be there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on.
Pray, pray, and pray!
Pray and give to cancer organizations
Raise awareness and pray
Pray Pray Pray
Email me or call me so I can hear a real live person so I can talk, cry or laugh with them and they will understand. This is what I really need--it's called LOVE and that's what I'll give you in return.
Tell me that the side effects from chemo will soon go away.
talk to me like a person
Be there
Keep Learning!
Pray, Good Thoughts
Just be there to listen and cheer me on.
Stay Positive
Send positive vibes
Pray, positive encouragement, help out when I am down and out, check in with me periodically by calling,emailing, or just sending a short note
raise awareness and pray for a cure!
Please do not expect me to be the same person mentally, I am so much stronger, and will not take bs!
Give to the cancer support groups
Pray for all who are effected by cancer, stand strong together
Eat and live healthy, fight for better foods!
enjoy life with me.
Love each other and do not take anything for granted.....Make me laugh!!
Just being there, makes it better!
Pray! Hugs, patience, let me cry if I have to but not for too long.
Visit me and send goodies!
They remind me that there are people out there who "get it"
I love to hear from my support system
Advise, listen, encourage, show me the way forward to help support my fiancee
pray, make me laugh, have someone just to talk to
Wear SunScreen and stay out of the sun when you can
Make me smile. That alone is enough :D
Pray for him to come closer to God
Read my blog, relate, be inspired or just understand.
ADVOCATE for me. Check to see if I'm ok when I do not answer the phone
Just support me as I do them
Be mindful that my vision is not what it used to be
Just listen to my gripes and encourage me,
Just listen and accept that we will get thru this one day at a time.
crabs legs please
Pray. Learn. Hug.
Pray for all who need it.
Pray for everyone's pain and suffering.
Our getting cancer is as hard for family & friends as it is for us. They`re fear of us dying is very difficult, and so they tend to place us in this bubble, tapping on it to see if we are doing okay. I really do appreciate the love, care,concern, & support that I have recieved, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it all.I have always been rather independant & strong minded, some would call it stubborn. So what my supporter can do for me is to rely on me to let them know when I need help. i have been blessed so far to feeling pretty good, and can still take care of my family much as I did before this life altering diagnosis. that in it`s self is a blessing of which I do not ever lose sight of
Promote early detection
Make the most of every moment, leave comments
Pray and be positive around mom
Spread the word to others that we all need the love and support from family and friends. Tell them "We need to take care of each other" We can not do it alone. Check out for information on breast cancer awarenes
Pray; suggest financial resources; make me laugh; send money
help me to realize that I can still be sexy and not so selfconsious about my breast
Support Everest Rocks!!
Ease my burdens not by saying, "let me know what I can do", because I can't get that far on my own. Ease them by just taking charge of what I am worrying about, I am very open about the things that need doing that I can't get to.
Pray; Get your mammogram; Make me laugh
Go get your damn mammogram!
Be there for me when i'm having a bad day or just feel like a chat
Just be there for me.
Pray and get mammograms.
fundraise for sarcoma foundation
Do not Judge Me
Let me talk about being scared that cancer will come back.
Chat, email, pick me up when I feel down
Enjoy their own lives!
Share and Care
Help me feel not so alone
Continued Prayers & Support
Be patient with me, help me find resources to learn about my cancer
I have so much support and I can't think of anything that they don't already do
Donate to the ACS.
Keep doing what they are doing, making me laugh!
I believe in the power of prayer and putting positive thoughts out into the universe. Add me to prayer lists,
Pray, Love and Support me and my family and help with awareness.
donate as much as possible to cancer research in your area
Email, spread the word about my event and how preventable colorectal cancer is!
go to my website
Be there to listen. Treat you the same as before the cancer diagnosis.
Keep us all in your prayers. :)
Just to help me through this scary I can fight the beast!
Listen. Ask.
Do things to help keep my mind off of my illness, keep me occupied with good things.
There's nothing anybody can do, though I've had many kind offers. Like birth and death, you gotta do it by yourself.
Just be normal and dont worry about saying anything wrong.
Send me good vibes, positive thoughts~ share my Gofundme page and create awareness
Pray and encourage me when I'm down.
Educate yourself about signs & symptoms of CRC & please know it's just NOT for "50 & above".
