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imageCathi - My youngest son and I My youngest son and I
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageCathi - Before ChemoBefore Chemo
Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

imageTransjck - Hair coloring  Ladies...need some advse on coloring my hair. I was very fortunate after 5 weeks of chemo & radiation for anal caner not to have lost the hair on my head.  Should I wait to color my hair in about 4 weeks when all the chemicals leave my body? Any product to stay away from? Right now I have the skunk look. Jill …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageMelissa - Who Knows?  After my last two blogs, I will share the actual status of my Dad. He has congestive heart failure with only 15% of his heart working. His left ventricle is blocked 100% with a blood clot. He is on Coumadin and a second thinner. His right ventricle is 60% blocked. He also has three tumors on his lungs, two on one lobe and one on the other. We are still waiting to hear whether this is cancerous or not They …More…
Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer

imageJoyce In NC - 21 Year Anniversary  As of yesterday, January 28, 2015, I am blessed to have lived for 21 years since my first bout with breast cancer. I am so very thankful for those 21 years. My girls were just juniors in high school at that time and I didn't know if I would ever see them graduate ... but I did, THANK GOD. I had 1 grandson at that time. Since then I have been blessed to see 4 more grandsons, 1 step grandson, …More…
Type: Breast Cancer

imageParis - Diagnosed@7   14 years ago I was diagnosed with Hodkings Lymphoma cancer. I was 7 years old at the time. After a trip to the mall with my family, a friend of my mothers noticed some intense swelling going on. Next thing I know I'm scheduled and in for an appointment where they would sign me over to a specialist. The details are foggy since I was so young but it was official I had cancer. Being 21 now I look back …More…
Type: Hodgkins Lymphoma

imageKelly - Pre-planning stage is up  Yesterday I had my consultation with the doctor at Northwestern.  He and the nurse explained the Radioembolization procedure and side effects that I could experience.  The nurse said that Dr. S is the top doctor in the world for this procedure.  I felt so grateful that, not only did my insurance company unexpectedly approve this, but that I'm in really good hands.  Today, I received a call from the nurse.  They have me scheduled for the pre-planning angiogram on Monday, 2/2, …More…
Type: Anal Cancer

imageBobs - Worried  I got my PSA results and it was very alarming. It's in the 300s. I have a biopsy scheduled on Monday February the 2nd. I pretty much know what to expect. So far I've been keeping my spirits up, but I have moments where I'm scared to death. I'm glad I found this blog, and I intend to use regularly.  …More…

imageCarmen - For SabinaFor Sabina
Type: Anal Cancer

imageSabina - About my 4MM lung nodule    This sounded good to me. Here is a  question from someone who has lung cancer and has a nodule they were told to wait and see. I was surprised how many of us have a nodule in our lung here.  Thankyou to everyone who posted and surrounded me with love and support. I feel truly blessed by you all!  I ate alot of chocolate pudding today! :) from my heart to all of yours, hugs and love and always prayers Sabina   Dana-Farber …More…
Type: Larynx Cancer

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