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imageCindylou - Understanding Milestones  I continue to be confused about milestones for my husband's cancer recovery. He was treated for SSC tonsil cancer (hpv) from Oct.-Nov. 30, 2012. He had 35 rads/ two cisplatins. So far, so good. He feels great. The diagnosis was made August, 2012. Two years prior, (2010) he had a huge bump in his neck, was treated with antibiotics, and the lump went away. Clearly this was the cancer. So when is his diagnosis date? In my mind we are going …More…

image1 Very Palpable Hit - Making ItMaking It
Type: Ovarian Cancer

image1 Very Palpable Hit - Miracles (Had my 3 year anniversary)  Today’s date is August 23, 2014!It’s actually a miracle that I have made it this far.And it looks like I will keep trucking!   Why do I think I have?Well, to begin with, I credit God, the Holy Divine Spirit, for holding me in love and grace.   Secondly, I credit the absolutely amazing quick, professional, and excellent health care I received here in Ontario.After reading as many of the medical journals as I could, I understand that I received gold-star, top-notch care and …More…
Type: Ovarian Cancer

imagePatty - I'm out of ICU- Yeah, for small Victories!  I will try to keep this brief, as there is no way I could ever write what all has happened since my last post. The bottom line and most important is that I am now back in a Oncology floor with a telementry bed. I feel so very blessed for this has been a true test of my faith. Most importedly is," I have improved". I don't even mind that I am still wired up to the extent I am hesitant to pick …More…
Type: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

imageA Lopez - PET Scan  Got my latest PET scan results two days ago.  The tumor in my liver is inactive and the one in my pancreas shrank from 3.8 cm to 2.3 cm.  Doctor is now switching me over to 28 radiation treatments as he feels that this will get me to remission.  I am elated but at the same time in awe that it took only 12 chemo treatments to get me to this point.  It may not be "NED" but I will …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageKatie - Cancer has returned - to hospice I go!  And I now have a giant tumor of advanced anal cancer in the sternum/pancreas/aorta area.  And am in hospice. It's been a long and painful trip getting here.  From not being able to have a bowel movement last July/August, to the initial diagnosis, to the treatments that radiated and chemo'd my body into a collection of second degreee burns to a long and difficult "retraining" those bowels to the loss of the ability to eat food and process it in my …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageSusan J - R.I.P. ANDREW  Andrew, the young father of three small children whom I mentioned in my last post, has died. His wife Christina kept us updated throughout the last few weeks as they grappled with accepting the fact that his chemo options had been exhausted, arranging hospice care, and explaining to three youngsters that Daddy would not get better and was going to die. The whole family spent alot of time in Andrew's bed hugging and remembering and talking and laughing and crying …More…
Type: Pancreas Cancer

imageAngela - Before HairBefore Hair
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageAngela - Chemo hair cutChemo hair cut
Type: Cervical Cancer

imageAngela - New Chemo HairNew Chemo Hair
Type: Cervical Cancer

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