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What are Lung Cancer Symptoms? List from Cancer Survivors.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

What Lung Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms.

back pain
Pain cough
None! Cancer was found while investigating for a gall stone surgery, by xray, CT scan and MRI
Pain. The metastasis is skull, spine, ribs, liver, lung and lymph nodes in chest and pelvis, liver, pelvis, hip. Half of my tongue is paralyzed due to c-spine involvement so talking, chewing, swallowing are difficult.
Shortness of breath, cough, back pain.
My left thigh was giving me pain for months
I had suffered from right side pain in my rib area when I coughed or sneezed for about 3 years until my cancer was finally diagnosed. We looked at EVERYTHING else, but no one would have thought I could have lung cancer.
My boyfriend thought his shoulder pain was due to pulling some muscles. After a couple of months of it getting worse...he thought ...oh my Lord...I bet I have a torn rotor-cuff. We only wish it was so... He went from those thoughts to the doctors finding a tumor on shoulder..(no problem, odds are that it is benign) hearing lung cancer with metastisis to shoulder and large bones... and 12-18 months??? I started logging this "journey" from MY perspective. The thoughts, feeling and poetry from someone who loves someone...who has cancer.
I had no initial symptoms except for chronic coughing.
9 yrs ago, voice loss,fatigue,thirst,stomach pain, ear pain,low grade fever. Jan/08-shoulder pain,fatigue.Low grade fever.
Shortness of breath, Fatigue
pain in back and hips
Hard to swallow,low fevers
I had a vague, dull ache in my chest in the area of my heart. lots of heart tests, nothing found. A routine chest x-ray found the tumor on my lung. After surgery, the ache was gone but doctos are skeptical.
None. Normal mamogram in Dec. 07, then MRI one month later found breast lesion and lung cancer.
Weakness, lathargic. discomfort in Kidney Area & gurgling in Lungs
headaces, loss of appited. coughing
Horrible hip pain.
Couphing constant,shortness of breath,bloody sputum,fatigue
Pain in ribs, coughing, coughing up blood, shortness of breath.
Sickly for several years, always feeling out of sorts, never wanting to do anything or go anywhere (a little rough on the social life); stomach problems, body aches, infections, fevers, headaches, seriously quick failing eyesight & night blindness (this happened during the six weeks of fever)...ALWAYS sick (ALWAYS whiney)...went through the wringer with many a (mis)diagnosis: influenza bugs, mercury poisoning, allergies, fibromyalgia, blood poisoning, diverticulitis, depression, ulcerative colitis, dysentery, psychosomatic disorders, osteopenia, hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism, age, on and start to wonder yourself...not that all diagnoses were incorrect but...missed A LOT of work, at one point a six-week stint with a constant high fever. I was taking so many different antidepressants, antibiotics and other medications, I was beginning to wonder why I still felt so bad when I could barely feel at all... My third general physician sent me for my annual chest x-ray as I was a smoker. A small spot was found on my right upper lung. Referred to a pulmonologist, a CT scan was performed revealing a 1.6cm nodule with stellate margins. A Pet scan was performed revealing several areas of concern in both lungs. The pulmonologist recommended surgery and referred me to a surgeon.
right sided chest pain
some shortness of breath, but nothing major.
shortness of breath
Shortness of breath, which almost entirely disappeared after my first chemo
Large, painful lump at the collar bone; vision impairment in left eye; impaired memory and judgment; loss of balance and blackouts. All symptoms materialized within a two-week period.
Headaches, vision problems. Symptoms missed until seizure.
Initially I had pain in my knees, back, and hips. My primary physician believed I was starting to develop osteoporosis and arthritis, so I began taking Boniva and other vitamins. My joint pain had not subsided, and about two months later, I developed a deep cough and had difficulty swallowing. My daughter rushed me to the ER, and after I had a chest x-ray, I also had to get a PET scan and MRI. I knew my outlook was not good before we even got the results back. The oncologist found two spots on my lung, and the cancer had spread to two lymph nodes on the other side of my chest wall. Like is said- not good news, but I have an amazing team of physicians, and a supportive family to help me through this. I couldn't go through this without them. My family gives me something to live for!
There was no symptoms. It was found on a Chest Xray that was done so my mother could have her second knee replacement. It wasn't there 7 months prior
deep middle back pain just left of my spine that would come and go, extreme tiredness
pneumonia symptoms, lung pain, coughing and fatigue
tingling down right arm
Shortness of breath, cough, wheezing. All this was attributed to asthma.
Shortness of breath and coughing up blood.
Persistent pneumonia for two plus months. No chest x-ray until end of second month. Pretty terrible...screening needs to change ASAP!
none until i coughed up blood while driving and my wife saw it as i thought it was phleme after coughing
Cough, bruising on chest, weight loss, swollen neck, and back pain.
Coughing up heavy mucus, headaches, nausea, panic attacks, sever chest pain.
coughing blood, very hard to breathe while working at physically intensive job
Rib pain that wouldnt go away, shortness of breath, slight cough, tired easily
deep severe coughing, severe weight loss
Temporary blindness to left eye
clubbing of the finger nails, joint pain
Pain in the chest. Shortness of breathe
Hip pain and eventual fracture.
coughing, flu like symptoms, bronchitis,
Pain in back, weight loss very quick
none, incidental finding
shortness of breath, light pains just below her shoulder, some nausea and loss of appetite, gas
Swelling of cervical lymph nodes, pain
Tired, shortness of breath, cough
Lymph is raised
Mild cough, some fatigue and shortness of breath.
None for Lung Cancer, none for thyroid cancer
can't breath coughing blood unbearable pain through chest he said it is like razors
Fatigue, headaches due to brain mets
Visible nodules on Xray and Scans
cough and weight loss and fatigue
11 secondary brain tumors: vision problems, balance problems, speech problems. Hip pain, stiffness
fatigue short breth
no symptoms, incidental findings during my Annual Checkup
Very weak chronic cough hoarseness
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