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imageRumpidito - Met with Oncologist  Wow.  Knocked flat today with first visit with oncologist.  Looks like no support group, no meeting with any kind of oncology nurse to go over side effects.  Need to rush through a bunch of tests in the next few weeks, anal cancer may have invaded vaginal wall and learned that it becomes CANCER when it is invasive (not talking lymph nodes here).  Thought it WAS cancer.  Confused, scared, tired and looking into states that have death with dignity.  Giving up …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageRick - Out of the fog   Well it has been since January  I was diagnosed. December I had pain in my abdomen and let it slide until the new year. Saw the family doctor and he sent me for a cat scan the next Friday. Four days later I was sitting with and oncologist and told I had stage three/four pancreatic cancer. The tumor is on the tail. Started chemo the next week. Abraxane to start with and gemcitabine right after. In a mental fog and lost …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageLois - swimming through reality  So yet again today I have been fuzzy. I am back in Oncology trying to get it sorted out. Can't focus on stunting. And really if I could just focus everything would d be fine. So here I sit getting fluids had bid drawn. I hope they don't think I am crazy. But not being able to focus is awful ! To hard to concentrate just to stay right... well check in later
Type: Breast Cancer

imageRachel - April 2014  It was my 6 month check up today--I am 4 years in from my first gyne cancer diagnosis and coming up to 4 years for my breast cancer. I am still doing 6 month checkups with my gyne oncologist. As usual, the days leading up to this appointment have included some worry and anxiety--I know that this is my "normal" approach to these appointments. My oncologist said everything looks good--I will wait for some tests but otherwise, everything is clear. …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageUnsure - It's back, but now it's gone (I hope)  Hey everyone, hope all is well as can be with you all. Just a quick update. As some of you know I went through Chemo and Radiation just about this same time last year for 3B Lung Cancer. This year I hadn't been feeling well but all the tests said otherwise. So I finally decided to get a brain MRI (did you know you can't order your own?) My PC sent in the prescription and I'm very glad I asked …More…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageRumpidito - Spirutein protein powder  Has anyone tried the stuff?  I am pretreatment and I could not get it down, I bought the chocolate, it is super thick and tasteless even with added chocolate syrup.  Did anyone use Ensure?  I  love the muscle one that they make, it has good protein and some vitamins.  Any suggestions to getting the Spirutein down???? …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageKelly - Family 2013Family 2013
Type: Anal Cancer

imageKelly - Family 2012Family 2012
Type: Anal Cancer

imageLaura - FMLA  I am happy to report I have officially taken FMLA leave for the rest of the school year. I had hoped to be back to teaching after surgery and continue through my treatments, but my body is telling me otherwise. Last week I got sick and have been battling this upper RI infection for 5 days now! This is the first day where I am feeling even remotely better. Its been hard for me to repsect what my limitations are, as …More…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

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