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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Don't avoid the cancer issue, but don't talk about it all the time.
Give me practical advice and send me good vibes
don't smother me with kindness treat me normally
Make me laugh and be happy
lift me up in prayer give me encouragement
Give Forward anything you can at
Share Addisons story and download the song to benefit St. Jude's.
Don't stop believing you are a survivor
Prayer for me & my family, Visit my mother, and help me with rides to doctor, etc.
Stay in touch.
Spread the word about breast cancer & to be positive.
Pray for a miracle.
Prayers and advice and comments on the type of surgery I have chosen (da vinci surgery)
let me do as much as I can on my own
Pray for me, get a colonscopy NOW if u r high risk or are 50!
Get the word out there and bring more awareness. When I had cancer 5 years ago, I couln't find anything on endormetrial, it was all breast, lung colon.
I am a firm believer in the power of prayer
Pray and listen!
Be there for me, I am not that strong.
I'm not fragile! I'm not going to break. Yes their are things I can now no longer do but , their IS ALOT I can still do!
Just continue to keep life normal.
Just be there to talk to
Pray, just be there
Be as annoying as me
Find other people who have had it and get them to post things working for them
Listen and share.
Give me information and spread awareness of Pancreatic Cancer as it's the 4th leading cause of cancer death and between 2015-2020, it will be the 2nd leading cause of cancer death.
proactical things like mow the grass, feed the cows, cook a small meal...
pray...prayer is the most powerful thing in the universe
Emotional support. I don't have much support from family & friends
listen,smile and laugh along
Just keep fighting with me, together we will win!
Be a friend, i'm not afraid to talk about my cancer (it's part of my life now) and understand that very soon i'll be going through some really tough times.
Moral support.
Please see my diet & mind/body healing and help yourself
Just be there....
Encouragement goes a long way.
don't say, "stay positive"...I know that
moral support
Listen, talk, & be there
Pray for a cure.
Connect me with other diffuse sclerosing variant cancer fighters
Gas cards, money to pay for bills and prescriptions, a week vacation.
Pray for my recovery, call to say hello, visit every once in a while, ask my wife if she needs anything.
Keep us in your prayers and thoughts
tell me years places in or near iowa where as specific as possible . area codes or zip codes county if long time in iowa or passing through.
Prayer that he rests in peace
Visit/call on a regular basis.
Stay in contact
prayers & hugs
Read the blog, share a link to the blog with others via every media possible. This is the 3rd most dangerous cancer we face... and it seems to be barely talked about.
just kick my tail when I get too low, assist with my kids and their routine, be a friend and listener to my hubby
Not say good luck...All the best is better
Read my blog!
Help educate me, and give advice or suggestions.
Listen when I need to vent, stop thinking just because I am not going to die that this is still not scary or hard to go through.
Give blood
Get screened!!! Pray and support those who are fighting or caring for a fighter.
Share knowledge, empathy.
Read my blog, get informed, and pay it forward.
Help without asking.
remind me that i did not have it so bad; it will get better; do not be afraid to go do those things that make your heart sing
Listen. Be supportive, and help keep me positive and away from google haha.
Just being here for me
I believe in the power of prayer and putting positive thoughts out into the universe. Add me to prayer lists,
Pray, Love and Support me and my family and help with awareness.
donate as much as possible to cancer research in your area
Email, spread the word about my event and how preventable colorectal cancer is!
go to my website
Be there to listen. Treat you the same as before the cancer diagnosis.
Keep us all in your prayers. :)
Just to help me through this scary I can fight the beast!
Listen. Ask.
Do things to help keep my mind off of my illness, keep me occupied with good things.
There's nothing anybody can do, though I've had many kind offers. Like birth and death, you gotta do it by yourself.
Just be normal and dont worry about saying anything wrong.
Send me good vibes, positive thoughts~ share my Gofundme page and create awareness
Pray and encourage me when I'm down.
Educate yourself about signs & symptoms of CRC & please know it's just NOT for "50 & above".
Ask how it's going (don't ignore it)
Listen! Listen! Listen!
Be patient
You can listen to me when I say
Encourage, offer insight to the things I can control: attitude, Alternative meds, Prayer....
remain positive and pray
Financial help is needed for cancer patient this was one of my worst worries got very close to losing our house lost our truck and barely made it thur the rest
Don't look at me all teary eyed!
Visit the blog I started for my wife (, review the science based resources (videos, etc.) I've posted and see if any can help you. If you have means and desire to help us there's a page on our blog for donations.
Fight. Talk to your loved one and friends
pray, love on my family, pray
go to my blog and read, write, and share

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