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imageLisa - Steri-strip removed from neck  The wait is finally least for viewing my incision. PA removed steri- strip, and I was able to see surgeon's handiwork. He did an excellent job as far as throat slicing is concerned (I love my doc). Still no pathology results, and PA explained that sometimes on cases that are not cut and dry (pardon the pun)they are sent to an outside pathologist for review. Okay...that doesn't make the wait less anxious but, okay. Blood tests in six …More…
Type: Lung Cancer

imageBetsy - Overwhelmed!!!  I just returned from a quick trip to Houston, MD Anderson. I had MRI, enema CT, and flex sig. The MRI and CT show I have something considered stable at the site of my recurrence. It is in the wall of my anus from what can be gathered from the flex sig. (considered pelvic area) The MRI sizes it bigger than it was in April, the CT was unable to size due to the tumor marker disturbance, but the radiologist …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageLisa - My Favorite Hobby - PhotographyMy Favorite Hobby - Photography
Type: Lung Cancer

imageEllen Talia - Now that cake is involved...Now that cake is involved...
Type: Thyroid Cancer

imageAmy - Weight Loss...Is it a Good Thing?  So, I started to work out regularly and diet in March. Since then I have lost 20 pounds, which would normally be a thing to celebrate, but I can't seem to determine if the weight loss is due to diet and exercise or my cancer. Ugh. I asked my doctor about it and she said that it could be because the tumors are shrinking and not to worry about it (but of course I am). It seems as if every ache, …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageLois - okay and things are starting to happen!    Forward movement! Not a surgery date but they are doing the cancer team talk and see the surgeon. so happy Lois!
Type: Breast Cancer

imageLois - okay and things are starting to happen!    Forward movement! Not a surgery date but they are doing the cancer team talk and see the surgeon. so happy Lois!
Type: Breast Cancer

imageMarion - 2 1/2 weeks into treatment  Little update. 10 radiations, 1 chemo and 5 trials study infusions down. For some reason I've been feeling prety good lately and actually a little stronger again too. After reading many posts and comments here, I did learn that the 'real' side effects are about to start pretty soon. So for now I am doing everything I can to take advantage of everything that I am still able to do.  Actually, today I went and rode my horse for a little while …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageDavid - My Health Journey in a Sermon  This will give you an idea of my health issues. It will give you an idea of what my cancer journey has been like. I did this sermon on Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend 2013. I had never done that before. But, some had wanted to hear my cancer story. Remember I’m not a preacher<smile> ! They video the sermons at my Church, but someone forgot to start the video on time. So there’s about 4 minutes left off of the …More…
Type: Throat Cancer

imagePAgirl - Five Years Out and ready to Advocate  Hi Friends-- I have not posted here in a long time and I hope that everyone is doing well and fighting the fight. I "graduated" from my oncologist a few months ago and do not have to go back again. I just need to follow up with the Colorectal doctor on a regular basis. Great news and an amazing relief! I attended a Relay for Life walk about a month ago and met many cancer survivors and fighters. It was a wonderful …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

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