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What are Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors.

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms

What Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

August 29, 2012 I started experiencing shortness of breathe, severe total body itching, fatigue and bulging neck veins.
Couldn't sleep laying down or lift anything without turning red. Swollen and fatigued. No energy. Then found lump on my chest that grew rather fast.
Tightness in my throat, Clearing of the throat type cough increasing fatigue
Extreme shoulder and chest pain.
visual plaque on forearm
Lump discovered right side of neck, above clavicle bone
not many mainly fatigue and itchy
Pain in right pelvic bone. Nerve pain radiating down butt and outside of right leg
Horrible night sweats, fatigue, that feeling of knowing something is wrong but the Drs all tell you just need Prozac. Finally a lump came up under my armpit.
Night sweats
Lump in neck followed a year later by a "residual" lymphoma in my eyes
abdominal pain
Deep cough. Severe itching. Passed out
Anemia, night sweats, fatigue, finally splenomegaly
Swollen Nodes and itchy bumps
Night sweets,enlarged lymph nodes,Enlarged spleen
Large lump on neck.
All of the sudden I just couldn't walk without horrible hip pain. Thought it was from when the dog bowled me over outside in the winter time. Took 3 days off of work as I could barely walk to one room to another. Urgent care said it was muscular and 'stretched me out'. Likewise my own doctor a week later pulled and twisted my leg and that and Prednisone got me back walking again with an Xray and MRI scheduled for 2 weeks down the road.
I had no symptoms that I am aware of. By the grace of God was it found.
Neuropathy, weakness, fatigue, general pain
Swollen lymph nodes
Fatigue, night sweats
Non stop cough, back pain, shortness of breath, fatigue
Lower back pain, abdominal pain, fatigue, sore neck
Night sweats, swollen lymph nodes
Before diagnosis I had no discernible symptoms. After Diagnosis, I was able to look back in time a bit, and realize I had a few symptoms that I ignored. Night sweats, severe chronic fatigue, sleeplessness.
Dry cough for a couple months, Itchy skin, occasional chest pain
Night Sweats, Swollen Lymph nodes, persistent cough
'Lumps', night sweats, weight loss, flu like symptoms, abdominal swelling,
Lymphadenopathy, gastric pain, general pain, constipation, night sweats
Swollen node above my clavicle.
Loss of short term memory and extreme fatigue
Painless Lump in Neck and Groin
Lump underarm pit and chest swelling.
Abdominal swelling, severe lower back pain, lower abdominal and leg weakness
Swollen lymph node below jaw bone, front of ear, right side of neck
heart palpitations due to anemia
Healed Whole & Healthy
50pence piece sized lump found on the inside on my arm just above the elbow joint and nowhere near a Lymph Node!
Extreme fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath
enlarged groin lymph node and night sweats
Mass in parotid gland, lymphadenopathy of both sides of chest, a large mass in left armpit, and large and small hypermetabolic liver lesions, large and small.
Nothing as of right now.Not looking forward to them
I found a large hard lymph node tumor in my right super clavicle neck. That tumor was growing a few more off spring tumors around it, then it spread to my left side of neck. Both sides of my neck were bulging with noticeable lumps. I was having severe night sweats with extreme fatigue and constant itching on my lower back and legs. I have narcolepsy so I am still battling that fatigue even while I take the amphetamines to help me stay awake. I started getting a funny phloem in my chest that would make me cough and it would get stuck in the back of my throat. Whenever I went to talk, I would have to clear my throat from that thick mucous. After doing the CAT Scan and Pet Scan it was noted that I was loaded with tumors from my sinuses down to my groin and in both lungs.
Swollen lymph nodes through out body
A violent cough that wouldn't quit.
Nausea, fatigue, lower back pain, night sweats
extreme groin pain, weight loss, heart palpitations, bleeding skin lesions
Enlarged lymph nodes in left supraclavicular region
persistent cough
Large mass in neck to jaw
Enlarged Lymph Node above collarbone (began to feel pressure on trachea 2 days before removal), a lingering cough, night sweats, goosebump like rash on arms, chest and abdomen that became itchy over time, severe leg itching at night without rash on legs ... Pleurisy developed twice within 10 months prior to diagnosis (tumor in chest that caused a small chamber of the lung to collapse unnoticed) .. Mild wheezing sound upon breathing at random times due to collapse of lung...
Backache, stomachache, just not feeling "right"
Tumor. Impaired movement, walking. Really sore abdomen.
Night sweats, back pain, weight loss, loss of appetite.
Extreme Fatigue
Occasional night sweats, mild pain in stomach, some fatigue.
Weight loss, fatigue, itchiness (10 cm tumour was blocking my bile duct), flashes of fever
Enlarged lymph nodes in neck for the past two years, which two physicians dismissed
Large mass (visible), second large mass displacing eye causing double vision, eye visibly swollen
Drenching sweats, fever, pain, cough, shortness of breath
Tumors on scalp and breast, fatigue
Swollen lymph node, right side of neck
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