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How Do I Help Someone With Cancer?

I can remember a lot of people asking me "what can I do to help?". I never knew what to tell them. I was almost too overwhelmed to know what I needed. I have asked this question of other survivors in order to give people some ideas on what they can do to help.
Help me with my book so that I can help others to know that fighting is worth all of the chemo that you can take.
Kindly help me to live because i want to live-Help me to get the required medical treatment in South Africa as scheduled. Help me raise the required funding. Give me moral support. Call and talk to me at +254724222539. Your encouraging words may be the medicine to my soul as i go through this.....
Be happy and take care of there temples.
Diet, Exercise, Stress Reduction, Detoxification
realize my limitations now so I dont have to always explain myself
Encouragement in any form.
Know that I am okay.
prayers and notes
Just understand I'm a quite man and hold to much inside. Drives my wife crazy
Stop trying to cure me. I have doctors
Just be thier for me, when I need them
burn me cd's of what they're listening to, bring their own food when they come to visit.
Be less dramatic! I do not need more drama in my life please!
Listen, hold my hand, not tell me stories about other people "you know".
Don't be afraid to talk about it
Talk to me, write to me, love me :)
words of encouragement
be there for me.when im emotional,hug me.when im angry,listen while i vent. when im happy,be happy with me.
Be there, listen and be accepting when I want to talk about my choices.
Pray for my family.
Email, come round, make me laugh, give my kids a good time
Mostly just pray for and with me to make it through each new sep. (chemo=raditation) Keep me focused on God and not me.
Do not pity me.....and I am sorry stop asking me how I feel...LOL
Don't be afraid to laugh with me. I am still the same person, but my perspective has been altered.
Do proper screening for themselves
Send positive energy, thoughts, and prayers
Get involved by registering to be a bone marrow donor. Not just for someone you know but for anyone in need. There is a huge misconception that donating bone marrow is painful and risky when in fact it isn't.
Donate or walk with my team.
Become a Bone Marrow Donor.
talk to me
Keep on keeping me going.
Offer hope and encouragement...
Be here
Be positive
Talk about cancer on my cancer designated day - remainder days talk about everything else.
Pray for my doctors!!!!
Stop looking at me like i just told their 5yr old there isnt a santa claus
Continue to pray
Nothing I wish there was something someone could do
Comment on my blogs and pray
Raise money for a cure
They have done everything
information, kind words
keep the encouragement up
Send someone going through cancer a hand-written card!
Just be themselves.
pray for healing, wellness and financial wisdom
Be patient, forgive me if I back out of plans, understand not all cancers are identical
Be love.
help with Dr. communications, disability letters
Help me feel positive about my peg.
Accept & respect my decision for not going with mainstream treatment.
Visit my site; follow me on Twitter or my RSS feed; tell Moms and Grandmas about my book
Realize I am not broken, let me be the friend YOU can still lean on.
Listen when I need them too, and give me advice
Please, please, please encourage friends and family to be more mindful of their thyroid!
Call me
keep calling, writing, coming by, texting, emailing..etc
share info - that is why I joined this site
Donate on my website.
tell others your story
keep me positive
i just wanna talk about things that pop into my head
Don't hang back. I love knowing you're thinking of me and still want me around.
Visit Caringbridge
Let me take a nap in the afternoon
understand that Im not going to be good everyday
Larry wants talk to someone that has Pancreas Cancer
Stay positive and knowing they are there is everything
Treat me as a normal healthy person.
Help raise awareness about young women and breast cancer
Be there for me
My family and friends have been a blessing. I have enjoyed dinners, babysitting and just listening.
remain positive for me
Words with friends
Send me good energy and pray for me
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...inform me of the meds that help after surgery and RAI
Just let me work though this but not alone dont tell me what i need to do
Just keep in touch.. If u can relate
Always hold my hand!
Laugh with me, help me stay strong.
Listen, love, and spread the word.
Educate me and lend advise
Love me, pray for me, and Push me hard when i think i can't do it any more!
Listen and be there for me
Send me funny and inappropriate texts and emails.
Just listen and be there
help think love breath together and better
Listen and be there for me.
PRAY! Call to say hi, PRAY!
Be as funny as you can.
Talk to me...I'm not contagious!
Love each other. I just want laughs and positive attitudes. PRAY !!
help me find a way to walk again
Pray for me and my family
Don't say it's gonna be okay - but don't avoid me either
Just listen, I need to talk
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