Ask how it's going (don't ignore it)
If you have any advice or things that you found helpful, I would love to learn about those things. Other than that, maybe just be there for me when I'm rambling or something
Listen! Listen! Listen!
Be patient
You can listen to me when I say
Encourage, offer insight to the things I can control: attitude, Alternative meds, Prayer....
remain positive and pray
Financial help is needed for cancer patient this was one of my worst worries got very close to losing our house lost our truck and barely made it thur the rest
Don't look at me all teary eyed!
Visit the blog I started for my wife (, review the science based resources (videos, etc.) I've posted and see if any can help you. If you have means and desire to help us there's a page on our blog for donations.
Fight. Talk to your loved one and friends
pray, love on my family, pray
Get their yearly's, BSE's EVERY month, MAMMOGRAMS every year
there doing a great job already.
fight for veterans health care
Just listen, let me know when my perceptions may be off.
Just be there for me when I need you, no questions asked
read my blog (, share it with others, donate to
Share their experiences with cancer affecting their liver and liver failure and what worked for them.
Just listen when I need to talk
Pray for continued healing of my body!
Just listen and hug me when I need it
Send words of encourgement
Pray and help me understand how to help my mother
Keep an eye out for anything that might help.
My up close supporters--my family and the bad girls I work with-- are so there for me.
Help to keep me going
Help me to get a job hence please my parents
Call, send cards, visit, energy work
Drink (ALKALINE Water) the is over pH 8
Keep offering to help, eventually I will give in.
Keep reminding me that I can get through this. Pray for my healing.
Give me information
look about help advice inform
Blog, success stories, words of encourgement
Fight for decent available healthcare for everyone
help ease the financial burden
Donate to an cancer organization!
Understand that I will change my mind and my attitude without warning.
heard the song "lean on me"?
I'd love to find long term survivors who have the same stage and lymph node involvement.
keep in touch, encouraging words, experience if you've been through this
Provide positive energy and practical information
Love me, love themselves, and keep moving.
Give us time and make us laugh
Be there for me.
Pray, laugh and love
Call and write me.
Be aware
Spread the word about Coleman's Crew. Our walk, CureSearch 2011 Phoenix Walk for Childhood Cancer is on February 26, 2011
Pray for me.
I hope my story can prepare others for what they or their loved ones will go through.
Please stay positive! Please think about what you say before you say it!
I have a lot of help from the doctors and their team, and my common law hubby.
Just let me kow that you are there.
They are doing everything that I could ever want from them already and that is as simple as just being there. I am sooooo lucky!!!
Hugs and distractions, bring me spicy food
Donate Blood & Support
treat me like I'm healthy and stay close..if you wonder what to say..its okay to say nothing, it really is - sometimes I'm speakless myself.
Give me space when I need it.
Just pray for me and treat me the same as always!
Feed me all the best out come stories they can find
Listen and share their stories
Let me sleep.
Follow my progress and pray for all of us.
encouragement, laughter, funny jokes
Love every mintue and love everyone they care for
Raise awareness.... get a colonoscopy
laugh with me
Call and write often
Stop saying "it's the best cancer to have"!
Get tested
Encourage others to be aware of the signs of ovarian cancer and promote vigilance in health care.
give me space, sometimes not mentioning it when we're together
Don't forget about my family..they're the ones keeping things running and sane!
keep praying
Remember that we are not cured when the treatments sre done thats just when it starts we still cant swallow or eat for many months to come so please be patient.
Talk to me :)
Don't give me pity, be positive and know "It Can Be Beaten"
Support the ones in need. Do that and I'll be happy
Get involved with others who are ill
Give me space in a time when I have no control.
Have regular checkups and question anything that doesn't seem
Listen to me =) Comment on my stuff
keep in touch with me
talk with me, not be afraid to say a thing, negative or positive
stay my friend no matter how witchy im going to get this aint no day at the beach
Pray for all cancer fighters and for a cure
help find a cure
Pray for my husband and our family.
Listen, love, and laugh with me. Don't baby me, force me to help myself get better
Attend doctor visits and chemo sessions. Love me. Feed me. Make me laugh. Help me cry. Clean my house.
remain positive, continue to call and be friends
prayers and love
Prayers, just knowing your reading or listening helps.
Just keep being as good of a friend as you were before I was diagnosed. Otay?
send me any motivational advice!
