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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Financial help is needed for cancer patient this was one of my worst worries got very close to losing our house lost our truck and barely made it thur the rest
Don't look at me all teary eyed!
Visit the blog I started for my wife (, review the science based resources (videos, etc.) I've posted and see if any can help you. If you have means and desire to help us there's a page on our blog for donations.
Fight. Talk to your loved one and friends
pray, love on my family, pray
Check in often. Offer help and support. Show love and concern. Make me laugh.
go to my blog and read, write, and share
Be Cool as it can happen to them also
realize that cheerleading is needed as an ongoing help - in small doses but need it
pray and give me words of encouragement particularly about a stem cell transplant
Fight and believe
Treat me the same!
Let me VENT! I don't want you to fix it and I don't want to hear about your sisters' ex boyfriends mother's half sister who once had cancer. I just dont.
Help me reach my fundraising goal for the 3 day
be part of my story at
Pray & let others know that cancer hits anyone.
Be there. Make me laugh.
Donate money, pray,
Prayers and keep in touch with me. Sometimes I feel very alone in this battle and it helps when other people reach out and see how I am doing during this battle.
Just let me cry sometimes
Tell me ways to survive the side effects
Just love me for who I am.
Spend time with me
Pray for me, send me good thoughts and vibes, be supportive when I'm having an off day or need a shoulder to lean on
Continued prayer as always and DO NOT always continue to tell us " It will be okay ". No one knows and I know the intent but not very encouraging.
Send prayers.
Just listen.
support people over 75
To get the Protandim supplements, go to ny website at
Pray for my husband
Be more understanding
Be there for me however they can and want to be.
Let me talk, vent, cry, or not talk...whatever makes me feel better at the time.
Call, write, text, come by, walk with me - all the things they are doing keep me going.
Check out VitaPlus, an alternative treatment for cancer:
Breast self-exams and early diagnosis saves lives!
Keep cancer fighter in the loop of life.
Light house work
Share the knowledge I share to better understand the impact of cancer on our emotional being.
Educate and give me Hope
Get Mammograms! Know your body!
Pray, remind me that they are there, and reach out to my family and partner to help them through this process as well.
Just try to learn as much as you can stand about the cancer and the treatment, and just be caring and kind.
call once in a while, make me laugh, share their stories about their lives so I'm not consumed by treatments,
They're already doing everything! Neighbors, friends - they're wonderful. Helped us stack wood for the winter yesterday.
Please check out and give and spread it
Pray for my family and me
They did it!
Any advise would be amazing !
Support, advice,lets fight together.
Be there and laugh with me
Pray ♡
Encourage me to continue the fight and don't allow me to alienate others from wanting to help me.
Help with household chores
just keep living life and treat me normally.
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