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image1 Very Palpable Hit - Pathology Confirms it's Metastatic  Hi.  Update took a while because my brain does not respond well to stimulation these days.  Easily strained, easily exhausted.  Had some little seizures yesterday and today from overdoing.  So I see really just how much I have to stay quiet, wait for healign to occur naturally.  Good care from family has me eating well, etc.  Brilliant friends hired personal chef/certified nutritionist to help with food, and now my family is going to keep it up during treatment.  We can …More…
Type: Ovarian Cancer

imageNicole - The Future of Cancer Treatment  The Future of Cancer Treatment CAR T-Cell And Immunotherapy   Nicole L. Gularte, MBA    HOPE is what I felt when I chose to take the alternative to standard treatment for my relapsed/refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  In April 2014, I was devastated after Stanford doctors delivered news of my cancer relapse.  The thought of going through another three years of torment, had me running from the hospital.    Immunotherapy I was given a chance to participate in a new clinical trial where a protein designed new type of …More…
Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

imageNicole - First SpeechFirst Speech
Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

imageNicole - Kansas City Event Kansas City Event
Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

imageNicole - 2012 Event2012 Event
Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

imageNicole - Awareness Painting Awareness Painting
Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

imageJennifer - Now I've heard there was a secret chord  So my incision seems to be healing nicely. I was open from my Sternum down to my Pubis. So its a large scar. I basically live in my abdominal brace. As I am Fluffy, Luscious, Rotund...I'm prone to opening up. My hernia incision did. Yesterday I was weeping tons of Sero. So Bracie had to go through the machine. So I haven't moved any more then going to the bathroom. Which is up a flight of stairs. That's challenging. And …More…
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageParadiseroads - ParadiseRoads   Hey guys, I'm new to this website, but it has been a very long journey since last August, as my mother was dynoised with Ovarian cancer. I have a blog called I would love for anyone who has lost hope, or needs some inspiration to take a look at my blog. I hope to incourage, laugh, cry, and give some sort of positivie feedback that I, myself was exactly where you were at I time of feeling empty and hollow …More…

imageJanay - So much for sleep   Finished chemo on Feb 1st. I am so excited to not have those horrible chemicals being pushed into my body anymore. I really jus want to feel better NOW but I know that is not realistic. I have been stuck in the house since October and definitely have cabin fever. I do go utside but it's just not the same as living regular life.  my muscles are weak, which is my fault because did not ever feel good enough to exercise through …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageDanni - Something to think about  My professor, mentor, and friend, Dr. Luci Bearon send me the link to this article on caregivers and relationships that I thought might be useful. As some of you know, I am currently living in Florida so that I can help my step-mother take care of my father, who has fairly advanced Alzheimer's Disease. She is aware of this, so she sends me articles that she thinks can shed light on these types of situations. Oftentimes they are appliable to …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

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