Would love to learn from others who have gone through this
Pray, vote, pray, dream, pray, believe, pray. Live Long, Laugh Often, Love Much
love me
Get the word out to the medical community to make more women aware of gynecological cancer symptoms
Encourage me !!!
Pray for me and donate to this site and to cancer research if you can.
Inform Others of the Danger
Keep me laughing
P.U.S.H. : Pray Until Something Happens!
share their own experiences who are further down the road, and continue to fight like mad!!
We will make an arrangement with a local colon cancer support group.
be there, give advice and most importnantly PRAY for her~
pray for my family and I
Push me to get up, push me to get out, push me to make an effort to look good, tell me jokes. Share good news with me. Keep living and allow me to get my life back on track. Understand I will not be the same person next year.
Continue to lift me up in prayer.
pray for strength
Help me to stay positive.
Pray for me
be positive and encouraging
Just Listen
keep me in your prayers, share your experiences for I am new and don't know what to expect
Become a SCT-BMT donor and encourage others to do same
Stop telling me I'm going to be's never ok anymore :)
gimme puppies!!!
suggestions to cope
Tell me "beat the odds" sorts of stories.
make me laugh!!!!
Help me financially so that I can help others.
help me find a way to walk again
Pray for me and my family
Don't say it's gonna be okay - but don't avoid me either
Just listen, I need to talk
Listen and offer help when needed
Just be around
talk and listen fun things ,don't be afraid
raise awareness and funding for new research, clinical trials, and alternative treatment options.
Pray, be kind to all.
let me talk about my fears of dying and the "what if's" - not talking about it is not going to make it go away
Call or offer to help in some way
Prayers, hug, words of encouragements, someone to talk to.
Stay as strong as you can to kick C,s ass. Help save unions in the USA
share similar stories/ orthotics anyone? size 10
Be my rock, not the other way around.
Understand why?
Listen. Pray. Hope.
Tell me your stories, offer your priceless experience
Spread the word about Ovarian Cancer
Advice, words of encouragement
Listen, be there, be specific
Keep Praying and BELIEVE
advise me of new treatments we might not have known about. we are not interested in alternative medicine just yet untill we have exhausted all standard treatment.
Be as much support for others/families
Keep communicating and sharing stories that support patients and families.
Let me know you care
Live life as if there is no tomorrow
Pray and Have Compassion For Others
I am positive 90 percent of the time. Let me whine the other 10 percent ... It's not going to kill me. :)
i dont have many supporters
keep blogging
You all are already doing it.
Be there for me and to help by donating
Pray for us!
Spread Awareness of Palliative Care in Honor of my Dad, Odee Lenderink
offer me new info I am not ready to accept there isn't anything else that can be done
listen and give advice
pray for God's will for me
Get me out of the house once in a while. But understand I have bad days and can't always make it out.
Visit and treat him like Himself he is the same person he was before cancer....
Send me prayers.
Listen and relate
Just be there
Try & answer any questions that I may have, that they may have already experienced. PRAY FOR ME & MY FAMILY
Just be supportive
Be vocal about cancer awareness.
listen to me
Pray for me to live a long time, with minimal suffering for my family.
she already dose to much. I just want to say thank you, i love so much!!! u and ur family has been so greatest to me and wanted to tell all, THANK U AND UR FAMILY.
Good thoughts and prayers and any general pointers from native New Yorkers
pray for and encourage with laughter
Love everyone around you as much as you can, as if there is no tomorrow.
Pray for me and be there for me when I want to vent
keep open ears,minds,and hearts
Listen and share your insights - I'm learning as I go...
keep me going
Listen when I need it - never tell me "I know everything will be OK"
give me tips on what to eat what they been through their time and what they did as for treatments
treat me the same, don't be on eggshells around me
Just keep in touch with me....don,t pigeon hole me...
just sit with me. its ok not to talk a lot. follow my lead.
Continue to fight the battle and win the war!
Love my husband and kids
Just be there,love me tell I know what it is .
Be loving and be positive. (Jokes are great!)
Love and support me and still know im still me, always the joker
Be open and honest. I don't need pity or sympathy. Ask questions, don't assume...and STAY OFF THE INTERNET...beets and milk thistle aren't a cure!
share stories
Gregg would have wanted you to live your life to the fullest.
Help with post treatment support!
spread the word the girls should start getting paps at 16 and NEVER skip year
Help me if I need it, just be there for me.
