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imageLauri - Negative Brain MRI  Had my brain MRI which is always a little traumatic.  It was negative!  Yay!  The neurooncologist showed me the images and he saw no new areas of concern.  The official report did not come back from the radiologist yet, but I take this as good news. A positive MRI in my case would be a death sentence, as I refuse any more surgeries.  I mean, the arterial lines alone hurt like hell.  I had noticed a little more confusion lately and …More…
Type: Esophagus Cancer

imageLisa - Ice Cream!!!  Oh how I love my sister...just brought soft serve ice cream to me ....
Type: Lung Cancer

imageLisa - Thyroidectomy  Hi All! Had surgery to remove thyroid on Thursday, July 17th. Came home Friday. Now the dreaded wait for pathology results. Also waiting for steri-strips on neck to fall off so I can see what I'm living with for the rest of my life. Sore throat resolved - now can eat just about everything. Started on synthroid in hospital, keeping a diary of how I feel while on medication. So far so good...
Type: Lung Cancer

imageJeff - Update as of 7/21/14's been awhile since my last update.  The past couple chemo treatments have left me sick and discouraged.  Not discouraged with the outcome, just having to deal with nausea and fatigue on a daily basis.  Tired of constantly feeling sick.  But it's all part of the game.  Over the 4th of July holiday my sisters came here for a visit/vacation.  I put on the brave face, participated in as many activities as I could and tried to portray my life …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageMarcia - Stella & BlancheStella & Blanche
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageTexas Jeff - it's poopit's poop
Type: Anal Cancer

imageTexas Jeff - it's not a fart!it's not a fart!
Type: Anal Cancer

imageCindy - HELP I AM SO SCARED  Colorectal doctor left message anal pap atypical cells maybe displasya??  What?   Precancerous cells?   I'm losing my mind  crying......dr is on vacation left on house phone.  I told office to use cell!   This is why I'm bleeding?   I'm not going thru this again!  Can someone who had this please comment....xo …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAmy - One Month  So, it has been exactly one month since I saw my primary care physician about the pesky lump which situated itself right above my clavicle. From that time until now, I have had repeated CT scans, a lymph node biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, and an installation of a mediport. I was told that I had indolent non-hodkin's lymphoma, stage III. I then had my first of six chemotherapy treatments. I am otherwise healthy and fit. I played college lacrosse and have remained …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageEllen Talia - Lake SuperiorLake Superior
Type: Thyroid Cancer

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