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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.

How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Just being there, makes it better!
Pray! Hugs, patience, let me cry if I have to but not for too long.
Visit me and send goodies!
They remind me that there are people out there who "get it"
I love to hear from my support system
Advise, listen, encourage, show me the way forward to help support my fiancee
pray, make me laugh, have someone just to talk to
Wear SunScreen and stay out of the sun when you can
Make me smile. That alone is enough :D
Pray for him to come closer to God
Read my blog, relate, be inspired or just understand.
ADVOCATE for me. Check to see if I'm ok when I do not answer the phone
Just support me as I do them
Be mindful that my vision is not what it used to be
Just listen to my gripes and encourage me,
Just listen and accept that we will get thru this one day at a time.
crabs legs please
Pray. Learn. Hug.
Pray for all who need it.
give me tips on what to eat what they been through their time and what they did as for treatments
treat me the same, don't be on eggshells around me
Just keep in touch with me....don,t pigeon hole me...
just sit with me. its ok not to talk a lot. follow my lead.
Continue to fight the battle and win the war!
Love my husband and kids
Just be there,love me tell I know what it is .
Be loving and be positive. (Jokes are great!)
Love and support me and still know im still me, always the joker
Be open and honest. I don't need pity or sympathy. Ask questions, don't assume...and STAY OFF THE INTERNET...beets and milk thistle aren't a cure!
share stories
Gregg would have wanted you to live your life to the fullest.
Help with post treatment support!
spread the word the girls should start getting paps at 16 and NEVER skip year
Help me if I need it, just be there for me.
Soup please. Oh and a hug every now and again with a sincere "you CAN do this"
Just treat me the same. I am still Berns. That will never change. Just support me and be awesome like you all are!
Send me a good joke! Make me laugh; I'll return the favor!
Raise awareness about kidney cancer and contribute to Action to Cure Kidney Cancer to help find a cure.
Get a second opinion. Think outside the Box. Take a bold step forward. And mostly, do your own research.
Support my wife and kids. Any financial help would also be appreciated.
call me, visit, and be the biggest supporters I can have
spread teh word for early detection testing
Continue to pray and if you can, help us with the medical costs and other expenses.
Tell everyone to get "Fit" along with me
keep in touch. Healing is a long process, don't loose focus.
Pray, don't give up on me!
Pray please.
Advice and tips
I'd love to find long term survivors who have the same stage and lymph node involvement.
keep in touch, encouraging words, experience if you've been through this
Provide positive energy and practical information
Love me, love themselves, and keep moving.
Give us time and make us laugh
Be there for me.
Pray, laugh and love
Call and write me.
Be aware
Spread the word about Coleman's Crew. Our walk, CureSearch 2011 Phoenix Walk for Childhood Cancer is on February 26, 2011
Pray for me.
I hope my story can prepare others for what they or their loved ones will go through.
Please stay positive! Please think about what you say before you say it!
I have a lot of help from the doctors and their team, and my common law hubby.
Just let me kow that you are there.
They are doing everything that I could ever want from them already and that is as simple as just being there. I am sooooo lucky!!!
Hugs and distractions, bring me spicy food
Donate Blood & Support
treat me like I'm healthy and stay close..if you wonder what to say..its okay to say nothing, it really is - sometimes I'm speakless myself.
Give me space when I need it.
Just pray for me and treat me the same as always!
Feed me all the best out come stories they can find
Listen and share their stories
Let me sleep.
Follow my progress and pray for all of us.
encouragement, laughter, funny jokes
Love every mintue and love everyone they care for
Raise awareness.... get a colonoscopy
Be there for me ad share your experiance
just talk to me, i need help through the greiving process as i lost most of my family, other than my sister and mom i dont have much other family at all
be patient and supportive
Encouragement notes
Just lend an ear when I need to whine!!
Keep them in prayers and high moral support
just be there and not ask every 5 mins how i am
Pray for me. And be an ear to listen when I need one.
Make me laugh
Pray and be there for my children
just be positive
donate money and give a lot of hugs.
keep me in your thoughts and prayers, offer me support and hope
Prayer, listen, feedback.
word of mouth advertise
Just me there for me.
raise money to take me to disneyland (i joke) raise money for cancer research or easier just understand the disease
Help me find places to sleep and eat along my walk route, To donate gift cards for gasoline and other expenses related to my walk. To find places that I can speak at. Donate money towards my walk expenses.
I am more about helping others to deal right now ... cancer has been my companion for so long, I just want to help others know how to live with it.
Continue to do what they are doing...calling, messaging, texting. Every bit of good Ju Ju helps!
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