Soup please. Oh and a hug every now and again with a sincere "you CAN do this"
Just treat me the same. I am still Berns. That will never change. Just support me and be awesome like you all are!
Send me a good joke! Make me laugh; I'll return the favor!
Raise awareness about kidney cancer and contribute to Action to Cure Kidney Cancer to help find a cure.
Get a second opinion. Think outside the Box. Take a bold step forward. And mostly, do your own research.
Support my wife and kids. Any financial help would also be appreciated.
call me, visit, and be the biggest supporters I can have
spread teh word for early detection testing
Continue to pray and if you can, help us with the medical costs and other expenses.
Tell everyone to get "Fit" along with me
keep in touch. Healing is a long process, don't loose focus.
Pray, don't give up on me!
Pray please.
Advice and tips
Respond in compassion
Cards in mail are nice!
pray for my healing/ be my friend
Get regular thryoid checks.
pray and support
share info and feelings
Pray Hard
I am desperate for help for my family, I cannot even bury my husband right now if he should pass away. Anything can help us
Pray for a miracle that my cancer disappears! Miracles do happen!
Be suppportive..........
Be there!
give time so others have more time
Not tell me that they know what I am going through, most have no clue, because unless you've been there, you just don't know.
Get regular mammograms and pray for all victims of cancer
Never ignore your body if something changes, even if you're young or healthy...
Continue praying for a cure of ALL CANCERS
Encourage, Support
share experiences
Pray for me and communicate with me - I feel better when I talk about this
Listen, raise awareness, and support legitimate research
Doing just what you are doing. Being super supportative
Join my "WTF?" campaign to raise awareness & funding for lung cancer
Keep doing what you're doing. Laugh, Hope and Pray with/for each other.
Treat me the same way you treated me before cancer came into my life
They couldn't possibly do any more.
Spread Laughter
Listen, Offer advice and knowledge
I'm a crafty person would love to link up with people to sew, knit and crochet to not think aobut cancer
Nothing I wish there was something someone could do
Comment on my blogs and pray
Raise money for a cure
They have done everything
information, kind words
keep the encouragement up
Send someone going through cancer a hand-written card!
Just be themselves.
pray for healing, wellness and financial wisdom
Be patient, forgive me if I back out of plans, understand not all cancers are identical
Be love.
help with Dr. communications, disability letters
Help me feel positive about my peg.
Accept & respect my decision for not going with mainstream treatment.
Visit my site; follow me on Twitter or my RSS feed; tell Moms and Grandmas about my book
Realize I am not broken, let me be the friend YOU can still lean on.
Listen when I need them too, and give me advice
Please, please, please encourage friends and family to be more mindful of their thyroid!
Call me
keep calling, writing, coming by, texting, emailing..etc
share info - that is why I joined this site
Donate on my website.
tell others your story
keep me positive
i just wanna talk about things that pop into my head
Don't hang back. I love knowing you're thinking of me and still want me around.
Visit Caringbridge
Let me take a nap in the afternoon
understand that Im not going to be good everyday
moral support
Listen, talk, & be there
Pray for a cure.
Connect me with other diffuse sclerosing variant cancer fighters
Gas cards, money to pay for bills and prescriptions, a week vacation.
Pray for my recovery, call to say hello, visit every once in a while, ask my wife if she needs anything.
Keep us in your prayers and thoughts
tell me years places in or near iowa where as specific as possible . area codes or zip codes county if long time in iowa or passing through.
Prayer that he rests in peace
Visit/call on a regular basis.
Stay in contact
prayers & hugs
Read the blog, share a link to the blog with others via every media possible. This is the 3rd most dangerous cancer we face... and it seems to be barely talked about.
just kick my tail when I get too low, assist with my kids and their routine, be a friend and listener to my hubby
Not say good luck...All the best is better
Read my blog!
Help educate me, and give advice or suggestions.
Listen when I need to vent, stop thinking just because I am not going to die that this is still not scary or hard to go through.
Give blood
Get screened!!! Pray and support those who are fighting or caring for a fighter.
Share knowledge, empathy.
Read my blog, get informed, and pay it forward.
Help without asking.
remind me that i did not have it so bad; it will get better; do not be afraid to go do those things that make your heart sing
Listen. Be supportive, and help keep me positive and away from google haha.
Just being here for me
Let me know about radiation.
