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imageJeff - Update as of 7/21/14's been awhile since my last update.  The past couple chemo treatments have left me sick and discouraged.  Not discouraged with the outcome, just having to deal with nausea and fatigue on a daily basis.  Tired of constantly feeling sick.  But it's all part of the game.  Over the 4th of July holiday my sisters came here for a visit/vacation.  I put on the brave face, participated in as many activities as I could and tried to portray my life …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageMarcia - Stella & BlancheStella & Blanche
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageTexas Jeff - it's poopit's poop
Type: Anal Cancer

imageTexas Jeff - it's not a fart!it's not a fart!
Type: Anal Cancer

imageCindy - HELP I AM SO SCARED  Colorectal doctor left message anal pap atypical cells maybe displasya??  What?   Precancerous cells?   I'm losing my mind  crying......dr is on vacation left on house phone.  I told office to use cell!   This is why I'm bleeding?   I'm not going thru this again!  Can someone who had this please comment....xo …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAmy - One Month  So, it has been exactly one month since I saw my primary care physician about the pesky lump which situated itself right above my clavicle. From that time until now, I have had repeated CT scans, a lymph node biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, and an installation of a mediport. I was told that I had indolent non-hodkin's lymphoma, stage III. I then had my first of six chemotherapy treatments. I am otherwise healthy and fit. I played college lacrosse and have remained …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageEllen Talia - Lake SuperiorLake Superior
Type: Thyroid Cancer

imageLois - decision made.  Day 12 after Taxol literally the first full day I have felt human! That among many other things is why I am moving on. Tomorrow I am calling my oncologist and the breast navigator to find out how I proceed from here (get on the surgery schedule). There is a feeling a great peace for me in this. I am looking forward to what comes next
Type: Breast Cancer

imageMarion - First week of Treatment...   I really had no idea what I was expecting and went into my treatment with the attitude of: one day at a time. But for some reason I had it stuck in my mind, that it will take 2 - 3 weeks until it will get real bad. So far I had only 4 radiations and on Thursday I had my first Chemo. Oh, and twice I had these medicall trial infusions from this mucusitis study. I thought I managed well and …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imagePatti - 5 years ago  I sit here reflecting on the past five years since I finished radiation from the tonsil cancer- I am so grateful!   It was not an easy journey especially the first and second year but sitting on the other side now at the 5 year mark I can not believe it has been that long. I still have residual issues still but considering the alternative it is a small price to pay.  Saliva has increased  some but still not where it used to be …More…
Type: Oral Cancer

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