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imageMarion - It's been a while since my last post....  Several weeks or even months have past since my last post. Been kind of weird and a little crazy around here with all kind if things related to the chain reaction of this darn cancer. I have seen and read a few of Paul's and Valerie's updates, and can only say that I wish them both the best and another speedy recovery again. It is wonderful to have such great warriors here, but can be a little scary at times as …More…
Type: Tonsil Cancer

imageBetsy - busterbuster
Type: Anal Cancer

imageBetsy - busterbuster
Type: Anal Cancer

imageMichele - me!  The holidays are upon us and as is typical with the last gasps of Fall's balmy days coming to a close our neighborhood is typically alight with outdoor activities that are much more pleasant in warmer temperatures. The least of which is certainly not decorating the outside of one's home for Christmas. With the forecast of a cold rainy front for late in the weekend many of our neighbors were taking advantage of the 60 degrees that had been granted …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageBetsy - upcoming scan and surgery??  The time is flying by before I return to Houston for rescan and surgery to reverse my ileostomy.  I have been working this past month and am dead tired everyday when I return home. I have been fighting allergies and trying to prevent full blown infection which seems to be running rampant in our office.   I have been taking care of our dogs, Buster, a beautiful bassett/english springer rescue dog and Zuzu a beautiful, crazy Australian Shepherd/terrior rescue. Zuzu is …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageChris - Done with Week 4 - sorry this is so long  Since all of my friends on BFAC have been so helpful to me throughout this process, I feel that I must share my experience with AC, just in case I might be able to make things easier on the newly-diagnosed.   Week 2 has been my worst week so far.  By Sunday, following Week 1, my gums were swollen and my lower lip had blistered from the chemo.  By Tuesday of Week 2, I couldn't eat hardly anything or talk.  Also, …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageJustin - 5 months out and remission is holding!  A clean CT scan and Dre's remission is intact.  So much to be thankful for! …More…
Type: Hodgkins Lymphoma

imageChristina - I hope this helps someone  I promised if we ever had any success with our fight with pancreatic cancer, I would share it with as many people in the same situation. We have experimented with many different so called cures and I want to share the results. initially we went with juicing combined with a vegan diet. The juice became to hard for her to drink, and she was experiencing too much weight loss from the restricted diet. We started preparing food with no sugars, and low in animal fat. …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageRumpidito - PET Scan 3 months out   Yesterday I got my PET results and thankfully, everything is clear except for some fluid on the right lung which I will address with my oncologist Monday.  While I am happy about my results I mourn for those of us on this blog who have not had good news, who are experiencing recurrences or surgeries.  It is a tightrope that we walk after having cancer, trying to keep the balance in our lives but never knowing when we might fall. …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageAmy - RESULT OF CT CHEST/ABD/PELVIS  Hello Everyone.  I had a CT scan of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis and was holding my breath until I heard the results. I am thankful that both my chest and pelvis have had an excellent response to the chemotherapy and there are just a few pesky swollen nodes in my abdomen to worry about now. Overall impression was "Excellent response to chemotherapy with complete resolution of lymphadenopathy." So, I consider this a win in the first round. I am tentatively …More…
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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