Listen, pray, keep hoping and fighting
Support me in my fund raising goals for Susan G Komen, Avon Walks, and Blog for a Cure
be there for me and talk to me through the crazy times in my life!!
Share your experiences and tips.
Pray, Pray again and again. Be kind to everyone
Pray, donate
Pray, don't give me a pity party...I will fight on!
cheer,pray,listen,support others
Make me laugh. Just listen sometimes.
Stop treating me like I'm made of glass.
Talk to me ,Let me Vent and most of all never ever give up hope,Because I will never lose hope.
Say prayers.
Stay positive, and spread love, hope and happiness to all around you...
blog with me
Help raise funds for second opinions and donate to the Sarcoma Alliance
Stay positive and dont be afraid to ask questions (or make a joke)
Live, Laugh, Love, and be Thankful everyday!!!
Pray ... and make me laugh!
Just be there. If that's to listen, be a shoulder to cry on or to make me laugh when i really don't feel like it.
Be there when I need a shoulder to cry on or a ear to listen! To also give me the space and understanding when I need time for myself.
Know that I can see your feelings in your eyes, please don't hide them from me. I can handle it and will tell you if I can't.
Talk to me about their experiences and prayers.
Provide sound advice and support
Just to have others who Listen
Prayers & thoughts
Raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and for Camp Quality
Check on me. Trust me when I say I'm good....I'll tell you for sure when I'm not.
Let me make my decisions
Have a drink with me.
Go get your colonoscopy!
Pray for me and for all on this site
talk to me,tell me what they know
Get me out of the house for something besides medical appts
I'm fine at this time; will support others.
Support CANCER causes and don't change how we interact.
Acknowledge my Problem
Understand that I need to keep my independance.
i will tell you
Keep in touch
DONATE to any childhood brain cancer research foundation... Raising awareness is free. WORD OF MOUTH!!
Understand the pressing emotional stress
Pray for both My dad and for my best friend, Cancer fighters~~~
Keep a positive outlook and pray.
Provide inspiration if they have survived liver cancer
Understand me when I am feelink ok and when I am not
Just keeping in touch means so much
just listen...
give me and other cancer survivors/fighters a reason to smile and/or laugh
step up to the plate; send a kind word
Keep searching for a cure. Its out there...
Call, stop by, let me talk
dont fuss ,keep positive
Just be there for me :-)
Don't worry so much--I'm trying to enjoy your company
Spead the word about HIFU
Live everyday and enjoy what they do!!!
Just understand I'm a quite man and hold to much inside. Drives my wife crazy
Stop trying to cure me. I have doctors
Just be thier for me, when I need them
burn me cd's of what they're listening to, bring their own food when they come to visit.
Be less dramatic! I do not need more drama in my life please!
Listen, hold my hand, not tell me stories about other people "you know".
Don't be afraid to talk about it
Talk to me, write to me, love me :)
words of encouragement
be there for me.when im emotional,hug me.when im angry,listen while i vent. when im happy,be happy with me.
Be there, listen and be accepting when I want to talk about my choices.
Pray for my family.
Email, come round, make me laugh, give my kids a good time
Mostly just pray for and with me to make it through each new sep. (chemo=raditation) Keep me focused on God and not me.
Do not pity me.....and I am sorry stop asking me how I feel...LOL
Don't be afraid to laugh with me. I am still the same person, but my perspective has been altered.
Do proper screening for themselves
Send positive energy, thoughts, and prayers
Get involved by registering to be a bone marrow donor. Not just for someone you know but for anyone in need. There is a huge misconception that donating bone marrow is painful and risky when in fact it isn't.
Donate or walk with my team.
Become a Bone Marrow Donor.
talk to me
Keep on keeping me going.
Offer hope and encouragement...
Be here
Be positive
Talk about cancer on my cancer designated day - remainder days talk about everything else.
Pray for my doctors!!!!
Stop looking at me like i just told their 5yr old there isnt a santa claus
Continue to pray
Check in often. Show concern. Make me laugh. Show me love. Have patience with me as there will be good days and bad days.
go to my blog and read, write, and share
Be Cool as it can happen to them also
realize that cheerleading is needed as an ongoing help - in small doses but need it
pray and give me words of encouragement particularly about a stem cell transplant
Fight and believe
Treat me the same!
Let me VENT! I don't want you to fix it and I don't want to hear about your sisters' ex boyfriends mother's half sister who once had cancer. I just dont.
