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imageBobbi - A year ago...  I can't believe how fast everything has gone... this time last year I was so deep in depression I don't think I had seen the sun in over a month. Gone to Ground was my favorite/hated post and I spent most of April alone in my boarding house room with the shades drawn, curled under a blanket trying to stay warm and not to cry. I didn't want my kids to see my tears when I would Skype them later …More…
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageLyssa - Keep on Fighting little guys   [not my zygote] Cleffa, Pichu, and Igglybuff look like this now. They are now eight-celled zygotes, which sort of look like pretty flowers, in my opinion. This is where they should be. They don't have fragmentation, as far as I know, and I feel like they would've told me if they developed fragmentation, but chances are, if they divide into four-celled zygotes without fragmentation, they shouldn't develop fragmentation. Chances are also that if they made it to eight-cell zygote formation, they're on …More…
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageLaura - Day 3 LID- Experiences, emotions, relationships  Day 3 of my LID-- it went fast! Feeling a little better than the first day. Yesterday I made the Scottish Beer Beef Stew (from Thyca) in my crockpot and it was very good and satisfying. I ate rice crackers with unsalted peanut butter, agave nectar and cinnamon. I also made an egg white scramble with mushrooms and spinach. I added hot Chula hot sauce to this... anyone know if that is OK? I cant find iodine in the ingredients... even …More…
Type: Thyroid Cancer

imageNanice - any cancer warriors have experience with lesions   A few months ago I had a lesion on the front of my tongue.  It did heal and then just a month ago it's back in the same place.  I went to my doctor that I trust and who diagnosed my tonsil cancer even tho the fine needle biopsy came back negative.  He said it's not cancer, we can give it a month to heal on its own and then if it doesn't then he would remove it. but that …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageStephen - Healthcare and School  Just checking in; been "drowning" with all the school work and various healthcare problems that have sprung up recently. An update on healthcare since last post: I've applied for Medicaid and disability through the state and it's starting to take some shape now. Actually talking to an attornery tomorrow to help sort out all the paperwork. from the PASS program (money for school and my car; the government can't consider those when decidiing my eligibility for disability) to SSI to Medicaid/Medicare. My …More…
Type: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

imageSusan J - April 22, 2014April 22, 2014
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageBobbi - Strength. Courage. Faith.Strength. Courage. Faith.
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageLaurie - colonoscopywent today to get checked out. I passed. Heart good. blood pressure not bad. This is my second one. I did good 5 years ago. Fingers crossed. No food all day. YIKES
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageLyssa - 75% of the Poketeam   Meet my four zygotes [because this is why I'm referring to them as from this day forth]: Igglybuff, Cleffa, Pichu, and Slowbro. Anyhow, we met with the embryologist today because we had a lot of questions. Like we wanted to why Justin's sperm was retarded, why so little fertilized, and the percentages for survival for the remaining zygotes. The embryologist was very nice and probably one of the smartest men I think I've ever met. His brain was sexy. Fiance has very special …More…
Type: Endometrial-Uterine Cancer

imageBrian Patrick - First Appointment with Neuro-Oncologist  So today I begin my series of appointments with Neuro-Oncologist and Oncologist to determine a treatment plan.  It sounds weird to say it but this week is one that I have been looking forward to for a month now.  I hate the idea that I have tumor in my brain.  It is probably a hard thing for other people to understand but all you think about all day is the tumor, when you head itches from the scar you think …More…
Type: Brain Cancer

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