Help me reach my fundraising goal for the 3 day
be part of my story at
Pray & let others know that cancer hits anyone.
Be there. Make me laugh.
Donate money, pray,
Prayers and keep in touch with me. Sometimes I feel very alone in this battle and it helps when other people reach out and see how I am doing during this battle.
Just let me cry sometimes
Just love me for who I am.
Spend time with me
Pray for me, send me good thoughts and vibes, be supportive when I'm having an off day or need a shoulder to lean on
Continued prayer as always and DO NOT always continue to tell us " It will be okay ". No one knows and I know the intent but not very encouraging.
Send prayers.
Just listen.
Pray & make me laugh
Tell friends about PDQ! Silver Bullet
support people over 75
Pray for my husband
Be more understanding
Be there for me however they can and want to be.
Let me talk, vent, cry, or not talk...whatever makes me feel better at the time.
Call, write, text, come by, walk with me - all the things they are doing keep me going.
pray for my dad and husband
Call or email me to see how I am doing or feeling.
Just listen to me, let me cry if i need to, and kick my butt when it is needed
Treat me like it never happened and move on as I have.
Listen. Ignore the fact that I can't get to a phone or text you back even, go above and beyond to be there to listen to me.
Talk about ways to stay in remission
being there
Pray, Pray, Pray
Pray and stay positive
don't tell me I look well
Raise Awarenes
Sign up for the RileyLMS Fund on and come to visit me
Encouraging words and lots of hugs
Just treat me like they always have I'm still the same ol Colleen. To my new supporters just keep leaving comments I love hearing from you & I deeply appreciate them.
share common info about treatments and results good, bad or indifferent
take excellent, preventive care of your health
I'm new to all this so anything to prepare me for what's ahead will help!
visit and call
remember me in your prayers
Give advice--but go easy Im a
Pray for others going through treatment.
share their stories
Provide funds to cancer research.
keep supporting your loved ones and never give up
pray, pray...and pray some more
Do monthly checks!
keeping in touch
be there for me and understand when I feel low
Share your experience
pray for my husband and family to get through this
Just be there.
Just be there to listen
get your thyroid checked...asap
They are always positive and show genuine care and concern for me.
Get outside support, know the disease
Do a good deed for anyone you know in need.
Keep me laughing and out of PITA-pity-party mode
AWARENESS, fundraising.
read my blog & help raise support fir YA's with cancer
Avoid telling me they know I'll be fine
pray, pray, pray and then tell me you've been praying!
Go to my doctors' appointments! understand my situation better...
encouragement, advice
make sure I stay positive.
Change their eating habits, take care of themselves, ask questions, be aware cosntantly of what you are putting in your body
pray, teach me it's ok to let people know how I feel
Keep smiling
Vaccinate their daughters and teach them in depth about sex
Help me to stay positive
Let me know every thing is going to be OK
Pray & let me know that I'm not alone in this.
Please provide me funds to the above mentioned number in the biography
read the manuscript
my kids are all in colleges.i need a suport from u
Write and chat; I'd love to hear from you, it helps me to keep my mind off things.
take care of your health!
Have fun with me, don't pity or feel sorry.
can donate to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (I'm walking in October!)
Provide words of encouragement
Spend time with me.
Just keep telling me it's going to be okay
Make me laugh :D
Pray and I sometimes I don,t know how to ask for help.
ADVICE! Support!
Be there no matter what.
Become a bone marrow donor, donate blood or both. Consider volunteering as well! :)
what they're doing: loving me and being there for me.
treat me as normal as possible
Be postive and your prayers
Give blood, be patient and smile
Let me support and encourage them.
let me talk
mostly just listening. and understanding that we arent always at our best.
Pray for reggie...go on twitter and tweet #prayforreggie
Send encouraing messages, and share their stories
I am a supporter
Listen to me when I need to talk
Donate platelets or donations to Cleaning for a Reason
Just be there when I need someone to talk to
try to understand that as survivor and caregiver, my thoughts about all this are different than yours. I see myself in that bed and wonder who will take care of me?
stop stigmatizing lung cancer and give it the recognition it needs.
Go to my blog and comment or DONATE!
Be around
Breast self-exams and early diagnosis saves lives!
Spread the word about breast cancer & to be positive.
Pray for a miracle.
Prayers and advice and comments on the type of surgery I have chosen (da vinci surgery)
let me do as much as I can on my own
Pray for me, get a colonscopy NOW if u r high risk or are 50!
Get the word out there and bring more awareness. When I had cancer 5 years ago, I couln't find anything on endormetrial, it was all breast, lung colon.
I am a firm believer in the power of prayer
Pray and listen!
To get the Protandim supplements, go to ny website at
Be there for me, I am not that strong.
I'm not fragile! I'm not going to break. Yes their are things I can now no longer do but , their IS ALOT I can still do!
Just continue to keep life normal.
Just be there to talk to
Pray, just be there
Be as annoying as me
Find other people who have had it and get them to post things working for them
Listen and share.
Give me information and spread awareness of Pancreatic Cancer as it's the 4th leading cause of cancer death and between 2015-2020, it will be the 2nd leading cause of cancer death.
proactical things like mow the grass, feed the cows, cook a small meal...
pray...prayer is the most powerful thing in the universe
Emotional support. I don't have much support from family & friends
listen,smile and laugh along
Just keep fighting with me, together we will win!
Be a friend, i'm not afraid to talk about my cancer (it's part of my life now) and understand that very soon i'll be going through some really tough times.
Moral support.
Please see my diet & mind/body healing and help yourself
Just be there....
Encouragement goes a long way.
don't say, "stay positive"...I know that
Relay positive information for Cancer Survivors
Just be there & let it be known that you are there.
I need to hear from other people that have lost love ones to leukemia and experienced a stem cell transplant.
go to my website
Provide awareness so we can tackle the CAUSE
be there for support but keep a good sense of humor
Pray that God grant me and my family the wisdom, courage and strength to endure the road that lies ahead
I have been alone through most of it.
See your doctor regularly.
Give me advice
is pray
My husband, son, sisters and brother mainly and the rest of my friends are my best cheerleaders.
Keep in touch. Exchange of experiences.
Sign up for a FREE BackUp4TheCure
Help me make up stupid names for my cancer
tell me how do you survive
Treat me as you always have, I'm still me with or without cancer.
Donate to the cause
Support research
Reading others experiences, helps take the mystery out, knwoing we're not alone with this
Listen, share, love, fight and get better themselves.
Keep talking to me.
The importance of matter what age
Just allow me to tell the story of this journey
donate blood and bone marrow
help me understand what to expect
take me out of the fear
Donate to research.
Call me or send me a note to let me know they are thinking about me, and to treat me at they always have. No difference.
Be there for me ad share your experiance
just talk to me, i need help through the greiving process as i lost most of my family, other than my sister and mom i dont have much other family at all
be patient and supportive
Encouragement notes
Just lend an ear when I need to whine!!
Keep them in prayers and high moral support
just be there and not ask every 5 mins how i am
Need to know what others experienced
Pray for me. And be an ear to listen when I need one.
Make me laugh
Pray and be there for my children
just be positive
donate money and give a lot of hugs.
keep me in your thoughts and prayers, offer me support and hope
Prayer, listen, feedback.
word of mouth advertise
Just me there for me.
raise money to take me to disneyland (i joke) raise money for cancer research or easier just understand the disease
Help me find places to sleep and eat along my walk route, To donate gift cards for gasoline and other expenses related to my walk. To find places that I can speak at. Donate money towards my walk expenses.
I am more about helping others to deal right now ... cancer has been my companion for so long, I just want to help others know how to live with it.
Continue to do what they are doing...calling, messaging, texting. Every bit of good Ju Ju helps!
Help me with my book so that I can help others to know that fighting is worth all of the chemo that you can take.
Kindly help me to live because i want to live-Help me to get the required medical treatment in South Africa as scheduled. Help me raise the required funding. Give me moral support. Call and talk to me at +254724222539. Your encouraging words may be the medicine to my soul as i go through this.....
Be happy and take care of there temples.
Diet, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Detoxification
realize my limitations now so I dont have to always explain myself
Encouragement in any form.
Know that I am okay.
prayers and notes
Larry wants talk to someone that has Pancreas Cancer
Stay positive and knowing they are there is everything
Treat me as a normal healthy person.
Help raise awareness about young women and breast cancer
Be there for me
Talk, say hi, be friendly, inquire.
Check out VitaPlus, an alternative treatment for cancer:
My family and friends have been a blessing. I have enjoyed dinners, babysitting and just listening.
remain positive for me
Words with friends
Send me good energy and pray for me
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...inform me of the meds that help after surgery and RAI
Just let me work though this but not alone dont tell me what i need to do
Just keep in touch.. If u can relate
Always hold my hand!
Laugh with me, help me stay strong.
Listen, love, and spread the word.
Educate me and lend advise
Love me, pray for me, and Push me hard when i think i can't do it any more!
Listen and be there for me
Send me funny and inappropriate texts and emails.
Just listen and be there
help think love breath together and better
Listen and be there for me.
PRAY! Call to say hi, PRAY!
Be as funny as you can.
Talk to me...I'm not contagious!
Love each other. I just want laughs and positive attitudes. PRAY !!
Pray and support the cause
Just love me as I am, even when I am not my peppy self.
Treat each other with kindness and respect, especially your children
Don't sweat the small stuff. Be appreciative.
Spread the word- check out
Pray for others fighting for their life battling this horrible disease.
Prayers and advise welcome
stay positive and pray
fundraising events
Just have patience and laughter!
Pray for me...relax around me and then ...Feed Me.
Accept the NEW "normal" !
Keep me in their prayers and love me.
I have struggled with a monumentally devastating depression for almost 4 years, although now I am finally coming out of it and I feel like myself again. I have been getting there for awhile now, but until recently I would regress and have to start all over again. What do I need? Cheerleading! A team hug! A loving word! Encouragement when I fall off the confidence bandwagon. Sisterly support.
Anything you can tell me that will make the chemo and rad. treatments a little easier to deal with.
Sign up on care calendar.
Just by being there and knowing people care
Pray, check in on me
Just pray that they find a cure for all cancers!!!!!
Pray, Pray, Pray!
I'll let you know
keep an open mind and help me stay positive
Donate Help, Money; Get Involved
Understanding, Support, Positive Encouragement
Be happy around me. No negativity.
How to deal
I need resources and I need to help others
Call me, hang out with me, text me, go to yoga class with me when I feel up to it
join me on our facebook page "the giving back group"
Prayers & Positive thoughts/energy
keep on keepin' on with the wonderful support
Prayer and support to all women battling in silence. Maybe treating one lady who you know is battling cancer to a spa trip in your neighborhood
could use donation items for raffle and giving to others
Hang out with me. Be around more often.
Give us advice and offer up prayer for my father.
to live momentarily and enjoy thoroughly
Just being there, and being reminded we can do it.
Donate $$ to the anal cancer foundation. Raising awareness saves lives!
Read my blog and comment!
Share stories and encouragement
Hold the space for me to share and offer support
keep up with the shot that is out for this cancer.
Distractions and hugs.
be there when I need to talk
Just be there for my family and myself. Lend an ear or just offer any support.
Just be there if you can and have understanding of how we feel inside even if we look great on the outside for now.
Be patient as I work towards accepting their help.
Object to discrimination against people with cancer. Support reforms that make health insurance affordable for everyone.
Don't avoid the cancer issue, but don't talk about it all the time.
Give me practical advice and send me good vibes
don't smother me with kindness treat me normally
Make me laugh and be happy
lift me up in prayer give me encouragement
Give Forward anything you can at
Share Addisons story and download the song to benefit St. Jude's.
Don't stop believing you are a survivor
Prayer for me & my family, Visit my mother, and help me with rides to doctor, etc.
Stay in touch.
Hold on loosely, but don't let go. TRY to be normal!
DONATE $1 OR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN:this will help a child left behind. get a fresh start in the real world.
Keep positive spirit and a permanet smile.
give me books and love
massage, encourage me to do something fun, take me out,
Make me laugh!
Be hopeful.
Join my mission to create a global chain of hope and donate fleece throw blankets and small gifts for adults and children.
Send positive messages of support that I can share with Dad
Listen. Learn. Ask. Share
Pray for others.
clean my house
Live, Love & Laugh
Trust Me!
Let me know how you're dealing with cancer
Listen and not dwell. We are all more than our cancer, we are people.
keep in touch =]
Be there.
Just be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.
appreciate the little things
chat with me
Just being there.....
Learn about my cancer
Be mindfull of your health. Go to the Doctor if you need to! :)
Just listen and be there when needed
Spread my word
be encouraging!!
Be there for the patient

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